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Jul 24, 2018


I was reading a specific news source from across the pond about how in the UK it’s becoming more and more common for women to hire escorts, and they didn’t mean just girls were hiring guys, they meant girls were hiring other girls.


The survey said that the hike was big enough for it to be noticeable and that some services in the UK were offering girl on girl escorts for anyone daring to try it out. Most did it for experimentation, in case they didn’t want to take the entire plunge into lesbianism or in fact they were just horny and slightly bisexual, but the girls say they have lots of Jills who pay for their service. The lady who runs the lesbian service did say that the only thing that differentiates the Jills from the Johns is how picky they are, not very surprising, right?


But overall this got my noggin’ thinking, and I remember reading about ladies who visit massage parlors for massages and even happy endings, they even had a few ladies who had written reviews about the experience. I began scouring through the Monkey but found no such indication here… I mean they might be a minority, but if there’s anything I love is a vocal minority.


You ever had a girl on girl session? Write about it if you have. Or even then, do any of our lovely escorts offer their services to ladies as well? I’m just so intrigued by this. Do we have a big lesbian escorting scene here in the US?


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kelleyleigh213 :

I don't know but I love women any interested give me a call 2138429485

08-13-2018 14:57:32

pp4u2 :

Looking for 2 beautiful women in or near Anaheim, Ca that really know how to make a threesome a spectacular experience! 2 down for pretty much anything girls who will use female condoms with me and who will play each other and me... anybody knows of 2 girls like I'm describing, or if 2 girls like I'm describing see this, and are near Anaheim, Ca hit me up at nickpointbreak@yahoo.comI'd really appreciate it...

08-10-2018 11:43:43

felicesfancy :

I offer and have been contacted by a select few but , they were just playing games and nothing solid happened. Ive seen a few couples but more interested in exploring the woman to woman gig .

08-10-2018 11:18:54

honeycocaine :

JMss i would love to connect with you give me a buzz via email

08-10-2018 00:13:15

honeycocaine :

Jmes i have a ? 248 4023460

08-10-2018 00:11:48

samantha5650 :

Hi its samantha from lakeside. Yes i wasant that long ago..i loved a retired escort but this was my first one. It was wonderful

08-07-2018 20:16:21

jasmine7love :

This is a very good post! And I enjoyed all the comments. Here in Vegas I've been contacted by women alone and by couples. I haven't did these sessions because they all wanted to get together right away. It's been years since I've been with a woman, I would want more notice to prepare. I'm aggressive and I Always take full charge when I'm with men. With a woman I'd want it to be allot more sensual at the beginning and just a little bit rough later on if she likes that.

08-07-2018 07:57:54

yourdaddy6969 :

Oh man girl on girl can b a good thing it's how u play your roll passion vision your touches communication looking forward to it wanting it but most of all b patient and Always keep eye contact whispering and knowing what's gonna happen it's like this if it's possible anyone can do it don't b selfish and if your married to a man make him a part of it double up on each other

08-06-2018 09:19:29

danielai :

I also think it's not easy finding a female who will like you and who you will feel comfortable with I have always wanted to have experiences with females but I am the type that I won't start anything unless they do so it is kind of difficult to get anything going on

08-05-2018 21:29:26

danielai :

I also think it's not easy finding a female who will like you and who you will feel comfortable with I have always wanted to have experiences with females but I am the type that I won't start anything unless they do so it is kind of difficult to get anything going on

08-05-2018 21:28:55

layyawells :

Its not so easy finding a female who is willing to give herself completely to another woman. Not because the male partner wants it but because she truly wants it. Couples can be a lot of fun,but where are the hungry ladies at? Those who crave the soft skin, gentle touch and sweet taste of a willing woman?

08-03-2018 22:36:01

darkandlovely626 :

I just want a girl that don't mind getting this game right and loving me with loyal care

08-03-2018 05:42:33

addisonparker :

I think women are beautiful and an amazing fresh adventure. A woman knows how to touch in a way that a man can not even if he tried. Personally I absolutely love couples. Enjoy one while their partner sits back and watches....Taking it all in, mentally taking notes on new ways to touch and arouse their mate. I see it in their eyes, a little look of envy, for hitting that spot, making them moan like they have never heard.... oh....damn it now my mind is racing.....

08-02-2018 04:15:54

applebottom69 :

Read about a session Giada Banx and I had under her reviews! And Enjoy!!

08-01-2018 16:01:17

desireme78039 :

Love the experience

07-31-2018 03:22:28

darkandlovely626 :

Hello I've been interested in woman for a very long part of my life ..I don't have much frieno that will except my lifestyle n still be able to love me ..I just love girls to the point this doesn't take effect on there life but still be able to still care for one another

07-29-2018 10:42:51

adrilove :

I do offer to see women, however it’s not popular here. There should be an option where it says “women looking for women” to make it simpler

07-28-2018 14:37:20

sexysamy6768 :

I do offer to see men, WOMEN, and couples. Although I have not been solely contacted by a women wanting to see me just by herself just yet. With that said ....IF ANY LADIES ARE INTERESTED BUT SHY OR ITS THEIR 1ST EXPERIENCE....please please don’t be and let’s satisfy that curiosity!! I really enjoy being someone’s 1st women experience. Call, email, or my favorite is to text. I also have a booking page that I love the most for scheduling appointments. Since I am better in person than online to communicate with. XOXO, SexySamy

07-27-2018 04:28:36

kyliemonroe32 :

yes i was hired by a girl she was super hot and into it I was nervous at first but warmed up quickly and we were very naughty together i still think about her often! id love more requests like that!

07-26-2018 16:09:29

yerassman :

Have had 2 or 3 it is hot. You just have to shop and find the right woman and of course have some cold hard encouragement. Allot of these woman are bi.

07-25-2018 11:56:57

gunner2591 :

I just wouldn't mind watching and even partaking a little bit if invited too.

07-24-2018 17:13:32

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