Baiting and Switching Part 5

Dec 23, 2016
Sorry this has been delayed, but here is the last part of the Bait and Switch series.

The Initial Call:

After you have gone through the above exercise and determined that the ad has passed all the tests, give the provider a call.  This call will give you  some insight into who you will be dealing with.  If a man picks up the phone, you should be on alert.  This is probably not the provider unless you are trying to see a transsexual.  The man is most likely a booker or in many cases a pimp.  Although, these situations may not turn out to be a Bait and Switch, it may be a lot more dicey if another person is involved in the transaction.


If a woman picks up, make sure you pay attention to her tone and match it up against the information you see in the ad.  For example, if the ad is for 00a Caucasian girl and the girl on the phone has a latin accent, then you will most likely be Bait and Switched.  If the girl looks very playful in the ad, but sounds very stern and cold, you will most likely be Bait and Switched.  If there sounds like more than one girl in the background, you will most likely be Bait and Switched.


Some questions to keep in mind when you do the initial call include.  How does she sound?  Does she use a 2 call system?  Ask her how much time she has?  Often times, providers will not tell you the services they provide, but if they do, try to verify if the service she advertises is a service she will provide. 

And as always, if you don’t feel right about the situation, you have the option to stay away.  It may save you some cash as well as an unsavory encounter.


Stay Safe Everyone and Happy Holidays!


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hotdog66 :

If she looks too good to be true.... I got baited once, little head was doing the thinking. If you can't find reviews don't waste your time. If she isn't the girl in the pics and you find her less then appealing, walk and say so in a revue for your fellow hobbyists.

03-06-2017 08:45:29

mjordan :

She doesn't have to discuss services over the phone but there are plenty of well known, free sites where she can list her services and get reviewed. There's no excuse for not doing at least that but as I wrote before, video chat is the way to go to prevent a LOT of this stuff(bait and switch).

02-21-2017 11:49:16

pdxhgguy :

Use a plugin like tineye to check the pictures. Use googlevoice to sent text.

02-20-2017 09:14:38

tiffanybae2 :

I'm just here to laugh at comments

02-06-2017 01:09:05

brightnest :

one last thing please....trit texting is a way to screen peps...If you are put off by what you perceive to be " the tone of the text" (really) from masseur....Good then that screening was successful for screening out wimpy whiny picky ass clients. It's time to humanize dear. my availability depends on your ability to leave a VOICE MESSAGE first. thank a total stranger to me, want to come to my HOME to be NAked and ALONE with me ...and you have a problem leaving a voice message?? Another screening is the $$ amount for SERVICES,,( not roses,,as fbsm is not fucking ...but pretty near) is also a way to screen out low life flies who make me feel like shit and have no respect or consideration for the neighbor's negative attention of increased traffic to my door because of a low price. If you selected someone for your fragile sensitive self esteem that has no screens in place better take good long advantage of her attention and energy...because it is wearing thin faster than you think... THE MONEY IS ABOUT RESPECT... practice gratitude fool

01-26-2017 11:45:17

brightnest :

LUKE....listen to your instincts ... TRUST that force ....that got you here ... horn dog.

01-26-2017 11:18:56

eatenbeever :

Yeah perfect example is recently reviewed provider Lana- I google searched everyone of her pics all are FAKE! Yet guys still go see her. One admitted he was duped and went ahead with the date anyway. He said he left disappointed hmmmmm weird, right?

01-21-2017 06:38:43

devin :

This is the best advice I give most advice to guys I have met/known who got ripped off by a "bait & switch" ad. I said very simply "WHY the hell even OPEN the door? No need. Trust me, I highly doubt she is going to want to make a big scene banging on your door for long IF AT ALL. Well, in most cases it's SHE + WHATEVER guy she has hiding by door to push it open and come in as well. I can imagine you may be impatient/horny when "that girl" finally knocks. So you open the door "in hopes".. yet than tell her "nevermind & let her down easy" likely unsure what to do and now feel duped. I THINK EVERY GUY SHOULD know NOT to open the door AT ALL.. no matter what- if it IS NOT THE SAME exact reviewed/verified girl IN THE PIX whom you were expecting. The odds of you getting robbed etc. and the risk is so not worth opening the door to say anything. Period. XO

01-20-2017 03:27:12

elwin4 :

The writer said "more than one voice" as in, two or more. Typically, an agency has more than one. Girls who room together are two so one other voice would be less suspicious. Personally, I think an escort should be honest on the phone and say she is using another pic and tell you to feel free to leave if she doesn't meet your satisfaction instead of lying to bring you to the door.

01-19-2017 12:55:34

akuma27 :

I would also avoid texting in most cases unless the provider has been validated multiple times though good reviews. If you text there is chance it might be a guy.. You can also tell through text when an escort is being overly cute that it's probably just a baiting tactic. Or if she is cold and terse through text then that is a sign she is going to be very mechanical and cold in person. Avoid. The other general thing is you shouldn't even bother going to providers who aren't well reviewed, especially if they've been around for a while and they somehow still have no reviews at all. With the way escorts are nowadays the majority are total scam artists and criminals looking to make a quick buck and they could care less about providing quality service. The one's that are actually good have several amazing reviews. The one's that are terrible usually have no reviews or negative reviews.

01-19-2017 05:02:25

devin :

Hmmm.. There is always exceptions and daaaaamnit... Why the HELL DO the fake girls(fake pix/Bait & Switch)/gotta RUIN IT and/or make it so much harder for the TRULY independent and VERY real awesome providers (like me)? I think... Honestly.. like a couple sites I won't name.. MORE/Just about ALL the sites where girls get to post ads publicly with pics/contact info etc.. The actual SITE ALLOWING girls to post should do the first and initial "qualification/verification/etc" questions to show PROOF they are in fact who they say... If THIS SITE did that and I think also promoted using this site for networking/posting ads AS WELL as reviews.... I think it would do a lot better esp.w credibility and popularity. Just my two cents.. ;) xo, Devin D

01-18-2017 23:49:41

alexislove :

I just would like to say a lot of girls work Together and share rooms. For a lot of reasons. Main one being safety in numbers. So just because you hear another female in the background doesn't mean you're going to be bait and switched.

01-16-2017 09:55:55

livchris :

seldom do escorts put there real face photo of themselves

01-14-2017 13:09:08

jj6938 :

Exactly i never ask details providers will tell you their rules when they are ready during the session

01-11-2017 02:10:17

bellarene :

Maybe a girl wouldn't want to discuss these services not because she doesn't do but because it is illegal

01-09-2017 16:28:48

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