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Jul 31, 2017
This piece is from one of our users Markus037 and was originally posted in the forums.  It underlies the advantages of being able to read about an encounter before you have an encounter.

well it happened, i was robbed this weekend while trying to meet a provider. i should have trusted my gut and passed on this one. Strike 1 was no reviews when searching for the number in the ad, ive done this before and quite frankly wound up regretting my experience without a reviewed provider, Strike 2 was not bailing since the address he gave me was in the fucking ghetto. I should have just turned around and went, but my curiousity got the best of me. Strike 3 was the provider giving me the wrong adress from the start. and noticing a very shady looking guy watching me from across the street of the wrong address.

Anyways, heres my story. I txted a provider ive been interested in since i saw a few ads from the same number for a while now. i figured it was ok. setup the time and appointment and was on my way. google maps showed some fucking dump but she said it was ok and 100% safe since "she" lived by herself. Being a dumbass i fell for it and proceded. She asked me not to park in front of the house which i didnt really see an issue. Since this may draw attention to the address and lots of providers like to remain discreet. I also figured since it was a home adress I was positive it wasnt a sting.

parked down the street from the adress i was given and noticed some fucking guy staring at me. this part of town is pretty shitty so i blew it off as some asshole waiting for this drug dealer or whatever. i got back in my car and parked almost right across the street from the fake address. took my money out and left my wallet and watch in the car. i always do this for the exact reason why im writing this post.

anyway i get out and tell her im on my way. she said the door is open. i walk to the door and its locked. lights are on but the door is locked. im not going to ring the doorbell so i texted and asked wtf is going on. she said she "typed" in the wrong adress by accident and it was a little further up the street. i look across the street and noticed that same fucking guy standing on the sidewalk looking at me. i should have gotten the fuck out of there right then and there but ignored anyway. i started walking down the street and my gut told me to just get the fuck out of there. but i proceeded on like an idiot.

got to the real address and noticed some fucking kid playing xbox in the living room. that was enough for me and turned around and started heading back to the car. all of a sudden some junkie scumbag runs out and cuts me off saying "PUT THE FUCKING MONEY ON THE GROUND". i stopped because he scared the shit out of me and noticed he was holding his belt. got in front of me and kept repeating himself. threw the $140 on the ground and then he told me to turn around. i sure as hell wasnt turning around for this asshole, and could see my car about 100 feet away. kept eye contact with the guy and then just backed away. he took the money and left. i got into my car and got the fuck out of there asap.

after that i went home and was pretty thankful i didnt get killed, kidnapped or god knows what. let this be a lesson to you guys out there. it sucked losing that money, but im just glad i got out of there alive. god knows if there were more guys just waiting or what. all of this happened around 11 at night so i couldnt really tell if anyone else was waiting there the entire time. i think its time to look elsewhere than bp since a lot of the girls on there arent reviewed. i looked again tonight and noticed the same number in the ad but with different pics and a different name. part of me wants to setup another appointment and beat the shit out of him. other part just tells me to let it go.

good luck out there guys, and use your big head


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hawaiianpassion :

wooow! That's bizarre never heard of anything like that happening.

09-10-2017 14:01:28

sashaluv007 :

Aaaaaaand what city was this? Lol

09-05-2017 18:39:30

keithlee0909 :

I can't believe that happened

08-31-2017 13:49:16

laneylixx :

Ummm... I've never used a phone number and have only acquired one negative review it off close to a hundred. But you don't have one and your number is always changin??? Perhaps in too new but i just say that is bs. Sweetie... I've never ever even released my actual phone number until AFTER any verification needed. I just am not sure that is possible if your truly invested in safe play. Yeah, my bad new friends. I call bullshit.

08-25-2017 21:35:45

stilldealingwithlust :

i have been burned a few times. i believe it is part of the learning curve. 1. she came to my place, sat in front of me. we discussed what I was looking for which included me giving her oral. she said fine and added that she liked her work. i felt she was sincere, i gave her the $200 we agreed to for one hour of playtime. She politely asked if she could use my bathroom. i said sure. My back was to her as my bathroom was located behind me off of my kitchen. Thirty seconds later i heard water running. That wasn't the only thing running. she was gone and the water in the bathroom was left running to cover any noise she made opening my door on her way out. I waited about twenty minutes and texted her. I said nice scam I never saw it coming. She texted back and said she was sorry. She said she was addicted to heroin and also that nobody goes down on her except her boyfriend. What did i learn from this. The next escort that came to my place was greeted with get Get naked from your waist down before i hand you a dime. The money was in view so it was up to her. She started to protest a bit and i told I got burned once and And I am not about letting happen again. I was firm. Take your clothes off from the waist down or start walking out the door. She got her pants and panties off a bit reluctantly and I wasn't sure if it was a scam that was discovered and she wanted the money so she stayed and played along for the pay. I got more assertive in my following texting and would upfront say i have been burned honey, you will see the money, but it won't be in your hand until you are naked. I have had no shows and I just accepted them, assuming they might have been scams. well, this screening by my upfront telling; like what i expect once an escort has arrived has worked so far and I am going to keep it up . I can't say I am scam proof because as soon I let my guard down I am sure there will be another new one just around the corner. So far, I am pleased with this web site I just came here and I believe as i pursue my lustful nature I will be more prepared for what is down the road, and I would certainly refer anybody that is dealing with the same carnality demon as I am.

08-17-2017 12:25:54

seventhmoment :

Thanks Erotic Monkey. You're saving lives and pointing the way to the honest whores. Honestly, I know this is very limiting, but I'm so paranoid I only do business with outcall escorts. I will NEVER go to the woman's place!

08-17-2017 02:55:33

pizzamike :

Okay well here's two for you the first one occurred years and years ago I want to say right around 1993-1994 back then you couldn't go online to find a providers in Phoenix you had to use a little newspaper called The Bachelors beat that's where all the providers advertised I called a young lady came to my apartment as an outcall told me that she needed to give the donation to her friend and would be right back well it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out what happened next that's right she took my money and she ran I felt like a complete idiot fast forward about 5 years again and Phoenix I went to a motel got the room myself again and I'll call but this time I was ready the girl showed up was torn back look nothing like her advertisement needed $120 for full service this had to been right around 2001-2002 we started getting undressed and she asked me what's your favorite part of a woman's body I'll let you fill in the rest as to what she was suggesting could have done the same thing with a Playboy if you catch my drift by now I knew what was really going on the more I wanted the more was going to cost me so I put my pants back on and told her that's enough for me you can leave she was shocked I could see it in her eyes no man and ever told her that before not without getting the rest of her money well my driver is right outside and if you know what's right for you you better give me some more money I told her I don't give a good goddamn what you do get the fuck out she turned it back open the door and yelled to whomever her pimp boyfriend driver doesn't matter he comes in the door and on the other side wasn't some cowering guy afraid of you know whatever he was going to throw up I was ready like I said before I pulled a gun on him told him you both got what you wanted get the fuck out of my room his explanation was oshit I'm sorry my bad bitch get in the car let's go stupid ass didn't know any better I'm parked right in front of the room I got his plate number and at the time I had a very good friend who was let's say affiliated with the Phoenix PD and leave it at that he got me not only her address but her phone number her real address later that night around 4 in the morning we called her she answer we told her she had 24 hours get the fuck out of Phoenix are all sorts of bad shit could happen to her and wouldn't you know it not 2 hours later as we watched her place down the street she packed up all her shit her and her boyfriend got in the car we followed them all the way out to I-10 and the I8 interchange choose heading back to California yes it was worth it the gas the lack of sleep but just to watch those two stupid motherfuckers pack up all their shit and get out of Arizona was more than worth it

08-16-2017 16:14:53

closerman888 :

If you aren't any more streetwise than this, maybe you ought not be pursuing this hobby. There were nothing but red flags at every step along the way, and yet you plowed on with what judges refer to as "reckless disregard" for the possible consequences. I'm sorry you got robbed, but if this incident is indicative of how you go through life, you are gking to have a very, very tough time getting from the checkout line to your kitchen with a sack of groceries, much less into your bedroom with a decent escort. I say this not as an insult but as a warning that it isn't just one or two things you could have done differently here - rather, your entire mindset and approach to transactional relationships (and perhaps, life in general) needs to be torn down and built anew. Start with some basic "How to hire an escort" primer reading, easily found through a Google search on your local Interwebs. Then start saving your nickels. It won't be easy but then again, this may be the only way you will ever get laid. So study hard. I'm out here rooting for ya. Good luck.

08-13-2017 01:10:18

piper6969 :

Just a comment on that because I've been in this business for quite a while and reviews aren't everything!!! 60% of them are rude John's that honestly are bitter about a girl saying no to certain things or someone that thinks that were in some made up relationship after seeing them for a date twice.To tell you the truth most men will write a bad fake review when they are the ones that are out of line! Also girls do change their number for their own protection because after having the same phone number for a long amout of time websites will go ahead and take the number and pictures and write blogs that are false to try to promote a different website. I have had to change my number multiple times even due to stalkers and people using a text app number to continue to call you after you have to block them. So if you were to even look up my new phone number or look at my reviews I have none due to the fact of just changing my number. I've even had to change my name as well before and I have never robbed, lied or used fake pictures. But have people say I have. So just don't believe everything that people write or reviews that are BS!

08-09-2017 11:50:14

hobbytime58669 :

Did you write a review based the phone #? It is best way to get back at these scumbags. Put them on blast.

08-09-2017 08:06:08

puckhead101 :

Another thing that you don't want to do is prepay these providers or else you will never see your money again. They will probably give you a fake address to go to.

08-03-2017 13:45:16

guyoh45 :

I was in another state on the west coast and looked at BP and attractive girl offered nuru out call. She came over and asked to use the RR. Then asked me to undress. I had the donation on the dresser and opened it and grabbed the money inside and started to walk out. I protested and she said she would scream rape if I got near her. She left and I was out money. Thief

08-02-2017 19:59:03

charismacaptures :

sorry that happened to you ,but always listen to your esp ,make sure the gal in the ad/post is the real person by googling her number or asking her if she has reviews or if she has a website ,if she has none of the 3 ,then move on.and never met anyone new after dark ,you never know about the area your in or if its shady or not ,thank god all you lost was the 140 and your life as a human being is still on earth .xo charisma captures

08-02-2017 10:24:30

pdoggem :

if it was a "he" giving you the address to begin with in itself was too obvious

08-01-2017 19:41:05

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