Kink in her armor

Jul 22, 2017

I was reading about artists and their weird fetishes, like that old picture of Madonna rimming that guy's ass or how Shirley Manson from the band Garbage likes golden showers (she even peed in one of their music videos) and just couldn't stop thinking about kinky girls trying all that kind of kinky shit on me. Seriously imagine paying for a normal session and then you open the door and Madonna is waiting for you and she says “Let me lick your asshole, baby.”

Of course it doesn't have to be a pop/rock star lady for you to want her to pee on you or lick your asshole. I'm not a pee kinda guy but whenever a session ended with an escort squirting and releasing all over me I honestly just didn't mind, that's their way of expressing their love and all it took was a quick shower.

As far as anal adventures I always allow experienced providers to help me with my prostate, but rimming is honestly way too much for me. Performed on me I mean, I'll finger a hot provider's ass any day and eat it out too if she looks like she took a shower recently. Can't pass that up, but I just don't enjoy having that done to me. Pegging too seems to be a trend lately for kinks, I keep reading new reviews submitted here about girls who offer pegging services and the brave guys who can't wait to have a girl give them a little of their own medicine.

BDSM sessions have always been a staple of any provider site I've seen, even on websites where girls put up their ads on places like Craigslist or Backpage you will find girls who do BDSM sessions and want to dominate you and stuff. I've been dominated and let me tell you, don't knock it 'till you try it. BDSM? I'm not a big fan of hurting, but nobody ever died from a light spanking, right?

So I ask you, what's the kinkiest shit you ever done? Or the kinkiest shit you wanna do? We might have just the right provider for that here.


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jadedjewels :

I recently just had my first BDSM experience and it was fantastic. The trill and rush i had gotten was breathe taking and pure ecstasy. And men want to play with me?

08-22-2017 11:03:42

relayrun :

I like girls that squirt with multiple orgasms when I face fuck them with my tongue just right and working it good and busy.,...drink some water, and do it some more. Then slowly go deep with my cock for a while,...then pound them hard mish, fingering their clit, and dump my load sucking on their tits while I hear them cum some more at the same time. Itza super turn on, I cum super hard, and it drives me crazy.

08-20-2017 17:56:27

knowlen :

a very sexy girl about 30 up for anything. we would drink vodka throughout long sessions followed by my peeing in her mouth & her swallowing every drop, Wow!!

08-16-2017 20:19:02

niccoleplated :

Sorry to hear that, but it's very important to screen a provider as thoroughly as she screens you. I hope I didn't add salt to your wound!

08-02-2017 03:47:30

joshuway13 :

I want to have a girl squirt all over me. It sounds extremely enticing

07-31-2017 21:59:28

horseback :

That's exactly my feeling. I was initiated during the age of rip-off-dancers on newspaper classified. There were internet escorts but they charge double for the trouble. I was about to leave when I met an Indian (South Asia) dancer. If she could be considered pretty, I would have no second thoughts. But I stayed because you can get a lot worse. With the clothes off, she was surprising young like 19. There were plenty of young girls but they don't do much after being nude. Just when I thought she was starting a 69 BBBJ, she was reversing into my mouth with her ass. It was like a horror movie that I had to close my eyes, feeling her butt suffocating my face. But when I reopened my eyes to see if I was still alive, I was in heaven. I couldn't rim her enough; it was my first time. Her star fish was so pretty and so tight that my tongue couldn't possibly penetrate even a mm. Whenever I met teens I will check their ass sooner or later. I also like Asian apartments where you shower together. As long as they know that you are not turning them around and rape their asses, you can wash them thoroughly with your own hands and rim to your heart's desire. But I still not enjoy being at the receiving end, particularly with a model material. I was with one recently when you have to pay half a grand a couple of years ago just for LFK. She was famous for her rimming and model like everything, but I turned her around and rather DFK her more or watching her CIM. But if she is not a looker and without a pretty starfish, I do enjoy receiving some; time well spent.

07-26-2017 10:59:37

laneylixx :

I had a new fella request long icicles placed one at a time in his anus while i made hims beg me for more, all the while tugging at a loosened rope wrapped about his sack. It was only for about ten minutes, buy i gladly obliged. Who am i to say that doesn't feel good? Okay, probably not on me, but he loved every friggin second of it. I'm just glad he enjoyed himself to the fullest.

07-25-2017 21:50:08

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