Star Your Own Adult Film

Feb 8, 2018

You ever done a home-made porn? I’m not talking about having a plot and a set, I mean just engaged in recording a sexual encounter with a (consenting!!) partner? It’s always been a thing, I remember back in the day a lot of personal cam-coders were sold with double-entendre taglines that were all wink wink we know you’re gonna use this to film some porn.


With the advent of cell phone cameras and digital cameras all of that became pretty much attainable for the average consumer, now I’ve even seen some escorts who offer a video package on their menu where they let you film them getting it on with you. Of course, I’ve only seen a few but I’m sure you heard of it.


Nowadays it’s plenty simple, you can even see all the Backpage ads with tons upon tons of videos taken by the ladies themselves shaking their booties for the camera, it’s a wild ride.


You ever done your own porn? Sex tape? You might not be Paris Hilton-tier, but hey, a little something is something, right?


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sophiacali34 :

I would love doing something like that I want to fuck a bbc or mandingo

04-21-2018 04:22:47

dickem93879 :

im down to start

04-20-2018 20:23:25

jdizzy1988 :

Open too any ie or sgv potential talent. I’ll have lodging and equipment.

04-20-2018 16:07:37

lvatopts :

Contact me in LA if you’re a TopTS looking for a sub needed in your next movie or photo shoot. Thin athletic mid40s

04-20-2018 12:36:48

hjesse4 :

Ladies in California , Los Angeles , OC, The Valley , Beaches , message me with a expected price to shoot a vid but just for me , not planning on putting it out there.

04-19-2018 22:09:45

superviewer :

I've actually done it a couple of times with a girl on here, and I've actually made some semi-amateur films with a camgirl/porn star. I'm always looking to add to my collection!

04-19-2018 20:56:52

big_kahoona :

The pay sites you can set up like etc., it's easy to get paid for porn.

04-19-2018 18:30:31

bananaman :

any ladies interested in the 856 area ?

04-19-2018 15:55:33

tiffanylove650 :

I am so down!!

04-19-2018 12:29:03

seanpmills :

Im down in anyone in the 330 know how to get it!!!

04-19-2018 12:19:31

mredgar :

I’ve wanted to get myself into a porno. Just don’t know anyone to engage with. 609 south jersey.

04-19-2018 11:47:33

oc_bundy714 :

Yup got my own private collection,fun watching your own stuff you star in ;)

04-18-2018 22:12:40

dj77 :

Genika Banks 2105843183

04-18-2018 13:29:45

leesh44 :

I would be perfect for a porno.My answer is yes!

04-18-2018 06:54:38

yeschef :

Any ladies in the 661 that are interested let me know. Been trying to get this going for awhile but always get the flakes and fakes.

04-17-2018 09:24:10

sweetest_habits :

im down to star... lol 619,858,760,951,323 san diego to LA. Inland empire, Temecula and anywhere in between

04-16-2018 17:25:38

emmielove502 :

yes filthy first timers vol 7 ...east coast sluts vol 10

04-15-2018 11:52:15

carmellacalmsme :

I do I do! Tested and clean! Let’s go

04-12-2018 18:43:39

carmellacalmsme :

I want to start doing porn in the 401 area how do I start?

04-12-2018 18:41:29

lachargerssuck :

We can get a hotel room and party favors just hit me up?

04-12-2018 17:10:13

lachargerssuck :

Any women downfor making a vid! No material size or looks, I will make you have fun!

04-12-2018 17:09:08

lachargerssuck :

Any women downfor making a vid! No material size or looks, I will make you have fun!

04-12-2018 16:46:22

lachargerssuck :

I’m down for a woman in the San Diego area!

04-12-2018 16:44:57

jimjohn757777 :

Anyone in the 804 wanna make An amateur vid. Must be tested and clean. Let me know

04-12-2018 15:52:14

bryan27 :

Im looking to make a porn with a lovely lady in the 813 area lmk by replying to this comment

04-12-2018 06:09:02

jbo24 :

Any girls in nj area that would want to participate contact me I can pay

04-11-2018 02:44:03

bigdeemonsta :

I'm game I would have a ball im sure... chas. wv

04-10-2018 19:27:32

ninacash :

Hey I want to try this email me I can provide a test I'm clean

04-10-2018 18:34:13

chummy90 :

Anyone in the 517 area?

04-10-2018 04:20:50

khyber :

I am looking for a female partner to shoot some videos, paid amateur work. Must be tested, msg me

04-09-2018 00:18:39

dallasdelight :

I would love to be apart of any movie Preferably in Dallas

04-08-2018 05:13:27

jason888 :

Make a video any ladies out there?

04-07-2018 18:24:26

starwestsix1 :

Looking to make a porn video in the 916 area code . Must be tested , must be clean, must be willing to provide test fir being clean. I have a website on email me [email protected]

04-07-2018 03:59:40

starboi :

I have the setup to make the movie in 360° VR

04-05-2018 11:17:17

pornstarshawnaedwards :

This is the one and only Pornstar Shawna Edwards.... i am down to earth and i don't think you boys want a real challenge. Ill suck you bone dry and giggle 2 softly as you drop... one call me ( 951) 783 8003 ONLY if your the dude whos gonna pay me for my footage.

04-05-2018 04:49:01

mandingouganda :

I Wana try dick so big don't wanna get any girls scared though!

04-04-2018 17:58:31

shroom420 :

I'm down hit me up ladies!

04-03-2018 14:10:11

asc1005 :

I love making a amature videos. Any ladies want to make one with me? Open minded and down for anything

04-02-2018 21:00:35

jeremy2870 :

Iam i phone famous

04-01-2018 04:58:48

jessycandy :


04-01-2018 00:35:55

jennijones :

I agree with The other ladies I have a few clips but putting them online and getting paid for them is so hard to do I accidentally posted one and one of my advertising’s hoops it was just masturbation scene let me know ladies if there’s a way to get us posted with our videos and get paid possibly on our website not sure yet stay in touch love Jennifer

03-31-2018 09:17:12

karliestar :

Ive done a few n im better than i thought i will b putting them online just gotta figure out how to get the best from exposing it

03-30-2018 05:16:58

cherished :

I have been thinking about wanting to offer the video option , ..... so if anyone out there is interested pm me

03-29-2018 15:55:48

leesh44 :

You know I would love to make a porno. I'm pretty good at taking the lead.

03-25-2018 22:52:59

rkmandalay :

I video all the time using hidden cams. I don’t publish the videos and I don’t intend to, but I love watching the videos and masturbating to my actual experiences. Now my memories can last a lifetime!

03-24-2018 05:31:05

spunfun412 :

I love recoding having sex

03-24-2018 04:10:15

bella102 :

I've actually been talking about it lately

03-23-2018 12:16:08

ahnyiah :

Like to know more no experience.

03-23-2018 06:05:13

diddydicc :

Thinking about trying a porn help me out

03-23-2018 01:38:57

bigdeemonsta :

In a heartbeat I'd love it! Try anything once n I'm kinda sexy too so, ya know.

03-20-2018 01:34:46

karma1979 :

Never did it, but would love to

03-18-2018 15:43:32

spitnstroke74 :

Nothing better than masturbating to your own own hot video!!!

03-17-2018 20:30:47

jeffreyduette70 :

That would be something I'd be very interested in I've always wanted me to pornstar anyway and I got a 10 inch dick love to eat pussy and I think I could just rock some little young ladies world out of this f******

03-16-2018 17:45:08

winston4583 :

Threesome. Me and two young women. Wasn’t going to go they with it but my best friend convinced me. Had a great time. Both of their ages combined barely added up to mine but I wore both out lol. One even called me back for a solo without her friend. Go figure?

03-14-2018 17:29:26

karliestar :

I want so badly to make my own adult video I like more code or so a lot of his films I like bondage sensual bondage but I want it done my way I have to be attracted to the person that I'm making the movie with if you're going to do it you got to do it right and I just don't know how to play go about doing that any advice please

03-12-2018 15:24:18

devin :

Throughout the years had QUITE a few very decent offers to do porn(vid N or pix) but for whatever reason my answer always turned out to be no. I still dont know if I believe/it is real when guys swear that noone will see it cu it is strictly for their own personal use... Whatta u think? ALTHOUGH... I was somewhat dating someone lol recently & he knew what I did and was into that- but/so.. I now have 1-2 videos mainly of me giving hed(my fav btw lol). We broke up... N now I find myself pondering how to/if I can make $ from it & how so? Thanx u guyz rock lol xoxo, Devin D in Hollywood

03-12-2018 03:51:09

pnrdrpr :

I have made several consent by both parties vids and I have to say I sometimes get off watching them. Especially the Huge breasted ladies I fucked which most always were huge breasted. A huge breast fetish is why of course ! Lmmfao . Any Huge busty women up for the challenge? A BBW always a plus.

03-07-2018 12:27:09

dragon00 :

I have did it. It turns me on more and it's exciting to watch later

03-07-2018 11:48:34

tommy8in :

I made a short film wrestling with a muscular but attractive woman who was a better wrestler would like to try again

03-07-2018 08:23:04

savage66 :

See me. Aya the middle Eastern goddess. Tampa fun sloppy deep throat.

03-06-2018 03:38:26

deezhoes :

All the time. I have private collection

03-05-2018 21:06:12

kevin6931209 :

No never not yet

03-02-2018 21:40:58

jamesblond_007 :

If I ever had the chance, I'd do realistic, believeable porn. The stuff nowadays is too extreme.

03-01-2018 14:49:21

rmdj123 :

I've always wanted to I wish I just had some willing people to help me out get ahold of me on here if you're interested females only I'm sure it would be fun very chill guy here

02-28-2018 02:00:49

tessa-509 :

My fabulous cunt can squirt all over multiple times I’m beautiful and so unique I got a uplifting personality I’m positive always finding good in every situation I’m in, my soul is full of energy my sprite is so wild it fucking amazing and a delicious body shit I’m all the entertainment anyone need guaranteed

02-25-2018 00:25:55

tessa-509 :

Sounds interested I want to make a porn and a squirt all over multiple times

02-25-2018 00:13:46

fancycock :

No I haven't made one

02-24-2018 12:56:11

tessa-509 :

How can I get it to making my own porn

02-23-2018 01:22:02

shun1217 :

Sounds interesting may try next Monday...

02-14-2018 07:12:44

sinnerorsaint :

I've done 6 and they've all been me with 2 or 3 women. It is very hot watching your own porn. But you really need a third person to film and do closeups. It's kind of difficult to film while your fucking. But there are some scenes that are better when you film them yourself like doing someone doggy and filming a POV shot. Setting cameras up on tripods works but you need at least two. Lighting is critical and unless you want it to look really lame you and your partner are fucking for the camera and that may require a lot of patience.

02-13-2018 23:24:12

giggity00 :

Pretty much everything is better than the Paris Hilton video

02-11-2018 02:15:11

sexyvixen4higher :

I have, and always will

02-10-2018 00:04:08

spitnstroke74 :

Nothing better than masturbating to one of your own videos! So f ing hot!!

02-09-2018 00:08:15

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