Girlfriend vs All Time Favorite

Feb 27, 2017

            A lot of guys in this hobby have an ATF (All Time Favorite).   A lot of guys in this hobby also have a girlfriend or wife even.  In this post, we will talk about the pros and cons of each and whether they can co-exist together. 

            When it comes to finding a girlfriend or an ATF, the ATF is usually easier to find. Basically, if you have the bankroll, you just pay. And pay, and finally, you will have that sexy woman you pay to keep you company when you want it.  A girlfriend is a bit harder to find.  You have to date and woo her.  Then there is that whole awkward “best behavior” phase where you have to act perfect in the beginning.  You do not have to worry about all this trouble when you have your ATF. You call her when you need her and she is there for you.  After you are done with your fun, you leave.

            However, when it comes to sex, an ATF may always use the same tricks.  They base your lovemaking off the first time and reuse the same techniques.  The sex can be awesome if she knows what you want and gives you exactly that.  When it comes to having a girlfriend, you can find a girl who is into different kinks and will even try new things with you.  Also, the first time you have sex will be unique and special.

            That being said, when you have an ATF, you are a free bird.  You can have sex with whoever you want and do whatever you want.  Whereas, if you have a girlfriend, this is most likely off limits. You get the intimacy, but you lose the freedom. 

            Though, if you want a stable life and want to settle down eventually, you are pretty much required to do your time and have a girlfriend. You cannot have a dependable wife if you do not first establish a dependable relationship.  If you want that girl that you can take home to your parents and will support you and be there no matter what, you are better off finding a girlfriend.  An ATF may not be there during your rough times when you just need someone to hold you and tell you it will be alright.

            In conclusion, whether you should have a ATF or a girlfriend depends on what sort of relationship you crave.  If you just want someone to have sex with whenever you want, you want an ATF.  However, if you are looking for your other half, that partner in crime, you need to establish a strong relationship with a girlfriend.  As I alluded to earlier, if you want to have both, that can also be accomplished.  You just have to be sneakier about the whole thing.


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jasontodd18 :

I agree with everyone on here, I have an ATF and a wife, and still pay for other women, and try to have a fuck buddy, why? because of variety. I would much rather try to make because i love to do that. They treat you based upon how you treat them, granted some are just hustlers and are drugged up and that's it. Eventually you realize which ones are the better ones. The reason i don't feel guilty is because i'm just different in that way. I don't relate sex to love, I love my wife but like sex with other women.

03-20-2017 06:20:12

huffpo9 :

Depends on your hygiene and your bankroll. My experience tells me that whether the woman is a provider or potential partner a.k.a. a 'civilian' if your goal is to be treated special treat them special. Don't ask about their kids, their second job etc. be respectful, clean and make them laugh and don't haggle pricing and they'll be more inclined to enjoy the session as much as you do and naturally. My aim is to experience ATF with each Session. If you're not looking for the best experience you've ever had every session, what's the point might as well just rub one out and save some cash. As I've improved my etiquette I've improved my experience. Treat them like objects and they'll treat you like an ATM. Treat them like your favorite and they'll generally do the same but always watch your back, they will rob a nice guy blind and they will respect you for not being niece as many 'nice guys' appear to be.

03-08-2017 08:44:00

chinc510 :

Just get a girl to be your best friend and that way you won't have to worry or feel guilty for cheating on someone when seeing an ATF!

03-02-2017 02:02:09

chinc510 :


03-01-2017 02:33:13

hipthrust247 :

Great post

02-27-2017 21:54:55

hipthrust247 :

Great post. How hard is it to find an ATF that will makeout with you, go to dinner with you, and sleep over with you?

02-27-2017 21:54:44

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