Stealthing...Is it becoming a thing?

Apr 28, 2017

Currently a myriad of articles have popped up on the daily news feeds about a new dangerous sexual act called “stealthing.”  If you don't know what stealthing is, Urban Dictionary defines “stealthing” as follows:


-Taking off the condom during sex without the bottom knowing and then proceeding to cum inside.-


Pretty simple concept right? Well, apparently more and more guys are deciding halfway through the coital act that the rubber is better when it is not on the penis.  Of course the guy is still penetrating the woman uncovered who is none the wiser on what is currently happening.  For all she knows, the condom is still on, but when the climax comes, his seed is being injected into her.


This seems to be a fairly new thing, as the aforementioned definition for stealthing was posted only a year away. In fact, Microsoft Word doesn't recognize the word at all.  An article by the NY Post pointed to a man in Lausanne, Switzerland who was convicted of rape after he stealthed.  It was described as the first for Switzerland, where the court having ruled that the woman would have not consented to the sexual act if she knew the man would not be wearing a condom or removing it mid-act.  So, governing bodies are starting to look at this act and taking action accordingly.


There also seems to be an entire online community for these “stealthers” and that cases of people calling rape crisis hotlines after being stealthed has been on the rise.  Besides the partner unknowingly having sex without a condom, we have not even touched upon the dangers for both parties involved.  STD transmissions is the biggest and most prevalent danger, but unwanted pregnancies is also a potential downside.


Is this something that happens in the escort industry?  Seems like it would add an additional element of danger.


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mike3267 :

I think the guys doing it are fucking stupid

06-04-2017 20:23:42

playdates :

It must be new in the past century because we didn't have condoms before. That's just a horrible thing to do to someone. There has to be trust to enjoy the pleasure. I have had condoms break or come off inside as one women said not only do I feel a huge difference and stop immediately to correct the situation, also every woman I've been with can feel the difference. It must be an intoxicated couple IDK I'm surprised the women don't feel the difference immediately. Even so that's a super f'd thing to do intentionally and to continue having sex knowing is just as bad. I've been with several women who when we switch positions reach down like they're rubbing their clit they feel my cock with their finger tips as I trust and check for the condom being on. I'm not trying to justify anyone who would do this I'm just hoping women will do things to stop it ASAP before they get creampied. I know it's not fair and that's the advantages of a trusting relationship. Peace

05-23-2017 10:18:43

formyfriendsagain :

I'll do a PSA and list some signs that indicate a person might have an STD. It's not foolproof because many people that have an std might not be showing clinical symptoms and they might not know they have it . Be safe, always look. I'll write a list when I arrive at my office. I'm a doctor. Take care

05-18-2017 03:12:01

innocentangelboy :

I'm so thankful that all my clients know I keep a loaded shotgun in the bedroom beside our play room. They'd never try any of that shit with me. >.>

05-09-2017 09:45:25

desireemcbride :

Yes it does. I always check. I love doggy style but it ducks because I have to trust the guy..

05-06-2017 18:03:15

bigr23 :

I heard about this, only a true asshole would pull a stunt like that.

05-04-2017 22:44:06

linalin :

This happened to me in the last year and when I confronted the guy, he SWORE it wasn't on purpose. But I found the condom on the bed instead of inside me (which is pretty much the only place it can be if it was truly an accidental slip-off during intercourse.) Fortunately my tests came out clean and I NEVER responded to another message from this man again. And of course I blacklisted him. It is one of the worst ways a hobbyist can betray the trust of a provider so if someone decides it is still "worth it" to do it anyway and thinks that we are too stupid to know what really happened in the end, then that just proves he is a bad person to the core and makes him even more deserving of being blacklisted.

05-04-2017 00:05:06

flora.steffani :

YIKES! Should we start using female condoms then?

05-03-2017 19:28:32

nikki2094 :

Caught someone trying to do this... I blacklisted him. He is dangerous.

05-03-2017 14:25:54

larrylove40 :

Absolutely disgusting! If she didn't agree to remove it do t do it simple as that. There are a lot of guys into some things that I run from. Don't put the rest of us at risk for there perverted fantasy. Anyway I think it does happen in the industry but the lady's would really have to comment on that. All I know is. I cover always!

05-02-2017 08:51:57

econtheory101 :

There's a slightly different, but conceptually similar, porn genre.. "creampie surprise" in which both performers know upfront that a condom will not be used, but the female performer is expecting the male performer to pull out, and he intentionally fails to do so. Just as evil? More evil? Less evil? (assuming the scene isn't staged, which it may well be..) Does that type of porn encourage stealthing?

04-29-2017 22:10:00

lauralovelace :

I had this happen to me, and I still feel violated and have some emotions come up when talking about it. Client whispered in my earwhile fucking me doggystyle, that he removed the condom and he was about to shoot his cum inside me. I couldn't get away before he had done it. I left feeling like a victim of sexual assault and couldn't even report it to authorities. Thankfully, I am still free of anything but the memory and did not get any long term physical ilness.

04-29-2017 16:18:57

y0j1mb0 :

This sort of shit ruins escorting not only for the escorts (for obvious reasons) but for clients as well. If an escort is worrying about "stealthing" while doing her job she's going to be distracted, leading to an unsatisfying experience. And clients who don't respect an escort and her rules are assholes.

04-29-2017 14:22:09

1947knuckle :

WTF????? I never heard about it, but that shit sounds pretty crazy. I would never do that to someone, but I guess some people get a rush out of it.

04-28-2017 21:11:30

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