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March Madness!!!

Mar 22, 2019

It's the end of March and the Madness is in full swing.  March Madness I mean…you know the college basketball tournament that is seemingly on all day throughout the weekend and lasts for several weeks.  Yes, that March Madness where upsets and Cinderella teams litter the headlines with an almost a sly grin and a light guffaw.  It is a great time to huddle with your friends and a great excuse to grab a couple of brews or favorite alcoholic beverage is you so desire.  It is also a great time visit your favorite lady of the night.

You see, this is an example of classic supply and demand.  Lets talk about two scenarios.  First of all, lets talk about the cities with which the tournament is played. In these cities, there will be increased demand for this service as the event will draw fans and potential customers from far away locations to the tournament site.  Consider Tulsa Oklahoma a site of this years NCAA tournament first round.  When you think of this type of activity, you will rarely think of Tulsa as a hotbed for female escorts.  However, during this event, a bunch from all over the place will descend on Tulsa and try to wrangle in a few prizes.  There will be no shortage of night time fun after the games are played, so this is a great time embark on this type of activity.  However, be ready to pay a fair penny above usual market rates as the demand in the area will usually spike in relation to the demand.  Of course, when you are on vacation, money is not the biggest concern, so enjoy yourself and spend away.  And what better way to cap off a night of your favorite team winning, with another activity that is full of euphoria.

If you do not happen to be in a tournament site city (which is most of the cities in America), it is also a great time to visit that favorite lady.  If you get the itch during the day or the early evening while the games are still going on, you will most likely have your pick of the litter so to speak.  While other guys are glued to the television screen watching their favorite team, or monitoring their brackets, the demand for ladies will be much lower.  Whereas a normal night you could be texting a bunch of ladies without any reply, this time of the year could bring a much higher rate of response.  In fact, these ladies may be clamoring to serve you and even offer a higher level of service.  If you wait until later in the evening, you still may have a good chance with your favorite lady.  The watching of March Madness usually involves a grip of alcoholic beverages and depending on the person, this may render their equipment from functioning correctly.  In fact, it is scientifically noted that alcohol is a big inducer of sleep.  And if you are sleeping, you aren't really in a position to have that kind of fun.

However you look at it, the tournament in March is a great time for fun and a great time for this particular type of fun.  So, get out there guys and  

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