Quckie Can Be Tricky

Sep 20, 2018

So you're tight on time, gotta see the guys for drinks later tonight, and you just got off work… at best you’re gonna be able to squeeze in a 30, no, maybe only a 15 minute session to get your steam off? Perhaps that good looking girl you’ve wanted to try in your area is advertising a special price on quickies? Well, you go for the 15 minute quickie then, but… how do people have sex in only 15 minutes?!


First, of, foreplay will probably be out of the question. Sad, I know, my favorite part of sex usually takes a lot of preparation, if you don’t have time for that well, I guess just some nice little sensual touching and hugging is gonna have to do the deed.


Don’t force it! Use lube, get her wet, and then you guys are gonna have to pick your position. Might have time for even two. My favorite for this is the seated grind, can do it in your car, can do it in a small bed, can do it in the office (ssshhh, don’t tell George I said that), and all you need is your partner to sit on top of you and straddle.


Another favorite of mine is standing K9, I hear some ladies aren’t too into positions that involve giving your partner the back, but trust me, it’s a great position, all you need is for your partner to hold onto something to support her weight, and you’ll be able to go in quickly, don’t even need to take her pants off completely, and works great if wearing skirts or dresses.


Any other tips for QVs you folks wanna give me, I’m all ears… eyes… you know what I meant.


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vickyinaustin22 :

Yes, definately make eye contact, smile and start undressing each other with a quickness. Begin caressing each other in the erogenous zones, apply lube, pick a position and get it on!!!! Dont forget your condoms!!! Safety is key!! All the sexy build up you will be in and out in 10 minutes. Have fun!

11-05-2018 05:31:50

ifuckasianass :

I’m never quick especially when covered so the only thing I can do qv is a bbbj

11-02-2018 10:22:54

emilyrainlove :


10-30-2018 11:28:00

tsmeka :

Tsmeka 832-949-6797 Houston area only

10-30-2018 00:34:52

toystacks :


10-29-2018 14:22:24

toystacks :

If you are in Sacramento or surrounding areas contact me if u want to have sum fun

10-29-2018 04:10:16

amycctx :

Back for a limited time!

10-27-2018 15:22:47

kakes88 :

Hey guys it's ur one and only girl Kakes Sexy,sweet, and the hottest female trend in south jersey call now if looking for a sweet treat

10-25-2018 15:03:00

guccibby :

10-24-2018 21:58:58

bassbud :

Anyone close to Jefferson City TN?

10-24-2018 07:01:32

lucy.lucy88 :

ready and waiting el paso texas 8455321661 mention this post and get an incentive

10-23-2018 22:35:50

ohhhnooo :

Anybody near silver springs TX

10-23-2018 12:41:07

donedealer :

Qv are qv..... Not that tough. You want 20 minutes? I aim to please. 20 minutes is what you're gonna get. Koryscorner is kinky and ready to play 385 434 6263

10-22-2018 07:47:47

madisonloveschevys :

It doesn’t necessarily have to be my experience .I met this gentleman we had a great age gap and didn’t really talk about much but I felt a closeness once we were both relaxed and age difference went away.

10-21-2018 16:43:51

shooter8771 :

In Pittsburgh pa area ! Text me 412-336-3429

10-20-2018 18:06:33

jonbowbie :

Any ladies in Alabama ?

10-17-2018 16:56:55

kandyk6969 :

Kandy ready to melt in your mouth

10-16-2018 23:44:29

jada_dickens :

Who wanna play in Vegas

10-16-2018 01:05:00

moneykavegas :

My favorite is in the morning between 4am and 7 am It's something about getting it out of the way that just feels right.

10-15-2018 11:14:47

captmorgan205 :

I truly love the excitement of meeting a new provider so I have never engaged a lady for a 15 minute session.

10-15-2018 00:00:22

lettucemeat :

I like q.v. for returning clients, not on a 1st visit. Guys that only wanna see you for q.v. the first time are just cheap and They just don’t wanna pay for hhr, they won’t be back and they always go over on time and do it on purpose. Returning clients are the only ones that get in and out in 15 minutes. Guys are so nervous the first time they meet a lady they take forever to even take their shoes off, let alone put out the donation. If you really want that qv learn how to put out the donation and get your shoes off before the 15 minutes is up.

10-14-2018 09:01:24

lettucemeat :

I like q.v. for returning clients, not on a 1st visit. Guys that only wanna see you for q.v. the first time are just cheap and They just don’t wanna pay for hhr, they won’t be back and they always go over on time and do it on purpose. Returning clients are the only ones that get in and out in 15 minutes. Guys are so nervous the first time they meet a lady they take forever to even take their shoes off, let alone put out the donation. If you really want that qv learn how to put out the donation and get your shoes off before the 15 minutes is up.

10-14-2018 09:00:52

elwin4 :

Sounds like a waste of time I'd say 15 minutes and ask for a prorated extension if she is who she claims to be in the pic and she shows integrity in her effort. If you have no mental block then go for it!

10-13-2018 16:47:30

a-za-z0-9. :

I agree with euphoriap.. pls dont low ball the offer to under just because you reach your orgasm quickly. In cases like these, seems as though if anything I've done a hell of a job with great quality. If you're looking for a warm interaction it's hard to feel valued, regardless of time spent, when you're paid less than a masseuse.

10-13-2018 00:40:40

do11 :

Sometimes I am so backed up that I know I'll shoot a load in just a few minutes. It's a relief to just dispense with the formalities and go straight in, lube up and a dump a hot load of sticky cum in just a few minutes.

10-12-2018 07:23:18

lizzieb :

I'm so against the 100 quick low-ball offer! Please for the love of God, just give me the extra 50$ and let me show you a good time!! please understand that 15 min is hardly any way you can get to let off steem or get your rocks off.

10-12-2018 01:34:38

nlk3t :

This may be why I couldn't cum on a few 15min girls I had. Even got soft on one doing missionary, but came in doggy style. I'm not well endowed (the one thing black guys are supposed to have...), so my options are limited, especially in reality.

10-11-2018 23:43:04

avguy :

The QV is what I've been looking for near my OC location. My time is limited and need a timely provider. Cheers

10-11-2018 23:08:01

langley1989 :

Sexy ass blond looking to plz you

10-10-2018 12:21:42

yourdesire87563 :

Cybrmstr Come see me babe I’ll change your mind

10-10-2018 09:31:36

tudy69 :

What's up ladies... west covina area

10-09-2018 23:04:11

moejoe5150 :

These all sound fun...Anyone in Victorville hit me up 9092835251

10-09-2018 10:30:19

cybrmstr :

QV can be great if the woman is good and into it.....have yet to find one so its mostly a waste

10-07-2018 06:41:36

bigbro7up :

bigbro7up: Quickies arent cool I like more bang for my buck, nothing like putting in a good hour its always worth it. hmu: [email protected], b looking to spend some quility time in the bay area monday evening(conta costa county)/Pittsburg.Oct 8 2018.

10-05-2018 12:28:06

natalee88 :

So as long as the client respects the time allotted for a quickie and is ready to handle business quick then I'm all good. If he's trying not to pop or he's trying to take things slower or squeeze in just 1 more minute, then I find it disrespectful and sorta like trying to reuse a coupon or something.... I mean, I'm not a clock watcher but if your pushing boundaries and getting greedy, I'll cut it right at the mark and leave em hangin! You definitely get what you pay for

10-05-2018 02:44:48

chance10042757 :

Head is always best for q.v. deepthroating always i get goose bumps love doing this to my clients an make them moan

10-03-2018 08:06:10

misterleo :

Quickies are all you can muster in clubs which sneak in extras. Having to build up a rep for escorts is its own challenge.

10-03-2018 07:39:25

bbp1011 :

Tired of them trying to hold my dick so it all don’t fit. Fat head and thick thick cock and cum on a niner too much fear especially from youngsters so I don’t ask and jus pay more if she mad that I bust as deep as I can. Gape that ass just killed a booty Latina had it creamy but had to force through dryness and start cumming for lube

10-03-2018 05:29:54

nannara :

analuv n lucky101 Couldnt said it better Sounds like a nice option If the Guy is needin persuasion Shoppin round or jus keepin balls in motion It works well at times jumpin the pumpin Im offer it for a short time from time to time So call 6187807907 San Diego Nannara 150 to start im a pro seen me on the stroll

10-03-2018 02:34:53

alexisray :

You want too much for a quick visit, get an hour if you want the whole experience in my opinion...u get ur price worth

10-02-2018 20:29:10

freya_fantasia :

...and then by the time they clean up and say good bye it was more like 40 minutes, the same amount of time as a lot of guys who pay for an hour and add a tip on top of it. It’s basically the same thing for a lot less money. Plus, quality of the client goes way down when prices go this low and that’s the main reason I won’t do it. Maybe I’ve been spoiled by my good clients, but there’s no way I’m going to offer quickies or hh.

09-30-2018 09:23:15

southsidesunshine :

Anyone in Dallas or ft worth hmu

09-29-2018 18:22:10

sindra :

Not Tricky. Girl just needs to be pliable. Make her body conform to yours quickly. Some of us innately have these skills. Others sauire it. Anything is possible. If your in San Cernandi Valley or Encino HMU 805 297 9247

09-28-2018 19:46:32

ycnfinest530 :

From california hmu [email protected]

09-28-2018 13:40:28

jaylyntaylor23 :

Hey Jaylyn Here in New Orleans La

09-28-2018 12:18:57

nylonfan :

I don't mind a quickie but its then usually oral only which is fine with me

09-28-2018 09:45:32

delightfultiffany15 :

Yes quickies can be tricky. It just depends on who are with. I don't like quick visits really like to enjoy my company as well as please. But if that's what they want sometimes, you just have to go with the flow... Tiffany out of Houston Tx 346-233-0427

09-27-2018 16:11:00

nick9898 :

Any girl in Sunnyvale Ca looking for fun? Message [email protected]

09-26-2018 15:06:14

jcacash1984 :

Any Scort avilible on Charleston sc can reach me at [email protected] THANKS

09-25-2018 10:01:52

jcacash1984 :

Any girl on Charleston sc I’m looking to have a spend time whit a Scort

09-25-2018 09:58:40

lucky101 :

5 mins head , 5 mins doggy , 5 mins missionary= quickie

09-25-2018 05:27:11

mshaileydiamond :

Qv and bng on special until midnight . In Costa Mesa , California text me @94946four7one42 Xox Hailey

09-24-2018 19:49:01

sexysashaluv :

I agreee with @mntraveller head should be thee only quick visit

09-23-2018 14:19:43

muffdiver2014 :

Quickies suck IMHO, I like to give as well as received and love a connection. Just can't be done with a quickie, he'll, I hardly do one hour any more. 2 hours minimum so both enjoy, or at least Act like she enjoys. Haha

09-23-2018 11:05:06

vanessa3154 :

If there is any females who want to have fun tonight feel free to text me please be in the Wichita area my name is Vanessa 316-351-3154 I have a very skilled

09-22-2018 00:17:09

analuv :

QV’s can be a good option, in a few instances and I’m getting real creative for this one! Your expectations are that of WHAM, BAM, THANK YOU MA’AM”!!! I prefer that we have had prior time together. I don’t even like to offer QV for outcall. That is because you spend 2-3 x’s more time traveling than on you. I do find myself shocked if more is planned then a BJ. Now, I love to give BJ’s so I typically don’t mind, I just get frustrated when it’s BJ followed by 3 positions. I can walk out with whiplash from moving so fast!! We all need that quick release at times... and I’m always wet, so.... BRING IT!! Lol!! Total ramble.. luv, Ana

09-21-2018 00:52:46

blue310 :

I hate quikies lol

09-21-2018 00:11:05

mntraveller :

I love head. I think this makes for a really nice quick visit. Especially if you get a girl that really gets into it.

09-20-2018 21:15:08

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