The Size of Your Ship

Aug 21, 2018

You know the old saying, it’s almost a cliché by now: It’s not the size of the ship, it’s the motion of the ocean. We’re talking about penis size, of course, and how apparently it’s more important to have a fat buddy that you can use properly, than a long john that you just show off and flaunt around.


A recent survey I've read states that at least 70% of the women they polled (and they claimed to have polled a LOT of women) prefer men with higher girth on their dicks than higher length, as the G spot for women isn’t located deep inside the vagina, but rather around the upper part of the vulva and on the clitoris.


How does this bode for guys with average sized dicks like me? Well, the survey also found that women prefer a partner who gives her a good foreplay session to get her motions going and that with the right motions even a small prick can feel like a filling chode…


So there you have it, what do all my big dick Erotic Monkey bros think about this? Any lady wanna add into what the surveyed women said?



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jayjay0585 :

Grower not a shower, but I also read 7” long at full mass with 61/4” width is most favorable but they like to look at big as a guy does with big tits but I fall in those measurements

09-15-2018 16:19:07

snjgentleman :

I"ve had several ladies ask me to stop .

09-11-2018 20:25:39

thenwkiatgeemale :

I used to think I suffered from “The Irish Curse” but 3 providers have now made me believe otherwise Im good with the world now

09-09-2018 07:46:09

rex12989 :

My shit nice and thick like 7 inch both thick as fuck

09-07-2018 23:00:39

johnhwd :

I’m tired of my large dick being an “issue” with providers. Especially the younger ones. I stroke gently when needed. But to pay premium prices and be told I can only have one position or hear a protest doing *anything* has got me shaking my head. No pun intended.

09-06-2018 07:01:45

bunnyhabit :

i agree to a point fattness gives best pleasure if length exceeds five inches. short strokes diminish pleasure somewhat

09-05-2018 19:04:55

bbkpop :

Definitely girth matters because it rubs against the gspot more, you can try different positions where it angles your jr at her gspot.

09-03-2018 11:05:40

newguy74108 :

Let's use common sense here. If you can make a girl cum with your finger, most dicks can do the job. It's a combination of how well you vibe, pay attention to how she responds to certain positions. And most of all, Keppra a good rhythm! No chick can concentrate on an orgasm if you're starting and stopping like you're having fucking convulsions! Lol! I've known several ladies in the hobby and every single one of them at the same thing. As long as it's not a micropenis, it can work. They all have told me that they've had guys of all sizes and they all say the guys with average penis sizes that know what they are doing make them cum harder then porn dicks. Just because you have a big dick doesn't automatically mean you're good in bed.

09-02-2018 20:38:22

rajh03 :

This is the equivalent of ugly people saying that looks shouldn't matter, its what's on the inside that counts. Size matters!

08-31-2018 07:05:23

missmusthave :

I'd like to add this...I honestly love hard inter course.. However if I could have it my way and just have a man just play with m all day I would take that over the intercourse any day. .

08-29-2018 03:15:37

jefft103 :

i am average length (about 7 1/4) but really wide (6.2" girth). Regular condoms cut off the circulation and don't lead to a very satisfying experience. I broke a few Trojan Bareskins. Lambskins don't protect against STDs and smell bad. I finally found one that appears to fit, Kimono Maxx. I have had a few experiences with ladies that are tight where I just didn't fit.

08-27-2018 19:27:49

pabloplyr :

I agree with mark 100%. There are providers I have come across that actually told me I was too big and was hurting them if they could jerk me off. It doesnt help when some of the girls dont get warmed up with foreplay as they want you to cum as fast as possible, but it is what it is. For this reason I prefer bigger girls when hunting. I feel like they can take more dick, It's my opinion, i may be wrong. The first time I whipped out my dick to my GF (small and petite), she actually told me nope, no way thats going inside me. It took a while but it did go in.

08-27-2018 07:12:47

markssmrk :

Size matters in both directions. A lot of chicks are interested in a big dick until they come face to face with a legit one and then realize the too big is a thing. In a relationship a woman can reasonably enjoy any size. In the hobby a large number of girls aren’t interested in being wrecked multiple times a day by a thick 8-9 incher. In the hobby being bigger can be a detriment for this very reason.

08-26-2018 07:31:30

shadowman3763 :

Im 8 plus and thick. Having said that my oral game is what rocks the ladies. I devour them and only after leaving them shaking do I fill them then paying strick attention to thier responses bringing out the last pleasure they have inside

08-24-2018 22:41:37

boobsman100 :

Size does matter.NO more talk.

08-24-2018 07:09:26

dirtyass :

Im one size fits all up in ya. Makn you feel like a woman i adore.

08-23-2018 23:41:01

delightfultiffany15 :

Hello, actually the size doesn't matter to me, its all about the motion baby

08-23-2018 20:12:55

sxyjanae :

I agree, as long as you know how to work it properly Size Doesn't Matter. It's all about the foreplay... 281 894 1409

08-23-2018 20:06:08

fatbootybaby :

Im available now

08-22-2018 11:51:37

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