Turning Her On!!

Oct 17, 2018

I was reading the other day that Men are microwaves and women are slow cookers.

With men, all you have to do is push a few buttons, and we're hotter than a habanero. But with women, it's an all-day process. You have to buy the ingredients, mix them together, and then put everything in the pot and let it simmer ... and simmer ... and simmer.

So, I thought it would be fun to figure out some ways to get her engines going.

  1. Buy Her something from VS
    A gift of lingerie is cliched, right? So twist it. Give it to her when you (seemingly) don't expect sex right then and there. Pass it under the table at a restaurant and ask her to go to the ladies' room and change into it. 


  1. Whisper into Her Ear
    In public, at a party, tell her what you want to do to her later: "Tonight, I'm going to make you have as many orgasms as possible


  1. Bear Fruit
    Chocolate syrup and whipped cream get all the kinky play in movies. Instead, turn her body into a juicer. "The best foods for sex are fruits that you can rub onto the body, such as soft mango or papaya. Then devour both her and the fruit." Get sticky, shower, repeat. 


  1. Give Her a Massage
    But make it interesting:
  • In hot weather, roll a chilled can of soda along the backs of her thighs. 
  • In cool weather, warm a towel in the microwave for 10 seconds and massage her with it. 
  • Season her belly with a little salt, and then slowly lick it off. Add tequila to taste.
  • Turn winter gloves inside out, put them on, and massage her with the soft side.
  1. Give Her Chills
    "Cold is sensed by more nerve endings than mere touch can reach, so you're expanding her range of response Do this: Chill a bunch of grapes for at least 20 minutes. Then trail a small sprig of them along her neck, nipples, and inner thighs. Nibble away. Now put a grape in your mouth and gently press it against her clitoris by holding it in your teeth or between your lips.


  1. Make a Bedroom Burrito
    Bondage is appealing for a good reason: It heightens the anticipation for the one who's receiving the pleasure. But anything with locks, Velcro, or ties can freak her out (me, too), so try this: While you're rolling around in bed, wrap her up in the sheet so she can't do anything with her arms (think burrito or straitjacket). Leave her head, shoulders, and lower legs uncovered. Now kiss every inch of exposed skin. It's simple, spontaneous, and soft-core.


  1. Blindfold Yourself
    Many women who are insecure about their bodies stick to the missionary position because you can't see their bodies that way. If you really can't see her because your eyes are covered, she'll do a lot more with you, to you, and for you.


  1. Do It in Public
    Or just pretend. Exhibitionism is a secret thrill for many women, but the threat of arrest deters them. So have sex standing up, with her near the bedroom window. It's easy to duck out of the way. If she's semi clothed, your neighbors will be none the wiser.


  1. Work the Angle
    Liberator Shapes velvet cushions create an "orgasm-optimum" 26-degree pelvic tilt, which means maximum contact between your body and her clitoris, and minimum demands for foreplay. Feel free to adjust the angle slightly—there's evidence that 27 degrees works as well.


  1. Get Bigger
    When you're on top, place her legs over your shoulders. This shortens her vaginal canal, so your penis feels bigger inside her.



Here are a couple of things I think are good, can't wait to see what you guys have to say.


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sexysashaluv :

Ha! Sounds about right

12-03-2018 19:31:37

malrock :

Sounds great, the bedroom burrito. .mmmmmm yes

11-28-2018 12:43:10

onlystardemarco :

Sensual massage does it for me babe.

11-26-2018 23:58:37

lada1 :

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11-22-2018 08:35:05

honey45566 :


11-22-2018 06:03:04

mr7man :

I love giving full body warm coconut oil massages to my partner. Letting my hands tease her inner thighs just grazing her lips, kissing the back of her neck, and licking my way from there on down to her ass. This just drives her crazy and gets her wet and ready for more and sometimes begs for it. I love watching her body twitch under my touches.

11-22-2018 02:53:21

missmozella69 :

@bigballs3 I like that concept

11-19-2018 11:11:18

bigballs3 :

Stuff a $100 dollar bill in her tweety and tell her you like cuming into money!!

11-15-2018 00:05:37

elwin4 :

Getting stuff off of her mind and making her feel heard along with a jovial attitude makes her feel wanted and comfortable. Touching her lightly and kissing her body then going down on her can speed things up. Just getting her off before you do is a step up to a selfless experience. The one I see always puts more into it because you put her first.

11-12-2018 00:55:18

luckyprince :

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11-11-2018 12:12:46

jonathancherry :

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11-10-2018 18:03:46

melanie4you :

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11-05-2018 15:24:03

melanie4you :

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11-05-2018 15:23:39

dre6549 :

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11-04-2018 04:45:40

dre6549 :

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11-04-2018 04:40:22

massagebym :

Got turned on in Atlanta when someone slid me a drink and a sexy suggestion. Call me! 7703367447

10-30-2018 07:38:48

iceman0186 :

Yes you are absolutely correct rozepetal! You just described me lol. all my male friends don't believe that making woman orgasm. They think I'm just talking it up but I do truly get so horny giving woman some of the best orgasms of there life. I take pride in making most women squirt. Now it's just finding a partner that truly feels that way lol. Idk if they even exist.. At least in my life . My past ex's were all very selfish n boring in bed... I'm tired of always having to do all the work all the time... Yes I enjoy but I'd love to see how it feels on the other side lol

10-29-2018 03:28:14

hornylambo :

I once dated a girl that got turned after a 32-oz of Jamba juice with some boost vitamins.

10-24-2018 16:56:47

delightfultiffany15 :

I believe I like all those ideas sounds kinky...My cookie went to jumping after reading that...Ms Tiffany out of Houston 346-233-0427

10-21-2018 15:03:39

moneykavegas :

Ohh I like these ideas. Im going to try the frozen grapes. Sounds exciting and yummy at the same time. My girl is going to love this. Thank you.

10-21-2018 10:50:37

rozepetal1111 :

All I know is I can't get into anything until I become aroused. When a man. Put s his own needs aside to satisfy his partner because that is more fun and exciting for him than his own orgasm you can feel the connection which makes any sexual experience that much better.

10-20-2018 14:33:23

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