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Sex Parties

Aug 15, 2018

We’ve seen it a lot in raunchy movies or even heard about it from friends, parties where there are lots of fun ladies shaking what they got wearing next to nothing, be it a house party, a high-roller mansion party, or even one of those raves where all the kids are jumping around naked with neon paint on their bodies (that’s how it goes right? Sorry, the rave scene came in when I was past being a party animal already), swinging parties for couples, you know, all that kinda kinky stuff.


I’m not talking weird kinky like Eyes Wide Shut, I’m just asking, you ever been to any sexy party? Here at the EM offices, we had one for our anniversary not too long ago. George and the guys decided to call up some ladies from a local escort agency some of our employees frequent. They rented a pretty good condo by the beach with a hot tub and a pool and everything, and man, it only took a few drinks for half the party girls to be naked, and I don’t mean just the escort agency girls!


One thing I used to do back when I was a loser (yeah, laugh all you want) who wanted to one-up the guys was hire an escort to come to me to a party and pose as my girlfriend, of course, this incurred other costs, but man, being the guy who came in to the pool party with the hot ass girlfriend who didn’t mind wearing a two piece bikini and showing off her good looks, that shit made me look super good by proxy.


So tell me, do escorting and partying mix? I’m sure you folks have some fantastic party tales to tell.



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sexymess211 :

Parties in Las Vegas hmu on Kik wildmess211

10-11-2018 10:35:59

520guy :

I live in Tucson I’m a guy and I haven’t got that much sexually experience but hmu 520-343-3271

10-11-2018 07:17:24

adultmovieace818 :

san fernando valley its sunny but also kinda cloudy 818 6648391 Maximo

10-10-2018 13:21:19

mercedes1221 :

Party in Kalamazoo mi text (269) 682-8495 and ask for Details

10-09-2018 07:01:15

hotch63 :

Is there anything happening in Erie PA or NW PA?

10-08-2018 16:30:22

jodi30 :

347-355-9748 I’m in jersey city

10-08-2018 11:04:59

scarlet17023 :

Can I cum I'm in Bakersfield

10-06-2018 22:07:44

chasitylovelace08 :

Hey looking for an upscale gentlemen to please... opened minded companionships only serious inquires only (North Jersey NJ) (201-731-2789)

10-06-2018 21:54:19

wildthang518 :

I wanna party. in Kennesaw Georgia. hot Newbie Baddgirl

10-06-2018 18:03:07

dadtante1969 :

parties in Annapolis

10-04-2018 19:17:55

bigbro7up :

Well im gonna be away from my wife on my Birthday October 8 2018 any ladies wanna have a good session hit my email bigbro7up@gmail ( ready to pound some good).

10-04-2018 16:31:03

incanprince1 :

how do you find out about these parties in NYC?

10-04-2018 15:45:12

keribrecken :

Upcoming part in SF Bay area 3rd week of October

10-04-2018 02:13:06

missmilftucson :

I live in Tucson but have been to a few parties in Phoenix, I go with a guy I used to date and no one knows that I am an escort. It's a lot of fun with no drama or expectations.

10-03-2018 19:23:03

nom013 :

ParTies in anneheim ca??? Hmu 7147243139 leTs have some fun!!

10-03-2018 17:30:55

cw :

Any parties in DC area. Sure would fill up fast. Invite me please!!!

10-03-2018 12:10:51

ogmudbone512 :

Vickyinaustin22 HMU 5128611189

10-03-2018 09:14:47

drno408a :

Bay Area California anyone ?

10-01-2018 11:01:42

southsidesunshine :

09-29-2018 18:24:39

maxstaxz :

Txt me for fun with a pic 5103673961

09-29-2018 06:35:22

lonny28 :

I wish Detroit men or groups were easy to find. I never those requests but know I would be so much fun. Especially at bbbj and multiple holes.

09-29-2018 05:46:26

lovetoeatwomen :

Any ladies from Greenville SC

09-28-2018 20:52:26

chiguy112086 :

I'd be in for a party near Milwaukee. Im a guy 31 I don't have many crazy stories except for the bday party for a stripper (guy) I knew that was at a farm. Naked girls all over. Hot tub fornicating, and a huge projector playing porn on the side of the barn. Lol. Was a fun night.

09-27-2018 16:17:48

lusciousleisure :

I'm so in need of this Luscious Lola 6153883223

09-27-2018 12:03:23

520guy :

Let’s throw an orgy in Tucson Az hmu 520-343-3271

09-26-2018 22:47:43

ajay4fun :

I can confirm that MysteeWaters puts on some very fun orgies/sex parties. If you have the chance to be a part of one i advise that you jump on it.

09-26-2018 22:09:07

kobe104 :

How to join

09-25-2018 07:15:49

blueheron :

I have been to some super parties in Vegas. Would love to participate in any setting California orgies

09-21-2018 09:33:19

bigd9 :

Na4u I'm down

09-20-2018 23:41:27

214321bulova :

@na4u @pp4u2 Interested - how many M/F ‘s do we have so far. M here m.

09-20-2018 23:33:30

bigeasy1911 :

Party sounds fun I sill love to find a mistress to fulfill my fetish’s

09-20-2018 19:48:19

tucsonmale23 :

Looking to be tied gag and used hard while girlfriend in charge and derects

09-19-2018 11:34:15

pp4u2 :

@na4u where are you located?

09-19-2018 08:44:05

na4u :

I've been trying to organize an orgy/gangbang. Anybody interested?

09-18-2018 10:46:42

pgreco1986 :


09-17-2018 20:26:20

partytimehb :

I'm curious and interested. real or fantasy porn only? I'm in Orange County(HB), CA please message me if you have info. hope i can at least witness/participate in the fun. thanks

09-17-2018 20:21:46

frankfurt13 :

Sounds like a Down ass party, please don’t forget to invite me.

09-17-2018 16:57:48

skeetz190 :

Would love to find some in the so cal area. Been to one and it was fun.

09-16-2018 18:33:25

seekingregularfun :

Try a trip to Germany and visit an FKK club.

09-15-2018 08:52:23

thomasjason95 :

I've participated in one, but I am a fairly awkward person, so it wasnt quite the place for me. But with the right people around, they certainly try to make you comfortable.

09-14-2018 17:03:40

russianlion9 :

I'd love to join in on sex party, I've always wanted to experience it better in my life. I'm in Los Angeles

09-14-2018 11:02:46

sting69 :

I actually throw parties in NNJ . Been doing them for 3 years.

09-14-2018 09:12:37

mystee :

Here in SoCal, that's my favorite way to pay the bills. I love putting together orgy-style parties. About a 2 to 1 male to female ratio is perfect and everyone leaves happy, looking forward to the next party! I love watching and playing with the other ladies- oh yeah, and I love putting on a show, too!

09-14-2018 00:00:14

kikakayallday :

#423036 hit me up

09-13-2018 07:37:45

snow213 :

760 552 1275

09-12-2018 20:13:52

terrilee :

Pitts/Pa Fun sls,lifestyle partys or clubs

09-11-2018 19:54:03

devadana :

try a cuddle party or a Tantra gathering... we LOVE to play!

09-11-2018 18:02:33

blackross01 :

Well I’m in Chicago and definitely up for the task. If anyone knows about something here lmk

09-08-2018 14:38:06

gr8lickr :

Absolutely love the idea of consenting adults enjoying the many pleasures we can offer one an other, sign my wife and I up. Im quite sure these events are taking place in my area (Salt Lake City, Utah), however the local folks would never speak of it. Count us in on the next. [email protected]

09-07-2018 03:14:46

vanessa3154 :

If any girls in Wichita need a massage hit me up my number is 316-351-3154 text me ladies if you need a massage.

09-06-2018 15:31:22

bunnyhabit :

my pimp showboats us at gentleman parties as results in future business often

09-05-2018 20:21:07

sass4me :

I love girls that like girls!!! Pegs & peggers move my......needle!!

09-05-2018 02:10:48

vickyinaustin22 :

I love parties!! I'll bring my sexy taco to you in the austin san Antonio area!

09-04-2018 09:32:19

ccccurly :

I'd love to

09-04-2018 03:49:46

dliteguy :

hook a brotha up

09-04-2018 02:59:23

prettygirlescort :

am down to throw one in Los Angeles or Vegas

09-03-2018 15:10:24

fuckunice69 :

I'm horny and ready to fuck Text me at 484 326 7958

09-01-2018 17:24:08

69funnow :

I am always interested in a sex party. I am Terry @937.271.3657 and I am ready and eager for fun. I also have a pontoon boat and a hot tub for additional sexy fun! Call and let’s play tonight

08-31-2018 18:02:31

heather32205 :

Hello I am ready and available for any kind of party to smile and have a wonderful time that is well worth the time and effort if you are him call me 904 595 6764

08-30-2018 11:28:30

dawsonn :

San Antonio I am your girl 2108010345

08-29-2018 11:41:22

missmusthave :

Wow I rarely hear or see any men hiring an escort to go to the party's with them I feel like that's what escorting is all about in a sense. Men should do this more often these days. Its just the risk if hiring a bad escort that they don't want to take so I'd be very careful and maybe try seeing the provider for maybe a one on one session first to get to know her and to be safe lol

08-29-2018 03:20:27

denno26736182 :

i used to go to sex parties in orlando with the UCF girls. i look young so they just loved my experience at eatting pussy and pounding pussy. only the hottest and clean tho cuz condoms are for the birds im in western mass not so hmu if you like irish guys with blue eyes and ink [email protected]

08-28-2018 23:16:29

sbscotty1 :

Never been to been one, but live in Las Vegas if anyone knows of one popping off soon please send me an invite [email protected]

08-28-2018 11:48:12

lokismirth :

Not a sex party per se, but I StumbleUpon a birthday party and wind up having a party. So I used to make spare money at Dave and Busters by spending $100 and getting $300 in prizes to resell. One late night when the place was announcing the final round, I was in the prize hall waiting for them to get me an iPod. I saw these 3 ladies in tight halter tops with short-shorts and high heels, one of them had a crown on. They were carrying a big stuff animal, they asked the attendant if they have enough points to get it. The guy scans their card, and said not enough. The ladies with the crown said ‘awe come on, it’s my birthday!’. Upon hearing this, I step in and said, ‘take the balance from my card, Happy Birthday!’. They were giddty with delight. As I was handed my iPod, the ladies thank me again. Since it was 2am, I ask the ladies if they would like me to walk them to their car. They happily agreed and we talked and joke all the way to their Cadillac in the shopping center lot. Found out they were talent for a stripe club and was out celebrating a birthday. Since I was parked on the other side of the mall, the Birthday girl and her friend offer me a ride to my car. I got into the back seat with the birthday girl. As soon as the car started, she started rubbing me and whispering what a nice guy I am and deserved to be rewarded. Meanwhile, her friend who is driving is giggling and peeping at us from the rear view mirror. The birthday girl got her top down and I was sucking on her DD and fingering her while she unzips me and started to pump me. Her friend park the car next to mine and climbs into the back and started sucking me. They took turns taking me in their mouth and I alternate sucking on their big titties. The birthday girl push’s me down on the seat and said ‘I want you to fuck me!’ Me being the gentleman, grabs the condom from my wallet and said ‘Happy Birthday!’ Never had a 3 way, and it was a lot of (fun) work. We did it every which way and I finally blew in the Birthday girl. They gave me a card for the club with their numbers written on it. I have visited them few times and have gotten to know some of the other ladies there as well as gotten some very special treatment at the back of the club.

08-25-2018 09:07:35

thottiemonsta :

Sex partie sounds graleat nyc

08-24-2018 20:20:35

marksanchez :

I'm in La and I to would love to go to a sex party. Contact me at [email protected] I can bring some ladies also.

08-24-2018 16:13:56

richdaddy142 :

Would love to be invited to a party like that . Ft Wayne or Indianapolis would be great . Palm Desert , CA as well ! HMU

08-24-2018 04:06:27

dirtyass :

Im also am interested to be in the company of others with the same erotic passion.

08-23-2018 23:39:18

julievass28111 :

I'm totally interested give me a call anytime I've never tried any of that kind of stuff but I'm down to see what's up

08-23-2018 20:23:00

delightfultiffany15 :

Hey fellas I would love to go to a sexy party. Im out of Houston Tx. I bet they are fun and exciting. So whenever there is another one please count me in... I will party like a rock star.

08-23-2018 20:19:54

s60mt :

I would be interested in attending a mixer in the LA area. PM or email me at [email protected] if you can help make this happen.

08-21-2018 13:31:04

lucky845 :

I would love to attend the next sex party let me know when there's one in Stamford

08-21-2018 04:51:19

withag :

I'm in hockessn de I'd like to go to a sex party

08-20-2018 17:42:03

raquel888 :

Can I go to the next sex party ? I've never been to one.

08-19-2018 21:49:48

mommysmouthful :

I'd like to go to a sex party in Utah around salt lake city

08-18-2018 21:48:29

goforit1947 :

I listed a comment being interested in finding a " Mixer " in the Santa Barbara area. I for got to put a private contact info. [email protected]

08-17-2018 12:29:32

carlaofdallas :

When I lived in Vegas I owned a p*** company called Vegas adult Inc and what we would do would be throw a party every weekend we would just let everything flow and do everything Wild that we thought I even had a dungeon a huge pool in a tennis court just think of all the weird scenes that I shot. On my birthday they showed my birthday cake up my pussy put a candle on my clit handed me 2 balloons and it told me to blow the candles out they then lined up with spoons and ate cake. Private parties like that are a lot of fun and I had the best in Las Vegas I would love to do some of those here in Dallas what wild things to be done

08-16-2018 23:04:57

jewels :

In re: Sex Parties. They exist when we make plans and get some verified adult individuals together to enjoy adult activities in a responsible manner, until we get behind closed doors, they are usually called mixers. Of which do exist. Inquire privately please..

08-15-2018 22:58:23

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