Exxxotica 2018

Jun 12, 2018

Hey Guys! Assuming you're not living under a rock, there's a big chance you heard about the big event that happened last weekend June 8th - 10th in Chi-town! Dedicated to Sex and Love, EXXXOTICA is one of The Largest Adult Events in the USA, gathering many fun and sexy activities in the windy city for a night out with the guys, a sexy date with your love or a peeping solo night with yourself, just like I did. For those who didn't go, or havent been to these type of events, imagine yourself in a super chill and judgement-free enviroment, nothing but eye candy everywhere you look, and better yet, you get to see and meet some of your fave girls in the industry, and get involve in some of the activities and demonstrations going on at the event, just like the "Awaken your senses" seminar, that showed me how to combine bondage, sensory deprivation and advanced sensation techniques that maximizes playtime, from the lightly sensual to the kinky sadistic way of pleasuring the senses, definetly not your typical Fifty-Shades-Of-Gray stuff! As of performances, I wouldn't be able to choose just one favorite, with Angela Eves "Dragon Woman" classy but sexy Burlesque Performance that showed us that the only thing hot about her does not only cums from her mouth. Incredibly-elastic Ashley Addison's Aerial Skills Performance sure blew my mind, its like, who knew that Aerial Yoga could be that sexy?! It sure gave me some ideas for what I could use it for, next thing you know, Ill be performing some Cirque Du Solei type of stuff, lmao! And last but not least my very own favorite, RubberDoll, the int'l fetish and award winning model, with her Fetish and Kink Show, a hypnotizing and almost ritual-like performance that is a true delight of the senses. Some were lucky enough to win some vacation giveaways that were going on over the weekend, and some got lucky getting their freak on, some got to meet their fave girls in the industry... In the end, we all got our happy ending in one way or other, lmao. So what about you guys? Ever had the chance to be at one of these? What's the craziest thing you've seen or done at those kinky conventions? Let's see who's the freakiest!


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miabella1966 :

When will there be one in St.Louis Mo

08-15-2018 10:54:56

connie :

when is the next tour time coming?

08-14-2018 08:49:18

kazethomas :

I would love to go if it comes to atlanta

07-31-2018 05:15:44

redwood65 :

Any in California

07-22-2018 08:17:36

alyssalove3 :

I sure could use some of those tutorials. That sounds like a fun event. alyssalove3

07-07-2018 16:16:16

stack1234 :


07-03-2018 09:34:44

stack1234 :

why no pics

06-22-2018 15:29:32

jennijones :

Wow that does sound like a lot of fun I hope you guys have so much entertainment and enjoyment I’m going to miss it dog gone it. Didn’t want to cuss I always invite words to use instead of cussing

06-12-2018 10:35:52

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