Car Dates

Apr 21, 2017

I know you are probably thinking what the hell are you smoking even considering to have a car date, but hear me out.  Car dates are a thing and people do get involved in them.  So lets spend some time and examine the pros and cons of the car date.


Lets first talk about the Pros:


·     Cost Effective: Car dates usually happen in the client's car and are usually way less expensive than encounters in an incall or outcall location.  The escort does not have the added expense of getting a hotel room and are cheaper.  Girls who work the streets are usually more desperate for money and willing to negotiate on price.  

·     Nostalgia: Brings you back to your high school days where you didn't have access or money for a room and had to take care of your business somewhere.

·     You just need to circle the block and they are there.  If you strike out on BP and other sites, this may be your only option to get laid.




·     No Control of the situation for the escort.  Since the client is the one driving, they control the vehicle and can lock the door or even drive away. 

·     Very cramped in the car.  Multiple positions would probably be out of the question.

·     Lower quality girl.  Mostly these girls are street walkers and considered one of the lower rungs on the escort ladder. 



Although at first glance it seems as though the cons outweigh the pros, one only has to look to the fact that when you have an itch that needs to be scratched, you will do whatever is necessary to make sure that you get the relief that you desire. 


In the case of most, they would probably just take care of that itch with their left hand, but for some hunting the streets for a car date is just what the doctor ordered.

What are your thoughts?


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fudsboy72 :

I don't care for car dates unless it is in a limo with a chauffeur!

05-28-2017 21:34:36

sxyblnd34 :

if the client is pressed for time its much easier to complete the job! just might be there fantasy!!;-)

05-28-2017 02:26:14

pegleg59 :

There ok but I prefer my bed

05-25-2017 12:30:18

malibubarbie12 :

I do car dates

05-24-2017 20:02:28

tastii :

I do entertain car dates

05-21-2017 15:16:31

jrno1 :

Would love to find a regular for this!

05-20-2017 05:11:04

2xlyphe :

No car dates for me. If I'm paying I really want to be comfortable and multiple positions a must.

05-14-2017 13:55:33

riisha :

Car date s are recommended to the customers & consumers who roses are low the quality or the performance of the escort isn't​ are shouldn't be judged​ by the environment fact

05-13-2017 20:32:36

g2340mma :

My car is too small. But there is lot of girls on weekends on western and 11 or 12 street corner mostly black girls

05-09-2017 12:16:15

bombay05 :

I need a party girl

05-07-2017 04:03:20

lucianabella42 :

Sometimes people ljke that danger experience.. They probably get turned on... Depends who you are haha

05-05-2017 09:06:10

johnson39 :

Have a girl that I see many times before, simple BBJWCIMWS, done in 30 minutes or less while I finger bang her pussy and ass hole. She licks me up all clean, I just chase it with a wet wipe, drop her off and I am good to go. I usually indulge just before work and it leaves a smile on my face all day.

05-03-2017 09:15:12

larrylove40 :

I actually wouldn't mind but they have become very rare in my city. Especially with the boom of online websites. I remember when I first discovered the hobby back in1997. It was an accidental turn on a city street that established the "itch" for a then 20 year old. Took a time to go through with it around 3 months as I was nervous. Seeing hot women in short revealing outfits was just to enticing. Now I cruise through my city where they use to be and attractive lady's are few and far between. Plus the ratio of the good looking ones being potential 5-0 is high. I do miss the old days though, was exciting!

05-02-2017 16:26:26

bowtechman1 :

I haven't done a car date in years. I prefer outcall. Yes, it adds to cost but you don't have a Sherrif Deputy rolling up on you, as in a car date. It's happened 3 times to me. Once I was still on the road with the girl. I used to get off on the excitement., in the middle of the day in an almond orchard or while driving. I'm too old for that now but I'm wondering if the center console in my new truck is too high.

05-01-2017 12:09:10

bbc24 :

Car dates are good for one thing and that is it's way less than seeing a girl at a motel or apt. Besides that, I avoid them namely there is a significantly higher chance of getting busted by le.

04-29-2017 07:08:22

taylor81 :

Car dates In my opinion are very very useful for a couple different reasons. Number one I don't always have time to meet up at a hotel or at one of their houses and with car dates I can swing thru pick her up take a ride around the block pull my pants down start rubbing my cock while she pulls her pants and panties down I watch her rub her clit while I'm slowly stroking my cock getting it harder and harder and she's getting wetter and wetter then she starts to stroke my cock herself eventually sliding it into her mouth finally straddling my lap and guiding my cock into her wet pussy that she bounces out of my dick until it's over fast easy and you feel like you have control over the situation because truthfully going to a motel or a woman's house you never know what you might walk into that's why I enjoy a car date on occasion

04-27-2017 10:50:43

desireemcbride :

Ill do it anywhere. Especially on camera!

04-26-2017 21:16:07

desireemcbride :

I love car blow jobs

04-26-2017 21:14:43

freezygz :

I'm still sort of new to this lifestyle but for me, the only pro of car dates is the rate is usually much less expensive than a standard incall. The main con in my opinion is the higher risk of getting busted.

04-25-2017 12:19:55

caramel918 :

I'm down for anything I know it's dangerous but hey a girl gotta do what she has to right

04-25-2017 08:58:29

jackiecharm :

I'm sorry, but I quit jumping in and out of cars years ago. It's really very dangerous, and you're absolutely right about the escort having no control of the situation. Although I do know a few gentleman that are really interested in the "Car Date", it's just honestly not worth it to me.

04-24-2017 15:54:08

one4all98 :

to Gillianrose the women to men is the NEW escort section. About car date are good for bj that is it.

04-24-2017 12:19:57

gillianrose :

This makes me so sad. I know many girls who had to go become street worker's AGAIN BECAUSE BP CLOSED DOWN. So sad.

04-23-2017 09:00:07

digginit68 :

I like the concept of having a suburban or a van with a killer bed and wet bar. Maybe even a wash up area. Have a driver with limmo glass and slap an Uber tag on the windsheild. This would be a great way to take care of biz in a low risk manner. Maybe a tinted up "pay to play bang bus concept" any thoughts out there my brothers and sisters? 2 girls up front and 1 in the back. Rotate out and only pick up clients that you want to. I am into the investment.

04-22-2017 08:37:19

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