I put on my robe and wizard hat....

Jun 3, 2017

Roleplaying is a big part of our hobby, you might not be into it, but a lot of people take the opportunity to live out some fantasies, some might be as simple as high school cheerleader + high school jock play, but I've heard of guys who have even taken a Dungeons & Dragons approach to the whole thing.


I personally don't enjoy the idea of roleplaying much, but more power to those who do.  I've heard lots of stories about it, providers usually won't mind doing things like age-play, schoolteacher student style if you request it, but some other providers will just want to get the deed done with, especially if you don't have much time to work with on your 30 minute or so date. Always try to talk to your provider beforehand about any roleplaying kind of kinks, not all providers are up for having to put up an act while getting down and dirty too.


Of course costumes can come into play too.  There's a certain provider around my area who will always, always dress up as a secretary and either act as your submissive employee or your tyrannical hot boss, a real charmer with all the office worker dudes around the area. In a case like her you can always expect her to be up for the role play.


I mentioned that I personally don't like roleplaying much before because I gotta admit cosplay (short for costume play) is something I really do enjoy! My ATFs is this geeky ass girl who had hair just like Wonder Woman, so recently I got her a WW costume for her to wear and we had a great time. She was really into it (more than I was, even). She loved tying me up with her lasso and doing the tough-as-nails girl act. It was fun, I won't lie. Nowadays there's even cosplay porn sites, so I wouldn't believe it being too hard to find a nice cosplay for your ATF provider.


What about you? Do you role play? Do you have your girl dress up? Any tips for new and fun role playing sessions? Let me know, this whole thing is all still kinda new to me and I'm sure one of you has got to be an expert on it.

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bfr74vz :

I always go for the MILF scenario where I am the son's friend and her mom just oozes sex appeal. Then, I just have at her.

06-10-2017 08:23:20

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