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Sep 15, 2017
Some of you may have noticed that the site experienced some ups and downs over the past week. Most users were either unable to access the site or saw a "Site down for maintenance" notice. Unfortunately, we had a key issue that had to be handled, and it is taken us a little longer than we liked to fix the issue. The good news is that the site should be back and be running smoothly after a few more small tweaks. For most everything on the site should be working properly now. If you are still experiencing any issues, please let us know and we'll look into them ASAP. You may contact us at

We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience the downtime caused, and we're planning on making some modifications to our infrastructure to try to avoid similar downtime in the future, or at the very least, minimize the amount of time necessary to recover from any issues we may have. Our top priority has always been to make sure the site stays up and loads as quickly as possible so that we can ensure you have the best experience.  We will do our best to ensure that such downtime happens as rarely as possible.

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oldranger1948 :

See that sod functions do not work Also just reviews a 4ft 11 inch Asain and the choices do not go anywhere near that short Also she is listed as D cup and is DDD withmanamdes andI am unalbke to edit my error in not calling out manmades Also name is carried as Exotic Lily which is a name she has not used in years and although this site has her recent Eros pictures does not carry her new name I just wrote her first review her and do tonthe name none of her RRR ( over 100) show up here

04-20-2018 04:29:03

redz728 :

Lady's help me out how does it work

10-25-2017 00:47:11

tiffanybae2 :

A lot of these profiles are made by someone else until you claim it

10-23-2017 09:29:42

dirtyg2015 :

Could someone please tell me or the escorts able to take someone’s username and post a fake made up review about themselves ?

10-16-2017 13:41:47

heavensdoor :

What does it mean when it says review is pending

10-15-2017 15:26:43

mrmoney2017 :

When posting escort does not allow to select a city AFTER I select the state,tried selecting a different state and same thing only option o can chose is the "select city" as no city's show up. Please fix asap so users are able to post!!! Thank you and have a wonderful weekend:)

10-13-2017 18:12:10

one4all98 :

I don't see prices listings with review not even a menu. Women get upset when u asked.i see also women self reviewing n using their username. Or men viciously bashing provider

10-08-2017 11:48:26

curiousgeorge54 :

Hey guys , not every girl is 18- to 24 , add min 5 years - 23 to 29 for many , and over 30 for most of the rest , unless they show you there drivers license just do not believe it.

10-02-2017 07:20:48

curiousgeorge54 :

Why isn't pricing listed at part of the set up? , for the different services and time. Some of these ladies do not seem to perform or offer Full Service so need all the pricing info for information. This Site needs a lot of work and to allow reader feed back!

10-02-2017 07:07:08

kimmikatqt :

Having trouble editing my profile and adding pics

09-28-2017 23:50:49

dale49 :

I do not get updates

09-21-2017 05:09:28

sara24 :

Hello how's do I go about the steps of editing my profile if the site is under construction I am a new user and a new provider and as you can see my page is kind of boring any tips on how I can edit my profile while it's under construction., by the way I'm Dior.from Illinois

09-20-2017 21:20:24

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