Active or Passive?

Jan 17, 2018

One question I had pop up recently is, what role do you like taking and what role do you want your escort date to take? I’ve known guys who can’t get off if they don’t personally and actively overwhelm and passionately take the main role in an encounter, and I personally after a long week here at the Erotic Monkey offices will usually want a more passive encounter where I can just lay back and relax while my date gets her booty in gear.


Both options are completely, fine, but this was something that got on my mind after hearing my last date asking if I wanted her to be active or passive, I don’t think every escort does that and they just go with the flow, but this last lady said she had just come out of the gym (I believed her, she was toned and smelled like she had just showered) and couldn’t do another set of squats on top of my cock, so that time I had to take a stand and do her with myself on top.


I haven’t had many issues with this, and in fact, some providers seemed to be more comfortable when being in control, mostly the non-GFE ones, who just covered me up and got to work. It was nice all in all, I needed the relaxation. But on the flip side, some other ladies do prefer a man who takes the initiative and is ready to rumble.


So, which is it for you then, active or passive?


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colon3langus :

I like to be actively engaged. I want my companion to get as much out of the session as I anticipate.

05-24-2018 15:50:50

sexyvixen4higher :

I'm no push a king can handle me

02-10-2018 06:00:03

btw90524 :

I can most definitely play both I’m so used to being in control that it good for s guy to take charge sometimes but in al reality earthier way I’m getting mine

02-02-2018 11:06:16

kinkytraveler :

I personally go with the flow of the individual .I enjoy giving my full attention to the male and I start with our basic needs for conversation .Everyone has different needs ,wants and speed .Doing our best to understand each other and communicate is the best way to go !

01-28-2018 12:05:31

lindafia :

I think men normally prefer to take the passive role so they don’t have to worry about hurting or offending the the lady they are with in any way. There are so many sweet guys out there who’s first concern is not over stepping any boundaries and to make sure their lady friend is comfortable and happy.

01-27-2018 16:46:20

boatcaptain13 :

Very good reply. My gal likes the passive to start with then after a few toy’s she is like a bunny. It is so sweet to see her make this change. In an hour’s time she can go from being a sleepy cat to a pit bull. So much fun. But this raises a question about penis insertion and can you tell the difference between two fingers in your pussy vs a cock with a condom and a cock bareback. i am asking the women on this blog yet I’m sure the men know what I am talking about. From the women I have been with if they are aroused they have no idea/feeling to detect if your fingers are inside, a covered cock or a carrot. Please send feed back.

01-25-2018 18:24:17

male69xxxx :

I like to be passive. After a long week of work, I just like being pampered. I have a wife of many years, but it just gets stale. Everyone needs a bit of fun

01-21-2018 16:16:01

male69xxxx :

I like to be passive, cause after a long week of work, I just like to be pampered. I have a wife, but after a few years, it doesn't feel the same.

01-21-2018 16:13:33

pete0083 :

I like it more when the woman is the lead it lets me relax and unwind. At work I am in charge of 23 people and anywhere 1 to 20 projects at a time. so I am more passive.

01-20-2018 04:12:54

workout45 :

I am in control of everything

01-19-2018 20:45:14

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