Edge of Tonight

Sep 14, 2017

I was reading a certain men's health magazine today and it included a little article on edging, which apparently is no longer an activity for BDSM lovers anymore. If you don't know what edging is, it's when you do it until you're about to finish, but then before you finish you stop, you then take a breather and do it again until you're about to explode, repeat the process as many times you can stand (or like) for a stronger and harder big finish after the whole edging session.


The first thing they suggest is cock rings, now you can call me paranoid, but I will never put anything around my dick to constrict blood flow into it, the idea of it getting stuck there is just too much for me. But they sell new “smart” cock rings that also vibrate and help you last longer and adjust to your penis easily, I could probably go for one of those.


Tantric sex is another thing they add, from what I gather, tantric sex just means lighting some incense and doing Oms and a massage before you have sex, or am I wrong? I think I'll pass on that, but they also have a thing now called “Karezza” where you screw slowly and stay on the screwing phase of sex without attempting to finish, that one sounds good if you ask me.


And finally, I heard about a new trend called “marinating” in which all you do is stick it into your partner and keep it in there. No movement, just coitus without any motion. I think I'll pass on that one… You ever hear about this stuff before?


Edging with a provider could be a rewarding experience, but make sure to book enough time for you to edge properly, if you ask me. And as always make sure she's gonna be into it.


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mr7man :

Now that I'm in my 50's, my 'O' doesn't cum so fast and I have more control over it. And now I'm usually good for one load. Rarely can I cum twice without a long rest in between. I was lucky enough to find a provider that gives the best head I've had in my entire life. She is not the best looking woman I have ever been with, but sex with her is incredible. She is really in-tune with my body and how close I am getting to cumming. I have become in-tune with her body over the years too. She has turned me on to 'edging' and I love it. The awesome feeling of just being pleasured by her and feeling her mouth slowly work my cock and balls with some rimming is just AMAZING! She never rushes and can suck my cock for almost an hour without tiring with an explosive finish. I could just let her suck my cock all day. She loves sucking cock and it shows as I watch her savor every minute. She has also been able to 'edge' me while having intercourse. She will experience several 'O's while we screw slowly for an hour or so. We stop and change positions several times to shift to a new stimulation sensation. But when when I'm more than ready to cum, we both sense it as the pace picks up to a feverish level for my release. She's a keeper.

05-03-2018 03:14:23

alpine01 :

Hey, I'm late to this topic but just wanted to add my wholehearted endorsement to edging: It's bad ass, but for me I've only been able to do it with the "right" other person. Don't know why, likely just a simple matter of mind control I guess! But when you do it, it indeed serves to heighten everything and extend your session. I'll warn that there's one risk factor, though: Odds are you'll get raw! Even with a condom and ample lube, there's only so much friction Mr. Johnson can take without showing some signs of wear & tear! But worth the wekk-long heal up it'll require nearly every time, all the same;)

11-30-2017 16:35:55

alex2ally :

Edging at first hear of sounds like a torture technique get ting you all wet, sticky,hot, worked up and just right before you orgasimNegotiatable

10-18-2017 05:00:49

kenada7843 :

What is edging?

10-07-2017 17:19:53

yvettemilano :

Rockrings are not what they used to be... try one and live a little. The new ones are soft and will not hurt, they even vibrate. ME, I don't leave home without them*

10-04-2017 09:32:04

jas8797 :

Though I will readily admit that edging is new to me.. It is amazing. There it's no other experience like it. ESPECIALLY if she is into it as well and if you are willing to let her do it her way and make it last as long as she would like. Surrendering that little bit of control can make for the happiest ending imaginable. Definitely looking for someone experienced. ;)

09-29-2017 10:54:13

minkafox :

If I'm not mistaken, Tantric sex doesn't involve actual coitus,so I've always felt like,"I too will pass(lol)," . I'm going to Google it. Edging is a wonderful way to spend an hour (or afternoon;) ). Imho, a true practitioner doesn't rush to the finish line. As they say, " the journey to the destination is half of the trip..." . Nothing better than paying attention to those non-verbal cues and waiting for the precise moment to...to...apply a tightened grip of the base and look him in the eye and say, "let's play a game,". Great topic, thanks for sharing;)

09-28-2017 11:43:00

stephaniec :

Edging sounds like a new word for tantric sex. It can last for hours. It's delightful. Question: Are there any male masseurs in Chattanooga that give happy endings to women? I need one.

09-17-2017 17:45:04

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