Cold Ones Before the Hot One

Sep 21, 2017

We've read quite a few reviews here that include alcohol, some escorts might even provide you with champagne or wine before getting kinky, it's part of being an adult, right? Knocking back a few cold ones before having sex. Then your date and yourself go to the hotel room only for you to realize that you're drunk and can't get an erection. It's called the “Whiskey dick,” and it's bad news for your date.


Although alcohol may have lead you to many sexcapades in the past, the threat of your little friend not going hard due to you having way too many shots still exists. So I figured we should talk about how many beers, shots or glasses you should have if you're gonna be drinking with your date or beforehand: We don't know!


There's no exact science, everybody's body and threshold is different, but one rule of thumb I always operate under is: If I can't say the alphabet backwards there ain't no way I'm gonna try and have a meet-up with an escort any time soon, I assure you. Don't be scared if it happens to you sometime, whiskey dick will usually go away along with your hangover, but I still don't suggest you over-do it.


There's only one thing I love more than cracking open a few cold ones on Sunday with my buddies: sex. For me here's no better way to relieve stress, a cold one with a nice date and then some nice sex. That's why this site is Erotic Monkey and not Drunken Monkey!


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blasiankimxxx :

Sometimes a glass of wine or champagne can set the mood & heat things up in a good way

04-21-2018 23:49:59

hemingway2018 :

Shakespeare said it best: "It provoketh the desire, but dulleth the performance."

04-18-2018 10:24:44

mizzzpepper :

I don't get it are you guys want to get high and smoked up you know exactly what happenedwhen you do that you get is horny as hell but you can't perform then you're all bummed out and I had to suck your soft dick until you come not fun guys

12-06-2017 06:07:16

ronin44235 :

Right on brother. Keep your wits and your cash cause that's a recipe for failure.

12-03-2017 19:07:13

nickjames :

All these "close calls" and "got robbed/set up" stories I read in forums from incompetent hobbyists, I don't think ANYBODY should be consuming alcohol before or during dates lol!

11-05-2017 06:51:36

cityslick :

let the fun begin

10-31-2017 05:46:06

tiffanybae2 :

I seen a guy who had the same fetish I though it was Weird ...he wanted me to squeez his head in between my legs and see if I could make him pass out

10-23-2017 08:24:50

tommy8in :

I have been looking for a women who is interested in WRESTLING with a man 5 6in 134lb and not very strong I have a fetish to WRESTLE somewhat muscular women who will dominate me physically into submitting until I beg for mercy Akron zCleveland

10-22-2017 06:54:03

funnyguy99 :

As the old saying goes, "don't drink and drive".

10-03-2017 18:39:47

johnhwd :

With the Blue Triangles, there is no guessing game.

09-29-2017 22:18:24

joeblow :

In my neck of the woods its called whiskey wanger

09-28-2017 12:57:19

italiandrummer90 :

Whiskey dick can be a bitch lol

09-24-2017 08:05:37

luvgluv :

If you drove there your self be doubly careful of alcohol

09-23-2017 10:04:48

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