Feb 21, 2018

I’m gonna assume as always that all our users are young and in the 18-30 age range, and as such lead very active lifestyles, but just in the off chance that you don’t let me remind you of something that you should take in mind if you’re gonna be having sex a lot: Exercise! The other exercise I mean, having a lot of sex is good exercise but you still need to crunch, bench, and push, baby.


I personally wake up every morning and do a big set of push-ups, I hear these are great for missionary sex when you’re both on the bed. There’s also the judo push-up, where you put your elbows closer to your ribs and push your hips down, kind of like if you were getting it on with a girl. That’s a favorite of mine and really helps keep you up there.


For people who love spinners I recommend you get yourself something heavy, a sandbag or a backpack with lots of books/weights in it should suffice, and bearhug it, then do squats with it, this is called a sandbag bear hug squat, it’s a mouthful but believe me, you’ll be lifting up spinners like it’s nothing.


 Any other exercises you guys use to keep yourself healthy and for better sex? Lemme know cause I gotta switch it up soon with my morning regime.


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diamond_dior18 :

I pole dance regularly!

09-17-2018 06:22:56

diamond_dior18 :

I pole dance regularly! Teaches me how to grab a Penis and keeps my abs and vagina toned! Come visit me and find out how good I am

09-17-2018 06:20:18

ernesto1980 :

don`t know yet. Need check it first.

06-19-2018 15:57:09

slomuze :

I try to some strength work. IE plank, push up etc. Butt never stick with it. WAHHHH, need to get rid of the dad belly. I try and walk at least 15-20 miles a week and bike too. Just need to stay focused.

06-15-2018 07:26:30

jennijones :

Dam! lol

06-09-2018 20:13:51

tommy8in :

I do 500 kegals a day and have for over 20 years now it keeps your cock rock hard and has added some diameter and length as my name implies I do leg press but it always seems the woman have more muscular legs one time one showed me how powerful her scissors was I tapped out 10 seconds I returned the same to her and she laughed about my effort

05-31-2018 19:53:48

doggymail77 :

What about us old guys ?

05-30-2018 13:13:40

ecccash :

I find that if I stuff lots of money in my pants, it is the best exercise to go all night at any club:)

05-16-2018 19:42:20

hollywood1818 :

Anybody in the 313

05-14-2018 20:36:50

kittykittykay :

i lovvve yoga!!

05-08-2018 23:14:36

jennijones :

Visiting Colorado Springs and Denver all week

04-23-2018 12:02:44

mia415 :

No matter what age remain active, both guys and girls. I do the 7 min HIIT workout. Short, hard, no need for special equipment and works the whole body. If done right, you kick your metabolism into gear and burn calories all day.

04-23-2018 01:47:19

tiffanylove650 :

Sexercise bay area!! Any one in tho 510

04-21-2018 15:46:30

aranha96 :

Any core is good especially planks and hip thrust

04-15-2018 20:40:09

aranha96 :

For guys lower back to fight fatigue deadlifts are good don’t have to be heavy and hips deep squats to strengthen hips and legs and butt girls like to grab ass to and stretching try mutual stretching with your partner it can be fun

04-15-2018 20:38:52

jmred2000 :

My wife loves to workout at the gym and she really loves working her legs. One thing she does at home is squatting in high heels. Oh I know it doesn't seem safe, but she has some incredible legs

04-10-2018 09:48:46

foxync :

Just wanted to compliment you that this is an EXCELLENT topic and I highly support and encourage the gentlemen, and ladies, to join suit. I approve! :)

04-08-2018 13:47:40

magboon77 :

I do Long lunges that concentrate on glutes with free weights (25 lbs at least for each hand), step-ups with even heavier weights to strengthen butt muscles, and deadlifts for lower back. Abdomen crunches with no or light weights every day, 5-7 sets until complete exhaustion. Women love your thighs, abs and butt as much as you love theirs, and butt, lower back and abdomen tone means better thrusting force and less fat. Also, at least a 100 Kegels every other day for harder erections, more control, better orgasms and more forceful ejaculation. It really works! It's the untold secret of Peter North!

04-04-2018 12:57:23

fredd1515 :

Some good ideas here, but based on comments and reviews on this and other sites I think many, if not most, of us mongers here fall out of that 18-30 year age group you mentioned. Thats just my opinion. I'm pushing 60 myself

04-01-2018 21:40:32

miko66 :

Can help you stretch and give great foot massages.

04-01-2018 02:06:06

workout45 :

I do squats and lunges so I can perform better on top

03-26-2018 10:55:37

bassrat53 :

I do a 15 minute daily core routine to tighten the abs which help with a girl riding you like a stallion. Plus high intensity interval training.

03-23-2018 18:15:34

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