Why would you see a provider?

Jan 30, 2017

Men frequent providers for a wide variety of reasons. The providers are delivering a type of pleasure that men are not able to get in their everyday life. There is no question that providers are in high demand, but what is it about these providers that entices men so much?


If you think about it, men enjoy providers for different reasons. For example, a married man lacking a sexual relationship with his wife might come to see a specific provider once a month just to enjoy some good old-fashioned sex. It is cheaper than a divorce, but this married man still loves his wife.  Married men might have children or they really do enjoy their life, it's just the sex that is missing.


That is why providers have remained so popular over the years. These women know how to satisfy a man, plus there is no drama attached. It's a simple transaction that gets the job done - if that is how you want to look at it. It is also cheaper than going to a bar and picking up some random barfly that could possibly be a psycho or have STD's.  For the most part, these women take extra precaution (since this is their livelihood) and want to please their customers, but they also are in it for the money. Let's be very clear about that. These women want to make a living too.


Lots of men sit in the background trying to figure out if a provider is what they want? Truly, this is a legitimate concern, but there are also many factors to think about. Single men, married men, and even widowers seek out escorts. It can be a very nerve-racking experience in the beginning, but there really is nothing to worry about. Companionship is generally the main reason .


Choosing the right girl and taking your time before you dive in (literally) is going to be a great way for a newbie to enjoy an experience like this. Internet research and reading reviews is highly recommended if you might be in a situation where you want to enjoy one of these ladies, but you are still trying to think of the safest and least dramatic experience. You're definitely not alone when trying to make a decision, because this can become a great experience if the provider is chosen.


Reading reviews is highly recommended, because you will be able to get a feel for what type of place it is and you will be able to see what type of provider a specific woman might be. Some of these ladies are going to be sensual and want to provide a GFE experience. Yet other providers may be more into hard-core sex with lots of pounding action. These are important details that you will want to read about to help make your decision.


Going to see a provider can be a great way to satisfy needs, but also get that physical gratification that you may be seeking.


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joh50 :

Be careful of sara 6263467595 she works with the law enforcement

03-18-2017 03:15:42

steamy.princess :

I actually love what I do and making sure my guys are happy and know im there for them any time they need me is very important to me. I give them A1 service and they take great care of me as well. No drama no bullshit. That's what this business is all about.

03-14-2017 22:37:19

kissablemelissa69 :

I love being a Provider! I'm very submissive so it satisfies that aspect. I think as long as you see a Provider with good references then the donation part is easy!

03-11-2017 13:54:10

slimj :

Providers in Harrisburg,pa

03-07-2017 16:18:21

chevythrill :

So many hassles. The begging of sending money to money orders, money cards and so many demands are put on casual hook up. There is no easy way out and a play date quickly turns into needy, greedy and constant head ache. Yeah folks get ready for harassment and stalkers when looking for that casual hook up. Avoid being a victim and make logical decisions or open up the bank account and watch your money disappear.

03-05-2017 04:32:47

ny_hedonist :

For me it's a matter of variety and sex when I want it. I can enjoy--not only various body types, but--various sexual personalities. Different providers are into--and good at--different things. I also like sex-on-demand. I don't have to wonder whether my partner is in the mood. When I go to an appointment, sex is a sure thing.

02-25-2017 10:51:29

bettie_mae :

It's a wonderful business I'm proud to indulge in as a provider. They are right about us being able to please a man. We learn new techniques daily! This business can be a LOT cheaper than affairs are in the long run. The money exchange keeps the experience professional. Without money changing hands, it's a risky affair with no solid boundaries (In my opinion). Love to all! B

02-20-2017 15:00:12

honeycum :

Its all business either way

02-16-2017 13:53:19

hobbyist224 :

I like a sure thing. I can go out on a date with a woman and spend a $$$ and at the end of the night get a peck on the cheek. I would rather give $$$ to a provider who is physically attractive and sure to give me what I want. Does that make me a pig?

02-13-2017 10:03:31

one4all98 :

being HORny is the number one reasons DUH

02-11-2017 14:41:38

deplorable70 :

Have yet to visit an escort, only AMPs. Does the requested donation typically include the tip?

02-11-2017 13:38:44

samesong :

Women never woulda thought

02-09-2017 15:19:14

dribble62 :

You can choose your body type that you like. You can also try different ethnicities if that interests you. Always something different, and very enjoyable, try as you like.

02-09-2017 01:22:50

tiffanybae2 :

Women love women

02-06-2017 01:19:01

elwin4 :

Yeah, but, do providers see providers, like Dentists see other Dentists?

02-02-2017 01:27:04

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