AAMP? K-Girl? I want Escort!

Jan 4, 2018

So I’m sure you’ve seen a lot of these terms come and go, flashing across your screen in your search for hobbyist enlightenment and a better grasp of the whole internet hobby culture. In your mind, all you’re thinking about is finding a new escort for a date, but you start seeing all these acronyms and new information being thrown at you. We’re here to help:


AAMP refers to an apartment Asian massage parlor, that is to say, a massage parlor that operates out of an apartment rather than an establishment, usually independent and as such the services offered may vary, if the only tags they use are massage-related and they don’t offer any escorting services, chances is your date will be a masseuse, not an escort.


K-Girl refers to a specific service, kind of like an AAMP, except they don’t advertise massages at all and also work outside of their own apartments. These girls are generally managed by an agency who will be the one to book the date with you, you’ve probably seen them before right? Ads for a super young Asian girl, with reviews for a young Asian girl, but when you call an old lady or a dude answers. Don’t be scared, they will book your date with the young Asian girl, and these girls usually deliver all the escort services you want.


AMPs are massage parlors, which we ourselves at Erotic Monkey do not include on our website because they are not escorts, and getting a complete sex session from these places might not always be a possibility.


Pretty simple, right? If there are any questions you can always leave us a comment, but remember: if it’s an escort, just look for the keywords, if they use massage keywords, don’t assume they will escort for you.


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goforit1947 :

I live in Santa Barbara ca. I would love to find a few K-Girl places, Please help me out. Thanks

08-30-2018 09:08:24

mikepepper1965 :

Where is a good MP in the St. Louis area where you can get some extras? Does anyone know anything about Sunshine Massage on Tesson Ferry? I drive by there and was curious.

02-08-2018 13:58:57

eskimo99 :

Anybody tried the Asian girls on Backpage? Some hot girls at 160. Been paying $220 plus tip which is getting a bit old. Are they real or just a bunch of good pictures and videos? Also, when they say "anywhere to you" how do they get to your house or hotel? Uber? Thanks.

02-07-2018 11:49:46

angelparr :

@surfpelican You have to start from the basics hun, instead of opting for a massage place, call a local escort and arrange a meeting with her, after your session is complete ask her if you mind using her as a reference and posting a review for her, One more time and you now have two reference to work with

02-07-2018 11:23:55

surfpelican :

How do you get into those "gotta have two references" places with the sweetest girls... I mean, everyone started out with ZERO references. How does this work? Are there providers who will take you on, and later provide references to the next tier providers? Please explain! The ads are too good! I wanna...!

02-05-2018 21:04:03

mardaman :

I am fairly new to the Hobby and want to know how to connect with k / aamp girls

02-04-2018 23:36:48

kittykat69 :

Here kitty

02-04-2018 18:32:29

star0808 :

I am a freak

02-02-2018 11:05:08

tomnu42 :

Whats bbbj?

02-02-2018 08:11:55

htrod :

AAMP's are pretty good places to establish a rapport with several girls. Most AAMP's have 2-4 girls in their mid 20's to late 30's. At AAMP's, there is no guessing as to why your there! It is straight to BJ & FS. Prices vary at these places from about $140 to $300 per hour. Can you book 2 girls at once = YES, but double the price. Girls are usually friendlier and greet you with a hug n kiss while your going to your private room. Some places offer showers with your hourly date. On the down side many of the girls o not speak English well, so it is difficult to direct them to your likes and dislikes! I prefer AAMP's over massage parlors, cause at MP's the women are usually in their early 40's to 50's and not very attractive! MP's usually charge $40 for half hour, $80 for the hour, then it is haggling over the services, which are usually $20-40 for a HJ, $40-$60 for a BJ and $80 to $100 for FS. At AAMP's it's all inclusive one fee. It's up to you if you want to tip extra. AAMP girls are usually Korean, Chinese, Cambodian, Vietnamese. Lastly, AAMP's work on APPOINTMENT ONLY and are usually open for morner's and late night sessions.

02-02-2018 06:55:02

bigd6090213 :

Any freaks hook ups

01-31-2018 00:14:49

lizzy8865 :

West Lawrence, KS. Sexy & talented professional here & ready to please

01-25-2018 15:45:33

txrjd2 :

Any girls here?

01-19-2018 12:59:51

dictum :

I'd like to find an AAMP in SoCal that doesn't discriminate against black men. Those BP ads look pretty hot.

01-15-2018 12:19:45

bigtom81 :

Need to know all the abbreviations

01-11-2018 00:21:37

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