Quick Tips for the First Time Escort Customer

Oct 21, 2014
A few tips for those just getting into the hobby

    Escorts don't sell sex.
    Escorts offer themselves as company.
    Escorts don't talk about sex and neither should you!
    Leave the money on the dresser or coffee table in plain view.
    Again, don't talk about sex.
    Have your ID available if the Provider wishes to see it.

Privacy vs. Verification

You need to have anonymous email accounts for the internet. You can use aliases to protect your anonymity, but eventually you will need to allow the escort to verify who you are. If an escort cannot determine that you are not a vice cop or something, you are leaving it up to them to not see you, or take a chance on meeting an undesirable client. Show her some trust and respect, she is taking as much a risk as you are.

This just makes everything more expensive, and less pleasant. If your escort never has to deal with no-shows, undercover police, bad apples of any kind, then she/he will provide you a better service, and will be less expensive for you as well.

Tips for Escort Etiquette

In order to enjoy the services of a female escort, you need to learn how to discuss her adult services correctly. In order to discuss anything intelligently, you need knowledge. Escorts do not sell sex! As a matter of fact, you can pretty much insure yourself a really bad experience with any escort if you ask her how much it would cost to have sex with you.

Escorts are like any other woman, if you are nice, clean, respectful, polite, and fun to be with, she will probably like you enough to consider getting closer to you. But you have to do your part first. If you walk into this with any expectations, you'll only disappoint and frustrate yourself.

Leave the donation for her time on the dresser. All escorts will tell you what they expect in pay, before they get there. Don't make the escort ask you for money. You'll only look like an amateur or a schmuck trying to rip her off!


Don't talk about sex! Period!

Have your ID available, if asked, for the escort to examine if she/he chooses. If you don't trust your escort enough to see your ID, then you need to look elsewhere for companionship. Escorts will be so much more comfortable with you and you will have a better experience if you follow this advice.

Lastly, don't be mean or rude to her, don't be high on drugs, don't be drunk, don't try to rip her off or "short" the donation envelope. If you treat her badly in anyway, not only won't she ever see you again, she may put you on a bad client list type web site that warns other escorts about you like NationalBlacklist. Then other escorts won't see you because you've been blacklisted.

So, just think of her like any other date and have fun and be cool.


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rachelrene :

Ask her what her rates are for her time

02-02-2017 08:51:40

elwin4 :

To be honest, don't see her because she isn't upfront. Ask her to meet for a coffee or tell her you will hand her a note at the door with stuff you expect and she can give you her fee at the door before you come in. Seriously, if a girl has an issue with telling you beforehand then what's the difference of "in person" or on the phone? If she's worried about cops then that's her problem. If you go into a girls room not knowing the price you are asking for trouble. Bear in mind so many are fakes and so many rush you along which do a lousy service, you're better off staying with girls who are known and reviewed. You might hit a gem or not. I have had some that were pretty cool but everyone was at least upfront with their prices. Seems stupid to put a guy in those shoes and not bringing enough with him. What a waste of time.

02-02-2017 03:36:34

nothintolose :

When a provider does not list their "appointment fee" in their ad, what is the best way to broach that subject? I am admittedly a newbie to this hobby. I dont want to set an appointment without knowing the entry fee, first. The ads always seem to say, "no discussions about appointment over the phone". I don't want to have or cause any issues or suspicions, but I do want to know what to budget for! How do I ask before setting the appointment?

01-31-2017 11:24:08

leeza :

Fun and laid back

01-30-2017 20:48:35

jryd :

Lots of quality girls have only worked out of one location. So looking for multiple city ads aren't much of an indicator. It could easily be a girl moving around to avoid a very bad reputation. Just a thought.

06-16-2015 10:55:00

jryd :

Get a Google voice account. You get a number will forward both texts and calls to your personal number. And you can control when it does so no troublesome calls at the dinner table or at the movies. Or use the voice appreciate so nothing to find in you text history. Giving out your personal number is one of those things in the VERY BAD category. Just by texting a girl you have done it.

06-16-2015 10:52:43

mstekh :

Look for chicks with a histrty of a least s couple months-years of posts with same number. Also look for chicks that have adds in multiple states. I figure that makes it less likely to be LE. Goong to real escort agencies is probably safest. Also finding vetted providers from forums like USA sex guide is a good idea. When you get there walk up and play with her pussy. A LEO wont let you do that, though a lot ofbproviders might not feel comfortable with it either. Also never mention sex for money and place the payment in an envelop then set the envelope and set the envelope on a dresser without referencing it. Not at all fool proof but it's worked so far.

06-15-2015 22:31:10

fillmore66109 :

Mopar has a good question

06-13-2015 23:13:02

sighsmatters :

This advice is so very true. Treat them with respect and your experience will be so much more enjoyable.

05-11-2015 18:16:37

br4507 :

I always treat all persons with respect. After all you have contacted them and not the other way around. Treat her like you wish to be treated. This has always worked for me and I haven't had a bad experience, ever.

05-02-2015 09:15:27

moparman696 :

How can I be sure she's not LE??

04-24-2015 01:47:17

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