How many roses?

Mar 10, 2017

When it comes to the number of roses girls request, the spectrum can be quite large.  From the simple 50 roses for a quick in and out to the $1000s some girls are charging for an overnight, men have a big decision to make as to how much of their hard earned money should be spent with these girls.


But have you ever stopped to wonder what makes some charge more than others?  We will examine the reasons why.


One of the biggest reasons a girl may charge more is because they are paying more for the experience. They need to recoup their investment. Placing their profiles on sites and placing ads online is not cheap.  Getting hotel rooms in more upscale chains is also very expensive.  Keeping up with appearances is also very expensive. If you want to charge a higher price, you need to be able to look the part, play the part, and that takes money. 


Another reason why women charge more is because of the reviews that are written about them.  If a woman has been in the business for a few years and has amassed a bunch of good reviews, they will inevitably charge more because her demand is being vouched for.  You can just imagine how many guys have actually visited with a girl when they only have like 10 reviews.  We would venture to guess the actual number of visitors is in the hundreds. So, as long as the validation is there, the price can go up.


Lastly, a woman charges a rate that she is comfortable with.  It's a rate that gives her the balance between how much she can earn and how many times she will have to set up a date to earn it.  Some women will charge a little and have to work harder to reach their daily goal.  Others can charge a much higher rate and only have to set up one date to reach their daily goal.


Ultimately however, it is up to the market to help dictate the rate at which you can charge.  If the phone is not ringing based on your offerings and the number of roses you are requesting, you may need to rethink your pricing strategy.  If you are getting too many calls, you may also be underpricing yourself for your services.


And as a final note, guys should not base their decision to visit a girl purely on the price of her services alone.  They will surely be disappointed if they do this.  In short, have fun and play within your means.


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jasmine2 :

I love this! AMEN! <3

04-17-2017 16:22:09

92rednotch :

I'm sure all of that can be a factor. However it's also as simple as how the girl looks. If she knows she looks good (in shape, pretty face or have a more exotic look) they'll charge more. Simple as that. The burnt out addicts and sloppy looking girls will charge less. Can't imagine who goes to see them. These btw are the same girls who take pics from all sorts of weird angles and never really does a full on body shot.

04-12-2017 03:24:41

elwin4 :

Reaming can spread E.coli and peeing on a person is just downright humiliating and absurd. Like how Jews would go into the outhouses in Buchenwald to hide for their lives and people pee on a human for entertainment? Something wrong upstairs.

04-12-2017 00:21:27

allureous :

Going rate for Experienced and Well known, enjoys entertaining The Gift of Giving for what we offer you. (no robot)

04-10-2017 07:24:56

elwin4 :

Good point. A good reaming, bbbjcim and being peed might cost you more. About the peeing part, do you think she would charge more if I had a bucket prefilled and poured on her? And the Greek, do you know if they charge by the inch?

04-06-2017 03:05:00

palimonte :

There is another factor to keep in mind: the services offered. I have found that providers who offer greek, BBBJCIM, golden shower, and other games one might fancy tend to charge more that others.

03-21-2017 18:52:11

elwin4 :

Everyone has a strategy or a reasoning. Some know areas effect the influx of clientele. If the girl is hurting financially she'll post an ad and give you an hour if you cover the room which gets their night going. Another will adjust her price if she knows she has rent due or wants to get her name out there or is slow. Another will not post a price and feel out the client. Another might price low to hook you in then upsell the hell out of you. Some price low to gain a regular or even offer lower prices for repeats.

03-18-2017 18:29:27

brooke4fun760 :

I think whoever wrote this has really missed the mark. I charge what I do because I'm very comfortable with it. By that I mean, that's what I feel comfortable with based on my services, what other providers are charging and also my self esteem. I take pride in my job, overall my clientele is very respectful. I don't do quick visits and I don't work late at night. I also have a zero tolerance on drugs and alcohol. My price point along with the above mentioned factors allow me to be a "provider" and not something far less attractive.

03-11-2017 17:30:28

monty9972 :

I was once told by a provider, the size of the bouquet depends, not just on the above factors, but whether they needed money for books (if they are a college student), whether or not their kid wanted a new video gaming system (if they are a milf), or even if they need a down payment on a new car/truck.

03-11-2017 07:08:47

temuchin187 :

After 40 years as a hobbyist, I never even glance at the young pretty girls, or the ones with the impressive websites. If I was looking for a trophy girl to take out for a high end gala event, I might spend the money to take out a beauty, but for real sex with a real woman, older women are much better, and the quality of their service is way more important to me than whether they look like swimsuit models. Pretty young girls tend to be resentful and hostile to older men, and take it out in subtle ways - or not so subtle.

03-11-2017 07:04:22

kissablemelissa69 :

120-200 roses

03-11-2017 00:38:23

one4all98 :

for a quick a Benjamin to test the waters then if u hit off maybe do more and pay more. If I want two =pops, bbbj is xtra, bad door is extra. THen young and pretty is always in demand but they don't provide good service in my opinion. They don't even care to make eye contact. I stick to mature ladies

03-10-2017 16:08:37

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