(Sex) Toy Story

Feb 28, 2018

Now as the admin of a sex-related website I’ve told all the crazy sex stories that the guys and girls here at the office talk about, and as sex-experienced as we may be (which we really aren’t much more than you are most often than not lol) there’s one topic that none of the guys here had a hand in, and the girls did. I’m talking about sex toys.


Now I’m not trying to start a battle of the sexes here, but in my opinion the sex toy industry in the U.S. is pretty much geared towards two camps: people who put stuff inside them and complete freaks. Either you get your average dildos, fuzzy cuffs, roleplaying attires, edible panties… and then you go over to the dutch wives and fake vaginas and fake tits. Now those last ones are ones I’d rather not know about.


A friend from Japan once showed me what they call a “Tenga” over there which is pretty much a gelatin sleeve that you put some lube on and roll over your dick, it’s supposed to feel pretty good and there’s a place here in the state our office is located in that sells a few of those things… but I’ve always been to afraid to try it.


Anyone have any experience with sex toys? Has your escort ever offer a toy-enhanced session?


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antdmb41 :

I have a good friend whos a passion party consultant....I'm always prepared

07-18-2018 03:04:33

bella4u :

I always provide several toys

07-15-2018 21:27:22

m.david64 :

For guys,way past desperate aproaching(got to be politicaly correct)what ever.For ladies a hell of a good time and a fun for spectateurs.

07-13-2018 22:50:47

tiffanybaby26 :

I get all my toys on amazon

07-10-2018 02:46:22

gingerbreadgirl :

I love using toys and have found it very fun to try with the guys I have a new body wand that I used with one client so far in doggy he said it vibrated his nuts - which means it is a shared experience one I hope to repeat in the very near future!

07-09-2018 13:54:07

shamsgt :

Love to play ladies hit me up ladies 9292487634 sean new York

07-06-2018 16:32:29

jewels :

I have a variety of the latest toys, I'm always looking for more ways to heighten ecstasy& pleasure! I love clitoral vibrators!! I can use them masterbating or when I'm with someone. Either way I'm soaking wet when finished! Get the tarp out or you'll be doing laundry constantly!!!

06-30-2018 12:32:25

sammyvetta :

Ok if you a woman you need to get the Work. You have never expierenced orgasim like this before. It literally only takes the average woman one minute to cumm. I use toys often it normally takes me 45 min sometimes an hour to get off with a high powered rabbit but only five minutes for the womanizer. They are a little pricy but so worth it. I love to choke on a cock while I masterbate it's the best.

06-16-2018 00:48:52

jennijones :

Most toys are for guys! Sucks lol I has one great rabbit toy a customer in MN bought me and it Rock me to bed many nights. Only one I was crazy about. Can someone suggest or better yet bring me a new Somthing ? And No! Not a big fat dildo ! gross . A nice med, pink one

06-09-2018 20:25:46

sexxychulabbw :

I I love to have fun and have sex toys I love all of that give me a call

05-27-2018 18:06:16

jessybeachdoll :

Who doesnt like sex toys all that fun in one day shpuldnt be aloud lol

05-18-2018 06:03:41

jasmine7love :

:) I Love Sex Toys

05-16-2018 04:21:22

desire1111 :

Sounds nice

05-11-2018 22:20:07

jack223 :

Love to go out and party! not looking for anything serious. send me ur recent pic? email me at [email protected] then we can do little dirty car sex waiting for ur mail

05-07-2018 02:40:38

slowridder :

Oh yeah, sexiest sight in the world is watching a juicy gaped pussy squirting on a dildo, and hearing her moan and watching her shake and shudder through an uncontrollable orgasm

05-06-2018 12:38:21

tiffanylove650 :


05-04-2018 03:14:36

brinasantos :

Sexy Brazilian Girl

05-03-2018 07:35:20

ibcliff :

Thats what i enjoy the most i have an assortment of toys which i use on wemen.Nothing I enjoy most is watching lady's getting off it takes it to a whole different level of pleasure for them .When they get off 3 4 5 times and when they tell you they need a break you done your job and they are worn out.Job well done..So guy break them out nothing better then operating them and working that clit and enjoying the rest of her body rubbing her down weman love it Take it from me I have been part of it for a while. IBCLIFF

05-03-2018 01:51:35

hornyrob77 :

Have only had 1 provider use a toy during our session. She used it for DP & DV, and also to make herself squirt. One of the hottest sessions I've experienced.

04-30-2018 11:49:04

makaylabym :

Love to make you happy! I'm here to please you

04-30-2018 00:15:51

ett469 :

Tenga egg? If so yes I and a lady friend have tried them together. Fun and feels good. But they are a one time use then toss it out.

04-26-2018 14:08:03

rich_fantasies :

I Would Just Like To Know More About These Toys And Exactly How You Use Them. Also How Exactly Does One Tease The Anal Area To Make A Creamy Explosion

04-22-2018 07:44:06

djsixx :

Am actually very good with my hitachi magic wand. I usually have to bring it up. I love it when my friend never heard of it. It was new you can keep it. Has not failed me in 20 years!! HMU

04-21-2018 10:14:14

tiffanylove650 :

I love them hit me up Bay Area let’s play!

04-21-2018 00:23:47

wyntergirl2016 :

I only do sensual body rubs and I use a vibrator as a tool so to speak. It has vibrating tips, shaped like a bunnyhead of sorts. It enhances my head to toe full body rub as another means of stimulation. The gentle, vibrations give the skin a tingly, sensual touch which will send goosebumps up and down the body. And using it on the gentleman's most sensitive area where the "forgotten boys" are send my clients to the moon and back. As for myself, using my "tool" externally with a small swatch of silk or satin laid over my most intimates and not internally, sends me into divine heaven.

04-09-2018 08:53:34

prissychrissy :

Come on let's have some fun together

04-08-2018 07:34:50

cl493 :

One reason men could not get you off, is because you are over using your toys. Find a happy medium and you'd get off everytime, anywhere, anyhow and with anybody.

03-27-2018 16:21:16

rickjenk :

Tengas are good. Vibrators are good for men too. Just do it. Lay back and let your woman do what she wants with it. You won't regret it.

03-27-2018 08:12:08

ceej83833 :

tessa-509 I had no Idea your ass could get off by itself. Shows what I know I'm just a youngin lil but I'm also a Male so.. it might be different. Like for me.. as soon as my ass starts getting played with I instantly bust. Idk what it is about it.. I mean I know I'm not gay. I dont like guys but I've been really wanting for a female to take a strap on to me.. it feels really good.

03-26-2018 04:57:36

mayablossoms :

Many of my sessions have been toy-enhanced, my clients love it.... They get to watch me squirt and squirm into a sexual Ecstasy that’s mind blowing for us both.

03-18-2018 14:45:34

tessa-509 :

Now I’m extremely a huge believer in giving yourself plague, it’s the best way to handle a few things headaches* stress* period cramps* the Sensation to have orgasms one after thee other. I have a huge collection of toys I have toys for my ass and the best vibrators that make my cunt squirt all over multiple times lol and every time I play with myself I squirt it’s so wired that I’ve never had a man to get me off to the point I squirt like I can do with my sex toys. Matter a fact it’s a of my favorite things to pass time, and also favorite thing to do when I’m traveling I always have at list one for my cunt and one for my ass and I like to have my toy on my clict then barely going in out of my cunt then right before I cum then I like to go beast mode honey in no time I’ll have my cunt squirt out like the Grand Canyons waterfalls and I like to say if you can’t please yourself and respect your self love your self then in the long you will regret it

03-08-2018 21:20:47

jayceondaboss89 :

Definitely love it.

03-03-2018 17:05:36

bobby600 :

Most sex shops have mastication sleeves.cheap.Under $20. Lube it up ant it slides nicely.

03-01-2018 08:46:56

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