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Jul 25, 2016
If you have ever been on before and looked for an escort, you know that it's mostly a hit or miss situation. There is for those who are looking for more of a sure thing...You pay for what you get. If you want to spend $500/hour on a girl, this is the place to go. If you are looking for some excitement and willing to deal with the repercussions of a deal gone bad, then is for you. Not everyone can afford a $500/hour a girl...That's why EM was started. Was sick of hearing my friends tell me that they were ripped off. The common story would be...I saw this hot girl on, booked her..spent some time getting ready..going to the bank to get the cash..smelled nice and fresh..then met the girl at an outcall location. Once there, the girl normally makes an excuse "hey I gotta go to my car real fast" and darts off with the cash. This is the best case scenario..worse scenarios include, I am in the session and some pimp jumps out of a closet with a camera extorting me for money, or I am in the session and a pimp pulls a gun on me and tells me to give me my wallet and get out. These types of situations can/should be avoided.

The easiest way to avoid these situations is probably not to monger at all. But hey, that wouldn't be too fun right? So the next best option is to get a referral from a friend. But how many of YOUR friends are going to openly say.."yeah I banged a hot blonde last's her phone number and back page ad..maybe we can become eskimo brothers?" So the next best way is to read the reviews here on EM. The goal of EM is to be the most comprehensive, 100% free site for escort reviews. To insure the safety of all or our members and to elevate the entire escort game in the world. If a girl doesn't have a review, you are taking a chance...Just make sure to always have you phone with you and on speed dial just in case a situation occurs. Girl invites you to a shady looking Motel 6 for $150/hour? Probably want to pass...If it's a private residence it's a bit harder to be discerning. If you are seeing a "hot, young" girl for the first time and there are no reviews, it's probably better to pay her a visit during the day than at night. At least the first time... This brings me to my next post...How do the Escorts feel about this? They are the ones inherently threatened by unknown johns on a daily basis. Their occupation is probably 100x worse than any other one out there. Closed legs don't get fed...

An interesting thing I noticed over the past 3 months on was an increase in the number of Escorts who weren't interested in seeing AA (African-American) clients. Is their money not the same as of people of other colors?  Besides the normal adages that AA men have longer schlongs (hence, would be more painful -- probably some truth in this) and that they are cheap and will rob them (definitely no truth in this)...what other reasons could be out there for the escorts our there not accepting black men?

One poster on another site had a good point. Maybe the pimps are the ones that are placing the back page ads for the they don't want their girls to be swayed and pimped away to a competitor. This actually makes alot of sense to me. I think physically these girls could careless what is being placed inside of them. They have seen Asian guys with 9 inch cocks and White guys with 2 inch dongs. The only thing of matter to them is their personal safety and the amount of the transaction. Maybe our African American brothers can chime in on this? Have you ever been openly discriminated against by a backpage girl? I know some Korean providers over at the AMP scene won't see Korean men. They are afraid that Korean men would demolish their vaginas with their tremendous tools....or maybe that they will see know them from church (probably the more reasonable explanation). 

Let's try to keep an open mind girls about who we see as clients. Just like you shouldn't judge a book by it's cover, you shouldn't just judge a john by his color...Hope everyone is having a safe summer.
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brooklynmadison :

I do not mind seeing black men but I screen everybody the same and don't usually date anyone under 25 but there has been a few 24 year olds to pass my test. I have heard girls talk about not seeing black guys cause 1. the pimp said so 2. dick is too big 3. this last one is ridiculous but I heard someone say it lol..... Higher risk of HIV/AIDS

03-23-2017 23:11:51

markedward :

Can ya find me a sexy ass asian?

10-15-2016 21:55:29

markedward :

Look the truth is rather simple folks..I spoke w many good looking white providers and they ask said the same thing..they just don't find black guys appealing period. You would think money is the bottom line but each girl I talked with, only 6 girls, said they just find black guys repulsive on top of the prospect of getting raped. Deal with that fact ppl and stop the political correctness of criticizing these girls who simply find aa mean unappealing....I guess it's their loss in the end. Plenty of smokn hot black girls out there.

10-15-2016 21:53:32

leahd :

A friend (also a provider) and I always have this conversation. She doesn't see black men. I do. We are both black. She says she has had bad experiences with them as far as being too aggressive, being cheap,etc...I have never had any issues. I say she needs to screen better. I may turn away a guy because of his dismeanor over the phone. But never bc of race.

09-24-2016 03:39:42

mistymorrison :

I've got news for you, all races have thugs, thieves, con-artists, and rapists. I've been bamboozled by wealthy, white-collar CEO's, whom get too coked up, to pay me in full, at the end of a session. (unbeknownst to me; I've never done drugs or drank ever. ), so now I ask for the donation upfront, and as tacky as it may be, I also count it in front of them. I'm speaking of previously regular customers too, whom I've given a second chance, and rarely do they make good on the short-change. I just block them! All of them! I would say I have in my phone a balance of jerks, users, and abusers; White, Mexican, Asian, East Indian, Black, and "other". The key here is to reference check, check, double check and triple check! I do not see newbies ever. Nor others without a minimum of three verifiable references, and sometimes I ask for more if I feel uneasy, about whom has responded back, with regards to the Provider referral, if I've never heard of her before on local sites. xo Misty Morrison

09-20-2016 14:55:54

tzone6 :

On the same side of the coin, I've come across a provider that advertised NO WHITE MEN. That was a first. I asked her why, she expressed that she had been set up in numerous stings by undercover cops posing as potential clients that happened to be wHite.

09-11-2016 07:28:29

chance666 :

I know many escorts who will not see black men. I have never heard any of them say it's because of dick size. Most say they used to see black men but experience changed their willingness. I am told the majority of black men try to negotiate and are a PITA because they never stop. On their way. After arriving. During play. The asking for freebies and extra services and extra time never ends until they leave. Even if they stop with the bargaining, when times up, they push the clock. Not some. But most push and push. The women get infuriated, scared and feel violated. They did their job, now this prick is going to steal some time and treats over the limit. Most have actual experience of victimization by black men at an undeniably predictable rate which causes their willingness to change to No AA. Victims of rape, often having trouble collecting payment, getting short paid, having phones, donations, purses stolen, being forced, coerced even kidnapped into a pimp's profit whore. I heard two different women call it being pimple-ized. There is actually a name for it it happens so often. I look at it this way. I have been a victim of crime once. I had 3 near victim crimes. All black perps. I know escorts who have had similar evidence of black criminals versus white. To say they are ignorant racists by excluding an entire race is ignoring the evidence. You can SAY white men are serial killers, which is statistically true. So definitely watch out. But no serial killer has been trying to kill the escorts I know but if they do, they won't haveany problems putting No WM in their ads. These women made an intellectual decision not to service black men. Not an emotional decision. They are willing to miss out on meeting handsome, loaded, polite black men because there haven't been enough of those type black men knocking on their door. Instead, WAY more of the bargain hunting, sagging pant wearing, thug proud and loud, pushing the limits of her rules, preferences, and agreed upon limits mixed with the occasional thief, rapist, or kidnap pimp have shown up and given her a bad night or worse. The question is why so few good ones come to the door? Does it accurately represent the black male population? Come to think of it, many of the escorts I know date men of all types. Black included. To say they are racists is knee-jerk emotionalism not open minded thought. One escort said she said no AA in her ad but would see an English, French, or African black man no problem. But no AA. American black men. So what? That girl isn't racist she's nationalist? Judging a person simply by the words in their passport is...worth investigating. It's personal experience folks. It's statistics. If you had the experience of having an open bed, screening as carefully as possible, (these girls aren't PI's and screening, reverse look up etc sites aren't cheap), and you had drama, trouble, pain and theft then used any one measurement to screen which was free and "black and white" and lost a large amount of all that crap - you would put No AA in your ad too. Don't think it's just southern white girls who have started putting No AA. It's northern, eastern, western, white, black, Asian. It's a thing folks. All over. I have no clue what to do to fix it. I haven't read a single solution from anyone else either so I guess it's gonna continue for a while yet

09-09-2016 17:25:34

jdraugho76 :

I was offended when I first saw no "AA". Honestly I still am but figure if they want to lose out on this professional "AA". With good looks, a cordial attitude and respectful. There loss and I dont call. After seeing a young lady a few times fairly new to the business. I returned to her and she was of course happy to see me but shared she may stop seeing new "AA" clients. I asked why and she said a few days ago she was robbed but luckily not sexualy assaulted by two young "AA" men. This pissed me off because that's when I realized that's more than likely what all this no "AA" stuff is coming from. Then another newer thing within post is women not seeing "AAs" under less say 40. With all this being said I believe it's my young "AA" brothers. I hate to say it but many are giving a whole race a bad rep and its some "BS". My advice to lady's is do a better job screening. Ask a few questions and if he gives you a bad vibe don't see him. Don't lump the hard working respectful "AA" with I hate to say it. The ones who can't hold a conversation in proper English. One more thing. ONCE, I did call a beautiful Latina and she asked was I "AA". I said yes but I guess because of how I spoke she agreed to see me. Long story short. She was happy that she saw me and hopefully I showed that all of us "AA" were not trouble makers. Gents treat them right.

09-08-2016 18:33:00

sexyred17 :

There a great cheap escort in Fredericksburg her number is 2247578144

09-05-2016 11:13:12

elwin4 :

The escort I see won't do reverse cg on me because of my size but I'm not offended. If I want reverse cg I'll see another escort but the one I see is just too good to pass up. Don't think color is the issue but I think it's cock size discrimination. Lol! Thought I'd get a cock reduction just to get that RCG! Just joking.

09-02-2016 21:29:41

salmavalentina :

What you say about Backpage is simply untrue. In many areas BP is the only game at all because Eros has no ads in that area, and BTW Backpage is MUCH more EXPENSIVE to advertise than all the other sites, daily, its 5.00 per hour to 22.00 per hour, to be visible. Imagine that? its very expensive! I have no idea why it says FREE , because if you post free you are invisible. I am on all the sites eros cv and p411 and bp, doesn't say Im any kind of low life---not at all

09-01-2016 12:03:13

kuroisan :

@nopastryplease Now that was a racist comment. Or at the very least a distasteful one. If you have nothing good to contribute mate, I suggest you crawl back into the stinkhole you came from.

09-01-2016 04:42:38

kuroisan :

I am dark skinned, and African American in the same way as Charlize Theron. I am new to the hobby. I only book independents. I have been with ladies of various races and shades of skin. I love women, period. What they look like or how old they are matters little to me, so long as they take good care of themselves, and their surroundings. How a lady keeps her place can tell me far more about her, than my skin color would tell her about me. The way I see it, I am the selector. I'm cautious, but nice and considerate to all, and know how to treat a lady well or bail out if I see behavior I cannot condone. I know there are a lot of jerks also, of all stripes and colors. So if a lady figures that my skin color makes me a jerk, she can find herself a real one with a different color, not my loss, not my problem.

09-01-2016 04:29:41

teri :

I do FBSM only and of course read ads of other providers in my area. I am shocked by the number who say no AA. In all honesty, I love that there are stupid racist women... More business for me:) Funny, I have had issues with a few clients and NONE were AA! So here is my take guys: if some provider is so ignorant as to ban an entire race, MOVE ON! There are plenty of intelligent good providers who only care about your level of respect for them- certainly not the color of your skin or stereo types! PS- I have a good friend who is an AA provider (I'm white btw) and I asked her to explain the discrimination against AA men (I originally thought it was the size thing; escorts not wanting to get stretched out lol. But FBSM girls don't have to worry about that.). Anyway, she explained that black men have the reputation of being "thugs." My only thought was "yeah and white guys are serial killers." Wasn't the Craig's List killer white? In summation, don't sweat the small minded ingnorance of trashy providers who discriminate! :)

08-31-2016 23:23:24

elwin4 :

Being this IS an escort service, sex is NOT a legal paid service. If she chooses to only do conversation or a back rub then that is what you're getting because any sex is purely consensual. This is like a topic concerning being with a person of the same sex. Some escorts offer that service just like some women do Greek and others don't. It's purely what one caters to. Folks get offended if they're not accepted, but if it's not the girl's thing then go to another source. If you are going to the law to make a girl have sex with you then I think only the rights of the client are being considered and I believe it's no longer consensual it borders on forced sex. As a white male, legally or physically forcing myself on an escort IS rape! Not cool!

08-26-2016 22:09:43

deliciousmeat :

I love this topic and I have started a post about this on night shift as well. I am so damn sick and tired of the AA hate and discrimination. Not all of us AA men are thugs, pimps, low ballers, have long dicks, and rapist. There are plenty of black men like myself who are professional, kind, compassionate, fun, loving, gentle, and not cheap. So this BS about eliminating an entire race because of a couple of bad experiences is straight trash. So as me being a black man had an experience with a couple of white girls as far as having bad breath and a bad attitude and the worst having stank pussy say I will never again date white women? No because there are still a bunch of white girls that are clean and professional. I understand that girls can pick who they want to pick and it's their body but no matter what if you are doing services for a fee it's a business transaction and since you are doing business it's racial discrimination!! If girls can't get that through their heads and do better screening then maybe they need to stop selling pussy and find another way to get money. I even seen something on the internet that some guy in the ATL went to see a girl that was on backpage and when she opened the door told him that she don't see AA men this dude sued for violating his civil rights for not doing business with him because of the color off his skin and he won. So ladies please stop this no AA discrimination and just do better screening to weed out the bad AA men so us good ones can get some entertainment!!!!

08-19-2016 08:43:05

mycaptain :

I've always wondered about this as well. In my area even most black ladies will advertise "no AA". Some reasons I've heard as to why : 1 - too much hassle. Black guys agree to one price (say $100 for half hour) but often show up and say they they only have $40. Or they agree to bj on phone but after they arrive they want a bj and anal for same $$. 2 - older white clients prefer to see girls who don't see AA men. 3 - Two girls said they were robbed and raped by AA men. For them the average AA customer is just more dangerous.

08-17-2016 12:04:31

mp67 :

I agree it's up to the lady to decide whom she will see. That's what screening is for. Same ex, had a guy ask her for a date. Sent her a pic of his 'appendage' and she said hell no, politely, cuz she's a little old white lady and this guy was a black dude with Godzilla's tail in between his legs. But the thing is, black guys aren't the only one with huge dicks. And like I said earlier, many black guys admit they're not endowed. I know a couple Jewish guys. One I call 'tripod' cuz he has a big dick and the other not so much. I know this cuz I've seen the former from a pic of his in this girl's mouth and the latter in person when we doubled on his 'wife'. It's just the luck of the draw. And even then it's not always appreciated to have a huge dick. Just like us guys. We like what we like. The lady has the same ideal and can see whom she wants. It's sad that this 'culture' that most people don't, or won't, understand still has bias' when we like to think we're opened-minded when in fact it's still the same ol' song and dance. The only difference is there's a donation involved. We still have conceptions of whom we want to spend our time and money with. For instance. I made a date for next weekend with a girl less than half my age. I've seen her pix but she hasn't a clue what I look like. She didn't ask, and I didn't offer. But I would in a heartbeat if she asked.

08-12-2016 21:04:37

elwin4 :

Don't forget one thing, if she doesn't want a black person then it's her frigg'n business. She is sharing her body and has every right under the sun to pick and choose. It's not like there is going to be a break in civil law here. Everyone seems to think it's some rule you have to accept everybody. That's in a nicey nicey world. Discussing this stuff like we need to analyze why an escort should be accepting is only placing ourselves as a client into her shoes. It's not our choice or our place, it's hers. We label people as bigots because they're not accepting like we are.

08-12-2016 13:03:16

mp67 :

I know it's bullshit. No race has a 'distinction' of having a bigger dick, or robbing, or pimping, or anything that was brought up. Scumbags don't know color and there are just as many white, yellow, red, polka dot or whatever guys with big dicks than black guys. Look. I dated a provider for a while. Older and very opinionated. Said all black guys have huge dicks which I told her wasn't true because even they admit they don't. Hated their 'smell' and that of 'Persians' (Middle Eastern guys) cuz they smelled like curry. That's ironic cuz she gave me a recipe of dish that she made for me that uses curry powder... My point is, we get the wrong perceptions sometimes from bigots and people that over all are closed minded. That's why we review. And it's up to the ladies to do it right if they want to do this at all. It's damn good money for the ladies, and it's all green if we all do our due diligence.

08-11-2016 20:16:09

lexuslove49 :

Hola ;) I'm lexus love 24yrs old clean drama disease and drug free new to this site been working as a provider for 6years , I had experiences with a few aa men so when I post I set rules because if not the aa men in Toledo can be tricky and dangerous , I've been given fake donations , robbed, and low balled , one even tried to rape me ! So I like to see previous clients or older men especially aa men... So its not a racism thing with me I just have had bad experiences in the past and recently. But goodbye for now feel free to message me for appointment details -kisses -lwxuslove

08-10-2016 16:20:48

sippiboi601 :

I've talk to a provider that use to have a pimp, she told me that it was the pimps, long dicks, how long black guys like to fuck, sore pussies after fucking blacks since we do like it rough, black guys sell dreams and girls quit working, and self a dislike for the race, but they have been rob by one although I'm sure other guys have robbed them also.

08-07-2016 03:54:09

huggybare :

It's an interesting topic... I have been dealing with escorts for 2 years now. And in Massachusetts you get one of two things: No AA or No AA under 35. I actually took a date with a provider who had this "No AA under 35" policy. I could tell she was skeptical at first, but once I gave her her donation with a cherry on top and she seemed at ease. The weird thing was when we were having sex she kept screaming "I love black cock!" I'm sure what she really loved was my money though. But I think each provider that does this is based on their own experience. All I can do is show them the uttermost respect during my time with them. Sure we are paying them for sex, but we still have to remember they are human beings as well. Maybe her sharing the experience she had with me, to other provider, opens the doors for another provider to be openminded down the road when a Black Male calls her in the future

08-04-2016 21:47:02

nopastryplease :

If any of them spent HALF the effort they do hustling on say..... a free PELL GRANT and subsequent education, they may someday be worthy of the respect they are not getting.

08-03-2016 22:44:54

pinkeaterher :

I hope this side help me tell you later

08-03-2016 19:23:13

88lebanon :

Yea I heard from a provider that they don't want to run into pimps...and another said the black guys are on bs ...I assume it's a money issue but who knows...and yea I heard that some don't like big tools...but other races can be packing as well and does that mean they are gonna get a so so experience with the girl once she sees a non black guy packing? Not sure...but then again some girls have a phobia and dislike for blacks period..everyone is different

08-02-2016 20:23:23

fallen__angel :

There are some (not many) providers that don't see women. I don't lose any sleep over it. I figure that it's her loss and I just move on to the next one. You can psychoanalyze why some providers won't see certain races or genders or ages or whatever....but the bottom line is - who cares? Just keep searching and eventually everybody finds someone. Life's too short to get wrapped so tightly around the axle about stuff like this.

07-31-2016 19:56:07

boogz :

Honestly I've been security at one point for a few girls and I was just starting out with the whole escort thing. So I didn't know it was to come or what to expect and I had to learn the process. Anywho I think the real reason and one of the main reasons that most women put in LA which means no African American men because the only times I've even ever seen an escort be robbed or almost raped is by black men. Also while listening to these women screen phone calls to set up the date they have problems with every race usually with the rate / however many minutes, but honestly more African American men try to lowball which means more play For Less pay. So the best answer to it all it's just eliminate the problem from its source which is the ad. Kind of like when you get a lot of people calling for outcall but you only do incall then it's time to put in your ass incall only. It's all a process of trial and error and these girls answer a lot of calls a day so I believe they know what they're talking about if anything how about all these John's start paying the girls actual asking rate try out the escort for the first time then after that if you weren't pleased then anytime after the first time ask for a discount or a special rate. Don't just ask for a special rate or discount right off the bat I'm not racist nor am I discriminator of any race I'm just simply keeping it 100.

07-30-2016 10:05:14

slowmotion68 :

Well said not every black man is a criminal. You have a lot that are and give them all a bad name but I know for a fact that the other colors will rob and beat women quicker than black men. I'm confused as to not all black men are cheap or dirty. I have the appearance of a black man but I'm not I'm other and hope that some of these women look past my color and be willing to take my money.

07-27-2016 13:04:40

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