EM Changes **UPDATE**

May 22, 2018

**UPDATE** as of 5/24/2018

Diddy Kong are you out there? Donkey Kong? Dixie???

Seems like a majority of the users on EM actually are aware of what we are going through in terms of taking the site to the next level...but to make things more clear -- We aren't trying to be "greedy" or going for a "moneygrab". We would be 100% comfortable and fine if we had more users submit reviews and content and we just used plastered the site with affiliate and purchased ads for other sites (this is what most sites do). 

That being said, I will implement the following IMMEDIATELY so that there is no reason to doubt my sincerity on this. 

**ANY USER that has submits a review will get 7 days of VIP access - Starting NOW!**

Hence, you submit 4 reviews a month, you get a months worth of access. The caveat with this is that you can't submit crap. "I banged this hot chick with three tits..." probably won't get approved and past our moderators. If you submit 2 reviews on the same day (that are approved), the free VIP access isnt concurrent (this isn't a prison sentence)...you will now have 14 days worth of free VIP access. I think this is the best and most fair way for our site to grow and for people to participate. For all of you guys who are complaining, do you think it's fair that we have people that consistently submit reviews month after month (some week after week), and then EVERYONE should get unlimited VIP access? We want to make this a better community, not just have a bunch of voyeurs reading and benefiting from other people who took the time to write their fictional erotic story. To further drill down on this...how hard is it to write a fictional review or erotic story? You guys are funny..you complain about $30 a month...if that's too much, then just spend 5-10 minutes of your time to contribute what you can to the site. If you don't have a fictional review to contribute, maybe you wrote some interesting shit in the forums that should be applauded. Personally, our staff is in the process of identifying the top 5000 users on the site that have contributed in the past to its growth (via reviews, via comments, via adding girls, etc.) and we are going to give them free VIP access for a year. We won't even ask them to submit any new information. This is retroactive.  

Hopefully, all EM users can finally understand our true intentions with moving the site to a paid model. To reiterate, running a site which has successfully absorbed all of the backpage, TER, CityVibe, etc traffic is not easy, nor cheap. We are lucky enough to have a few foreign friends overseas that have been paying the bills for the past few years. If you want even more transparency, even with the recent change in pricing structure..the site probably won't be in the black for at least 6 months to a year. If you guys have other ideas/suggestions. We are all ears. You can email us with any constructive feedback, whether it be negative or positive. 

Btw, one thing that was sort of fucked up, that was unintentional (but you the users told us)..."I can't read my own reviews..wtf". Yes, we agree that was a fuck up. We have modified that and you shouldn't have that issue anymore. 

Just to give you some more information on things to come, we are making EM more social in the upcoming months. Although it won't turn into Facebook overnight...soon there will be very strong regional communities to help create a knowledgebase for our users which is more relevant and useful. You will be able to organize your erotica stories into different buckets to keep track of who is who and what is what and it will be like Netflix...you enjoyed watching Captain America? You probably will enjoy watching X-men or Avengers. These other people did. Wow. I didn't know there were other people on this planet that had the same taste in genre as me. Stay tuned. Thank you for being patient and understanding during this transition.

- George

PS for those that want the cliff notes version...

ANY USER that has submits a review will get 7 days of VIP access - Starting NOW!





 Dear Loyal Users,


As of today, we’re changing EroticMonkey.ch biz model. Built by oldschool members of the community, we have tried to maintain a minimally invasive and free website experience for as long as we possibly could.

Due to recent legislation changes however, we have had to hire an extensive amount of moderators/lawyers and other employees to insure EMs continued survival and to insure that our members had access to the most relevant information in the space. We will definitely integrate ways for you, our users to qualify for free membership—those steps are currently being implemented.

Similar to other sites, this will probably be participation based - if you submit X number of reviews, upload Y number of profiles, etc…you will be granted free VIP membership.

Lastly, we have also made the site in a way so that those who choose not to upgrade to VIP can still access a decent amount of it. If you have any questions about the cross over, please do not hesitate to e-mail me, George (the Head Monkey in Charge) at

Thank you. We are in this together


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beth_ :

Are Providers able to Post Ads on EM?

02-15-2019 23:43:47

newsom2012 :

should let non-vips access ads. be easier to decide who see. right now it's a crap shoot that you found someone who is not off on that day.

10-19-2018 10:23:42

dzhao20 :

I understand how some want this site to be free and all....but I also understand that it takes time and money to hold this community of mongers and providers together. I highly appreciate EM and the service that provides to continue my hobby. I maybe new to this game and community, so I look to you folks for guidance and wisdom.

10-18-2018 01:17:45

stark5903w :

Look, I personally see nothing wrong you guys going this route. I'm all for it since you've guys done us a free service for so long to begin with. But could you at least let non-premium users see the overall star rating and the date of posted reviews? I feel like those are pretty important things for anybody to know when looking for companions.

10-17-2018 07:29:09

violetrose :

I was trying to update the info on my AD with new pictures,location and etc. when I went to save the changes it said my ad is under moderation. What does that mean? And when will it get fixed?!?!? If anyone has some info on it please let me know!

10-12-2018 22:09:07

grlnextdoor :

How do you remove reviews?

10-03-2018 05:12:17

william4570 :

Erotic Monkey helps sort out the good providers from the bad.

08-21-2018 15:16:51

xxskyjumperxx :

killer site , best layout and women ive found so far , don't think I will use any other site!!!

08-21-2018 14:55:00

bigsexy6980 :

This site rocks!!!!!!

08-20-2018 20:25:20

93-2006 :

Add a 'thumbs down' feature ,where a member can comment on someone else's review, because ,i feel alot of these reviews are fake and not trustworthy.

08-19-2018 04:01:41

erinkade :

This isn’t just any type of shopping. This is a special type of shopping. I don’t understand the complaints. We’re all hobbyist here. You can’t afford 30 bucks a month or a few reviews? Come on!

08-18-2018 15:06:11

deadpool :

This has always been to my go to site, since when were there paid services. A ridiculous amount of money also

08-17-2018 10:21:38

newbie48 :

There are many sites that didn't charge. The charges should be for the advertisers and should not be the browsers. The browsers are the customers, look at it this way. Does your local stores charge a fee for the shoppers? NO!!!. Do you pay a fee to go shopping at your local stores? NO!! So EM should not be charging us browsers because we are your shoppers. Instead, you should only charge the advertisers only.

08-17-2018 01:42:07

jerbo1563 :

yes i like this site its working for me thank you

08-16-2018 00:49:48

money2020now :

Totally understand to new plan. Makes sense to me. I submitted a new review a couple days ago but did my upgraded week. Sure it takes a bit to review but ready to see full reviews again. Thanks for the excellent service.

08-15-2018 10:17:51

mrg1974 :

My review was accepted but not premium membership. Why ?

08-10-2018 14:31:32

anon73 :

One of my reviews got rejected no reason why. Help?

08-10-2018 11:08:46

darksim :

The information listed particularly in my area is outdated. Many of the girls listed don't even work anymore. It's kinda hard to justify paying for that. I see this as nothing more than an attempt to capitalize on the the demographic that TER had before their problems in the US.

08-05-2018 03:02:49

rambleonone :

Thanks for picking up for all the other sites that are now unavailable. This resource is must to play safe and have some accountability among providers..

08-04-2018 09:50:17

dvfldv :

This is a great resource that I value. It is a public service, but from a Mongers perspective... I appreciate having EM.. Personally, with a lot more $ at stake, I find EM a necessary tool, if you will.. Thank you fellow mongers for contributing to the Sport by providing necessary feedback!! Thanks everyone, Be Safe!! Dvfldv (aka, Dave)

08-03-2018 19:28:05

hukahal :


08-03-2018 16:05:00

ajay4fun :

Thank you George for all that you do! We are lucky to have you working so hard to keep this site up and running! Kudos to you

08-02-2018 17:51:09

mike0302 :

I am interested in a chance to have a free trial of the premium version... I am trying to figure out if there's any way to make this happen???

07-30-2018 20:28:56

unknowlomo :

to the people asking what’s the difference between VIP and free. well VIP you can read reviews and send private messages while with no VIP you don’t get that

07-30-2018 07:12:16

ilybaby :

Hello I'm new here, what's different Vip and free anyway to pay for Vip?

07-28-2018 12:06:54

alice1818 :

I am new, can someone popularize the difference between VIP and free?

07-24-2018 21:11:26

david3839 :

I love China Doll and she's cool always know how to please her guest so for y'all lil men going around lying on her keep it

07-24-2018 04:54:17

rubyred4063 :

I'm new try me out need reveiws

07-24-2018 03:42:40

deuce2222 :

I posted a review that was approved. What do I do now to get the week of VIP access, and does it begin when my current one-month subscription expires, I hope? Thanks.

07-23-2018 08:05:03

justinb :

I added EM to my repository from RubMaps. Will one subscription work for both sites?

07-15-2018 21:48:45

matman1986 :

I added my first review! I have many, many, many more to contribute. Stay tuned. Haha

07-14-2018 23:23:48

greenforever1 :

I suggest you take alternate forms of payment for Premium such as Visa Gift Cards, Bitcoin, merchant gift cards like Amazon, Best Buy, Target to name few.

07-14-2018 20:40:29

sunnman2017 :

Pics? What happened to all the pics of the providers

07-13-2018 00:56:10

crunchy000 :

Thanks everyone! Although free is always better, sometimes we have to pay. I like that those who contribute can get rewarded. Keep up the good work.

07-12-2018 08:11:56

mikesierra11 :

You should add Paypal to your options.

07-11-2018 12:05:28

dave_99 :

Thank you for the hard work guys although I am new to this I can truly appreciate how hard you guys are working to keep this safe for everyone

07-11-2018 01:47:22

sandrasullivan64785 :


07-08-2018 16:49:08

alyssalove3 :

Thanks for making this site open and accessible. alyssalove3 ill be in Space Coast.

07-08-2018 04:16:00

amberwest :

Thanks for work HARD for us <3 I appreciate it :) Cum meet up with me in Tampa and surrounding areas!! xox Amber :)

07-06-2018 14:45:22

nomadicman8551 :

Thanks for all the hard work

07-06-2018 13:12:49

jpmarco :

I'm a new (non VIP) member, and it's so cool to see someone doing something like this. Keeping it alive, but keeping it from being like every other site out there that just wants your money.

07-05-2018 14:44:56

76frogman76 :

actually I have a lot of Juicy stories I can tell you EM put together for me from northern Central Southern California 2 x-rayed for me social media I'll just say one thing Backpage was a joke Craigslist was a joke but guaranteed erotic monkeys is number one.

07-05-2018 12:49:16

76frogman76 :

Thank you thank you thank you dear erotic monkeys I was browsing your site in the early a.m. today met up with raquel it was a dream to remember . thank you for your connections thank you for my happiness today and your support for making things happen. Thanks to erotic monkeys I will be seeing her again after work. #jackpot

07-05-2018 12:45:18

76frogman76 :

I've been using this site for a long time it's an excellent site and put you in excellent contact with models who r beautiful no fake profiles 100% real highly recommended.

07-05-2018 01:02:47

stack1234 :

where are the pics

07-03-2018 09:18:17

jasmine7love :

I'm an ebony princess in Vegas, this site is the best review board! Adding the payment system is well earned. Do what's necessary to stay up and running. Thank you

07-01-2018 09:12:00

bedroomfun48 :

I'm noticing quite a few listings for Los Angeles service providers do not include prices for services. Why are prices not listed?

06-28-2018 16:12:45

davenunya :

I’ve added reviews but must be missing the quality bar because it still wants me to pay.

06-28-2018 14:38:49

madalynn :

Sound Fab Guys... ! If there's anything I can do to contribute to your Organization.. just give a hollar I'd be more than happy to assist.. ! Take care & thank you all for e everything you've done & are doing. Madalynn ( Colorado Springs, Denver )

06-28-2018 14:22:10

mxp07105 :

Erotic Monkey is the BEST site to use!

06-27-2018 20:56:46

beeyegee :

Got it. I have plenty more reviews to add. Now I will take the time. Thanks EM.

06-26-2018 19:00:36

mrg1974 :

George, that is great news!!!!!!!!!!!!! Soon i will submit one or two reviews

06-26-2018 12:40:46

lifesbs221 :

Oh okay. This explains a lot. Thanks

06-23-2018 14:40:47

likemike_92 :

Can the users who have reviews submitted way before the change still get premium member ships?

06-21-2018 18:49:27

passionstreat :

Yes , as a now 5 year provider in Dallas Texas I feel that us provider should be able to also review the gentlemen that’ll help with keeping us more safe , & dealing with games. I’m pretty sure that’s not your guys probably but with the fact that EM is now one of the main sources of services it’ll be a good thing for progression .

06-21-2018 15:53:50

7devo :

I loved your site and did submit a review of a provider named Jessica in the Cape Coral, Florida area. Since the closing of Backpage, it’s been tough to find a decent, safe provider because I no longer have access to reviews. Pictures are one thing but reviews enable me to make an appropriate selection. I’m in NH for the summer. I hope that you revert back to the old EM (or at least throw this old man some free days, weeks, years). Just kidding with you. Take care.

06-20-2018 02:26:57

jeyjey :

Estoy de acuerdo con los nuevos cambios siempre y cuando sea para mejorar la pagina y solo quisiera saber cual es la mejor manera para asegurarme de la persona que contacto es real me refiero a fotos falsas o chicos malos

06-18-2018 13:35:16

laneylixx :

Completely understandable and i applaud y'all for stepping up when you were needed most. Thank you

06-18-2018 12:45:52

bopeep1969 :

I'm fine with charging if you make it easy to cancel which you did. I paid without knowing what I was committing to which isn't the best feeling. So terms should come before payment. I think pay per appointment is best so the once a year guy can explore the options.

06-15-2018 21:52:18

renolee :

The ads you should leave completely visible should be from ripoff providers.

06-14-2018 20:34:38

rodster68 :

Thank God you guys are still here! I don’t know what I’d do without this site.

06-14-2018 10:41:01

mizzholly88 :

The free access is a bad idea for the mere fact that guys are going to be writing bogus reviews!! I have a bogus review on here and its a good one too but it is a fake bogus review!! I'd say provider would have to confirm they met with the hobbyist before review could be posted but if the visit was sour then the provider could lie... On that note, EVERYONE JUST BE HONEST AND LETS HAVE SOME SEXY FUN LOL!!!

06-14-2018 03:53:24

dtfaulk :

Looking for that special someone from Texas

06-13-2018 20:24:52

fodzone1 :

You need more providers involved so when ther location changes they can update there adds

06-13-2018 14:41:39

redban :

I like this website, and I don’t mind that you now have pay / submit reviews to get full access. However, I wish they’d allow basic users to read the general description of each review (and making the juicy details exclusive to Premium users). Or they can let basic users read the first 2 or 3 sentences in a review while only premium users see the rest. Letting people read some of the review gives them a taste of the rest, which makes them more likely to subscribe for premium membership. If you let them see none of the review, then you’re asking them to sign up blind, with no sense of what to expect.

06-12-2018 03:38:10

lixalot70681 :

In the interest of privacy I tried to pay for a month with a prepaid debit card. It wasnt accepted. Is that because I didn’t fill in my name on the form? Debit cards don’t have a person’s name.

06-11-2018 13:20:25

shingo :

Agree. Seems reasonable

06-11-2018 06:39:52

jennijones :

Never expected TER to go down. Dam! Now this will be the review sit? ? The name of the site it a bit funky but I guess it is a hat it is lol

06-09-2018 20:10:08

cousinvinnie :

Obviously as a user of the service free seems better but this site definitely has value and the cost of a 12 month subscription is less then the money that would be lost on one bad date. Unfortunately (in many ways), I don't go on enough dates to write up enough reviews to get the free deal but that's OK. I'd rather pay a fee and have you be able to obtain good legal support than lose this site. Keep up the good work.

06-09-2018 14:03:58

tessa-509 :

we should have have be able to review men

06-08-2018 13:50:32

sb17 :


06-08-2018 12:35:18

ninaanderson :

Trying to Post in Hartford CT. ??

06-08-2018 07:23:09

ut432 :

Sounds fair..

06-08-2018 07:06:04

aria.xo :

I think it’s a great idea. Helps weed out the time wasters and fakes. This site is very reputable and I’ve been a member for years. It’s definitely worth the fee to ensure your safety and get a “better look” at who you’re meeting.

06-08-2018 05:37:09

grumpyy14 :

This site use to be nice I enjoyed it and met some cool individuals with out having to pay witch I don't mind but every card I use it denies makes it hard to want to continue with this site

06-08-2018 05:11:35

robbmoore67 :


06-07-2018 23:09:51

funtimes947 :

After you summit a review when will you be granted premium access

06-07-2018 10:30:02

clutch33 :

Please allow editing or changing personal Email login or user name since that can change for a user and currently the ability to update that account information is NOT available

06-07-2018 02:23:17

nolastarlette :

New orleans forum would be awesome :)

06-06-2018 00:39:36

lacey-lynn :


06-05-2018 22:17:48

veronicaturbay :

I have a fake review... how we can get those removed?

06-05-2018 15:45:25

lovenuru :

What happen to yhe pictures of the girls. They are not shown. Thank you

06-05-2018 08:32:26

subicman63 :

Please clarify if the ability to comment on reviews has been implemented. This a much needed feature to help ensure the accuracy of the reviews, which will in turn assist you mediation process. It will also help providers a source of dispute erroneous information or out and out targeting of said providers. If you wanted to make commenting available to premium members, that would be OK also.

06-04-2018 15:26:06

carrie4u :

I am still a service provider for any old school hobbyist that have seen me before . Call me 5863290638

06-04-2018 13:08:01

jmall69 :

Also yall should confirm these girls as legit. FaceTime or something. That's a bit revolutionary though.

06-04-2018 12:53:40

jmall69 :

We need location updates and whether incall or out for claimed profiles. It helps when you taking the bus to some kitty. Yeah bruh we exist.

06-04-2018 12:51:20

ceasar1617 :

You should add a whitelist feature similar to TER. Providers can whitelist men as trustworthy and safe clients. The feature can only be accomplished if a client has messaged a provider and only on the messaging page. If a client messages a provider on the site for the first time a provider can see how many times a client has been whitelisted by other providers. Place ads on the messaging page and boom...more income. -Marketing Professional

06-02-2018 11:52:47

tiffanybae2 :

You should allow women so lost reviews on men ...

06-01-2018 23:01:48

papa43 :

I posted another review today, any way to get access for a week or even a few days? I just need some time before I post another review.

06-01-2018 20:38:05

willis37 :

Hell yeah

06-01-2018 17:19:14

somavox1 :

My review was posted today, but no VIP access. Something more I need to do?

06-01-2018 14:46:36

thatfrankguy2 :

How long does it take for a review to go approved?

06-01-2018 12:42:29

smoovblizz :

You guys should add a slang dictionary for the terms

06-01-2018 12:30:14

smoovblizz :

Summited a review

06-01-2018 12:24:00

pumpkin01 :

Great idea!

06-01-2018 04:28:47

insrchofyou18 :

I submitted a review but don't see it. What happened?

06-01-2018 02:31:53

destinyprov :

How about the ability to rate and review clients accounts as well? And maybe a blacklisting service where providers can post warnings about violent or dangerous clients.

05-31-2018 21:34:29

boomer99 :

I dont get "has submits" a review...does that mean "has" already submitted a review (i have already submitted 7 reviews but cannot get VIP access)...or does it mean "submits" a review from this point on?

05-31-2018 19:50:37

elkhunter :

Just left a review when should I expect to receive VIP access?

05-31-2018 13:06:36

fluid :

I think that the point made below (4 reviews per month for a month of access) that the review = access model is a bit ...optimistic. While those who can 'review' at that frequency do get a significant return on their investment, many of use are much more 'casual' hobbyists. Is there consideration for a 3/6/12 month access fee?

05-31-2018 12:47:54

lettucemeat :

I think submitting proof of a meet up should be required if she proclaims the review is fake or they never met. Screenshot of a text or email, verifying the location they met in, most ladies have a calendar And a schedule posted, if he can’t submit proof of screen shots and name her location and she protests it shouldn’t get posted. Most of us ladies can prove where we stayed on which dates. Unless private residence.

05-31-2018 12:21:41

divine55 :

Just left a review when should I expect to receive VIP access?

05-31-2018 11:33:34

mz.peachez :

New to site. So far a nice site have been on a few.. let’s just say wasted my time!!

05-31-2018 10:16:43

xquisitelyiam :

You should also allow the provider to comment back to the gentlemen who left the review, that would be nice to also see this coming from the provider to allow other know what she feels and think. Or to base it on if these reviews that are left are actually true. I have two reviews on my board that are false. I am a very well know provider in baketsfield when Ns was up. And very well reviewed by many and being an fbsm peovider. Everyone knew many detail that are not true that these two reviewers have claim and state. I know this site was use to also be a revenge site cause of the way how anyone can claim a provider and set up a profile for a new provider. But I have shown many and the 6 new reviews state the truth thanks god ...that i have a strong rep to be able to wash these boys who left the reviews. But it would be nice to be able to comment back to the nice gentlemen. At least it give you all who are working for EM the real count . Cause now anyone can go back and claim to have seen a female and it not being true. Like the two monkeys who claim the have seen me. You will have alot of that going on if many men have seen your offer for VIP. That could be helpful on your end as well. Just a thought. Sabrina Luv Much Kisses & Hugs

05-31-2018 04:25:08

dutty420 :

Site is awesome I’ll need use any other one from here on out

05-30-2018 23:38:29

renolee :

4 reviews per month typically means $800 per month. Anyone got $800 per month in available disposable income? You need to rethink that model.

05-30-2018 23:24:52

lettucemeat :

how do ladies get to earn free VIP?

05-30-2018 04:52:37

lettucemeat :

will there be a delist option?

05-30-2018 04:46:55

tessa-509 :

Let’s make some money play time for me

05-30-2018 01:14:43

wvrose :

This site really confused me ugh lol ,

05-29-2018 14:54:03

wvrose :

You need a little more Fung seuy on the site it is a bit bland erotic colors and or shapes will help

05-29-2018 14:44:57

pescodo58 :

EM: Any alternative payment method other than cc. For example money order or cashier's check? pescoco58

05-29-2018 14:24:00

d1oracle :

Hi... I added two new escort profiles with reviews but don't see that they've been added to the site. Also, I was not given credit for the reviews. Can you take take a look and see if I did something wrong?

05-29-2018 11:26:53

wvrose :


05-29-2018 08:28:21

freakydeaky46 :

Posted review today, still cannot see reviews...also show I have only posted one I believe this is my second

05-29-2018 08:01:46

paddlinguy :

One- it would be helpful if the reviews were in order of the most recent review. There are women listed who were last reviewed in 2015 (and are no longer here) before those who were reviewed this month! Also, for those of us who only look at this site occasionally, maybe a pay as you go program / say $5 every time you look - like renting a movie.

05-29-2018 07:20:58

paddlinguy :

How do I delete “favorites”? Some of mine have moved away.

05-29-2018 07:13:20

ltglt09 :

Im ok with you moving to a paid site, my only suggestion would be to at least offer 1 basic review (not the jucy details) for each woman... just something where we (the hobbiest) can see what were expecting from other users... such as shes in a private residence, very professional, OR if the majority of the reviews are negitive about a woman, let one of the reviews you show state "warning" shes a scap, or "her boyfriend popped out of the closet and pointed a gun at me right after i paid". You would hate to have a situation where someone got hurt or killed by such a situation and then said "well i used EM and they kept all that info private, bit after i got hurt i paid for access and THEN found out"... but hey, thats just my 2 cents worth... and by all means, leave a majority of the reviews hidden...

05-28-2018 23:05:36

hittinit :

Love the site and what you actually go through for Us!!! One thing that I would like to be an option is for the ability to delete a review that was possibly posted in haste or such???

05-28-2018 18:37:12

funfrankie :

I was shocked to see the changes made, but I completely understand and expected some changes. I have enjoyed your site and have always helped to expand your provider base by telling them about erotic monkey and to check it out. With all of the changes that have and are going to change in this hobby this is still a great place to visit. Thanks Erotic Monkey

05-28-2018 17:53:22

millioncaine420 :

Absolutely love this site

05-28-2018 15:21:41

mamma710 :

Totally understandable and thanks for the great service you have always provided! Btw, what would be nice is if the providers could start posting there ads here.

05-28-2018 07:04:41

brunoxyz :

Doesn't sound like a bad idea. I like, well Love this site

05-28-2018 04:34:58

whitesoxk :

I guess I gotta start writing reviews although I like newbies to town and read enough of their reviews to see if the provider wrote it themself. But still... good for you! You’re going a good service and deserve some money for it!!

05-27-2018 21:51:34

treasure1202 :

How do I post or advertise on the forums

05-27-2018 20:50:54

qcswral :

I think offering a provision of 1 month or 3 months, 6 months or 1 year would be good...

05-27-2018 19:54:34

blondkid :

You need someone to verify the providers are real and the reviews are real..i'vr run across several on here that the providers have written their own reviews and are far from being real or accurate. Need a improve the way the providers advertise as well

05-27-2018 12:13:56

ronf :

Always wondered how long the prior business model was going to last. It was good while it lasted.

05-26-2018 23:55:58

alexxus :

I think it's a great update and very reasonable

05-26-2018 18:40:44

fuckninja :

So, is this for only new reviews are past reviews as well?

05-26-2018 18:05:45

rls7813 :

I am new to the site. Haven’t used it yet and will use 1 or twice a year. Why would I pay EM for a year. I am going to be on here twice per yr.it doesn’t look like you can pay for only one month

05-26-2018 17:59:36

alstang12 :

Can you guys fix the advance search

05-26-2018 05:28:33

rentona :

That makes total sense- ignore my email. I understand it is a service you provide that helps make finding a provider a safer, more enjoyable experience; how can we complain with the liberal terms you outline and especially when checking reviews can save us hundreds or thousands of dollars?

05-25-2018 23:40:36

selana24 :

Fair enough, I guess I have to work on my grammar and writing skills in order to be able to see other reviews. Meanwhile, is there any secure way of paying dues like Bitcoin?

05-25-2018 15:23:21

elizabethgrimaldi :

Thank you George, Head Monkey. I for one, appreciate that you have kept EM up and running!

05-25-2018 13:23:29

pitchingwedge56 :

Seems like some fair changes, although I would rather put up with a free site with advertisements. What if you have a VIP with no ads and a non-VIP with ads and limited access like the first 10 views? I for one am on a limited budget and a "leash" if you know what I mean, so I can't use my CC without drawing attention. Anyway, there are lots of ways to make EM better in the days ahead.

05-25-2018 10:54:59

joadt :

I submitted a review yesterday (5/23) that appears to have been approved yet I still can't read reviews?

05-25-2018 09:22:07

mike505 :

Don't mind the change. I was actually thinking about that being needed because I met a chick and she was a fake. I posted my review but since it was free, all she did was make multiple email accounts and then post fake bs reviews to help her. Now her sorry ass won't be able to do that, unless she wants to pay for every fake account she makes. Maybe like someone else suggested, make the chicks that post here pay a fee as well and maybe show a little more info that a new guest can view. That would entice them and make it more likely they join.

05-25-2018 08:58:09

sd_guy_1965 :

As one who's recently discovered your site, I am grateful that you've stepped up to fill the void that was left by the other sites like TER. I understand the reasons for the changes. I hope to contribute some reviews soon. Thank you for being a resource for us, especially us new to this hobby.

05-25-2018 06:57:40

kaidog :

I can understand charging but I wish the price was less. Some of us only get out a few to maybe several times a year, and even if we write a review every time, it doesn't do much to offset the cost.

05-25-2018 05:47:12

babyleg123 :

What is the average time it takes to review/approve a review before access is given?

05-25-2018 05:16:21

thongor :

keep it rolling, more communication mans more opportunity!

05-25-2018 04:17:50

dh0rn420 :

Just wanted to say, Sorry for saying negative stuff and getting myself banned before. Was out of line. Hopefully this site can thrive, gotta give honest reviews.

05-25-2018 03:34:12

heavymetalgamer :

Lol at daddy and donkey Kong. Where's K. K Room?

05-25-2018 01:36:43

xynogom :

For those of you complaining about having to pay, you should know that hosting a website, and technical upkeep are not free. A service is being provided, and it's one that can save you a lot of money by making sure you don't do business with the wrong woman. Even if you only meet new "friends" twice a month that is still at least $200 in most cases, and that is on the low end. Spending $29 to make sure it's not wasted money is not a bad deal. When the other paid site was around it saved me from meeting a few women with pretty faces or nice bodies, and terrible service. With that being said I would still like to know the date of someone's last review. That is one thing I liked about TER. I knew the women in my area were getting updated. If I didnt know that I never would have given them any money.

05-24-2018 23:18:55

twiceaday :

I just posted a review a week ago....guess I miss the freebie?

05-24-2018 22:52:00

irishskirt :

Just joined this site and I'm happy to be here especially since some of the others were shut down shout out to the moderators at 8 a.m. you guys are the best I've seen in a while hair is down to earth and real I'm digging it

05-24-2018 21:14:40

glennisd :

So I have to pay up to post reviews so I can get free time?

05-24-2018 19:51:23

raiders3438 :

Any price deal for both rub maps and this site

05-24-2018 19:43:30

friend123 :

I agree with charging but 29.95 is kinda steep.

05-24-2018 18:28:43

makeitrain42 :

I apologize for my previous negative comment about the restructuring of the site. I am glad EM is still in the game and now understand why the changes had to be made. I believe EM keeps me safe and knowledgeable while participating in the hobby, without it we would be flying blind. Cheers to you EM and keep up the good work. $30 a month is a small price to pay to be in the know, and to know which providers to avoid.

05-24-2018 11:54:13

blondkid :

Need to make it easier to get quality ladies on here and make it where they can advertise as It's to difficult to find one that is of quality still in the business.

05-24-2018 10:20:24

squirrle42 :

I believe that the women who want to place their ads here should be the ones who should pay a fee. It may help clean out the bait and switchers and scamers.

05-24-2018 06:41:34

tkkt4545 :

I think it would be easier to hook *new* users if you provided a little more free information like TER does (can still view it using a VPN). 1) Total rating (currently blurred out); 2) Individual review rating; 3) The short summary of each review. That makes them really want to know the juicy details. A new user can’t really tell how cool this site is because there’s not enough info to entice them to the next level. So I hope this makes sense. I already know how cool this site is. And a question. Am I, as a registered user, allowed to add providers myself? Is that OK? I know quite a few as it turns out.

05-24-2018 01:22:40

maintop :

Why are you so indignant that now this is a pay service? Please recall the fundamental analysis of life in a capitalistic society: " It's All About The Money ". My question is why few who will pay the bill aren't commenting? Apathy? Haven't heard yet? To busy playing video games perhaps?

05-23-2018 23:06:50

fuckmetoday :

What ever works!

05-23-2018 22:57:12

thecowboy :

Just noticed the changes ! Gotta do what's best for the site, gettin tough these days, hope everything works! Need my monkey fix daily love the reviews but the beautiful ladies even more!

05-23-2018 19:29:14

nyalex917 :

How many reviews would qualify for VIP membership?

05-23-2018 16:06:27

gingerrosebbw :

I like it!

05-23-2018 12:38:38

hopeinhollywood :

And you require providers to have a membership to see our reviews?!?!?

05-23-2018 06:47:07

jetlag1234 :

Can we actually comment here?

05-23-2018 06:05:48

jetlag1234 :

Not paying to provide YOU with MY content! Get the girls to pay you. They're the ones who benefit, and who should be paying you!

05-23-2018 06:04:59

spareviews :

So unless we have a paid membership we can no longer read any reviews?

05-23-2018 05:54:37

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