Great Looks or Great Service

Apr 8, 2017

The Choices:


1.     A super hot provider who is an 11.  Awesome body that makes the drool come out of your mouth. Model like face the whole nine yards. However, she doesn't really do much when it is time for the session. 

2.    A not so good looking provider that does everything you can imagine.  BJs without condom, trips to the greek islands, multiple shots on goals all for a reasonable price.


Which of these girls would you rather have?


If you could have the best of both worlds, the banging hot provider who does everything would be the choice.  But alas, these girls are pipe dreams unless you have the bankroll to support it.  For us mere mortals, we usually have to choose.


If we look at the very core of what men yearn for when they call up an escort for a date, it is to get off. To get to that heightened state of euphoria right before eruption and holding on for dear life.  The hot girl will initially have your full undivided attention based on her looks alone.  That is until you try to interact with her and she acts as if you are non-existent.  Of course, the money that you brought to the date is already safely tucked away by this hot girl, so the only thing left is to make you cum and get you out.  She spreads her legs and allows you to insert. At this point, one of two things will happen.  1.  You get it in quickly and finish just as quickly due to her beauty.  2.  You lose wood as well as interest because your provider has already done the same fifteen minutes ago.


That leaves contestant number 2.  Although not as good looking, this girl will do everything in her power to get you to the promised land.  She may have a busted grill or a few extra pounds, but this lady is a workhorse. She knows you like BBBJ, so she gets right to it.  She is also all too happy for you to enter in the backdoor and stay as long as you like. And if the volcanic eruption happens and you think there may be another one, she welcomes it too.  She is not the hottest, so she will work twice as hard to help you leave satisfied.


And it is this satisfaction that you strive for.  Was there any satisfaction in the first girl?  I would venture to think not.




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desireemcbride :

The point of being an escort is that we are the full package

05-11-2017 21:10:31

biggame42oc :

Find good bangs for your buck. Providers are after our bucks, we are after them. I'll look for girls that fall into that middle ground with nice bodies and curves. Girls from 22-30 seem to have great experience. I avoid Vegas girls, services, and 702 area codes, they live to upsell FS services. Stay away from higher priced ladies, always ask for Quickie prices if 30 mins is $150 a 20 min QK could be $80-100 but bring extra if you're really into her and want to go longer. Stay away from very high in demand ladies with higher prices, unless making an advanced apt. Have fun, always tell the ladies she is beautiful when the door closes, ladies love compliments no matter how they appear to you which equals better services in return. Some ladies are embarrassed if they aren't wearing make up, some don't need it, but always tell them they don't need it. I prefer the ladies don't wear heavy make up. If your balling on a budget, shop around to find the your comfortable price range for the time wanted. Some girls will offer specials during slower times of day or if they need more people to see. Ask for the FS specials. Be well groomed and showered

05-11-2017 01:15:05

linalin :

I'm interested to know why it seems there is no "in between" in this post. What about a woman who is an 8 or 9 AND provides amazing service? Does she have to be a perfect 10 AND provide great service in order for you to feel that you get the best of both worlds? And if so, why? Why wouldn't an 8 or 9 who provides an amazing experience not be that ultimate "satisfaction that you strive for?" If she gives an amazing experience, does she really have to be that perfect 10 in order for you to feel you got that ultimate experience? If so then I would wonder more about your expectations. There are plenty of 8 and 9 ladies who also provide amazing experiences, AND at reasonable rates. Why aren't you looking for them instead of settling for what you feel is a 5 or 6 in order to have a great time? Just curious...... :)

05-09-2017 22:53:30

tyler60 :

O one more thing, About half the girls let me cum in their mouth , after almost cumin while having sex, that is a good girl.

05-07-2017 08:28:53

tyler60 :

There is plenty of good looking girls that do you well, the Super busy ones ,Ican pass on , if she is a stipper as well I ll pass they seem to messed up in the head, to many guys grabbing their ass all nite

05-07-2017 08:23:41

cordozarf :

A considerable amount of the better looking providers have a diva syndrome. They think, "I'm young pretty nice tits flat stomach low mileage",(in some cases, not all), "Whoever I see is LUCKY to be in my presence." And unfortunately it's reflected in their pricing, service, or worst case both. I've only had this happen once to me, (I normally go for bigger girls who largely pull down less clientele than spinner types, not shaming just being honest). The girl was all around gorgeous but put zero effort into her work. A dead fish if you will. Meanwhile I have a regular go to who has a few extra pounds, (the more the merrier), and she has a higher drive than I do! In conclusion, I've learned in the short amount of time I've been doing this that service is better than looks. Every. Single. Time.

05-04-2017 21:48:37

johnson39 :

I would always go for better service. I also would treat them as they would like to be treated and most would like to be treated with respect as a lady should be treated. You will get better service in return.

05-03-2017 09:20:13

luvlipkisses :

Playfullness, service, sweetness, go way farther than being a model.

05-03-2017 06:24:11

yerassman :

Service all the way, being beautiful only goes so far.

05-01-2017 18:33:54

tjkirk :

Great service by far. Beauty is only skin deep. But great service CUMS once in awhile !!!

04-23-2017 10:24:17

mark68 :

I love hot chicks and I dirty nasty sex.Im will give in looks for the nasty one.But I would rather have both .And why pay for it.

04-22-2017 19:47:52

elwin4 :

#2. minus the Greek.

04-20-2017 20:26:29

escortshut :


04-20-2017 13:00:54

old-bull :

Your above article is 100% correct. Middle of the road appearance and warm disposition best. Always know services in advance and donate when you leave. Give to get.

04-18-2017 16:44:07

turkgray6977 :

You should add a third choice. One who is neither hot nor willing to do anything. LOL

04-18-2017 14:17:09

sweeter :

I've seen reviews where the guy said they had DFK & GFE. and right below the guy said same lady was not GFE and all covered. Why, because the provider is a human. She can be into one client maybe he's boyish or a gentleman and the other is rude and not that nice looking. People including escorts will think that you are hot and better looking if you project a strong but kind attitude. .. that's why the same provider get totally different reviews.

04-15-2017 22:34:16

ultra2007 :

I don't get to Hobby much so I try to get the biggest bang for the buck. If it's real bad I turn the lights way down. I've had escorts turn the lights down as well.

04-15-2017 13:13:55

carllafong :

God knows I'm far from perfect. I'd rather have a not so pretty girl who tries harder. She's probably more fun anyway. Bring on the second best.

04-14-2017 16:46:33

greaterhunter :

Hands down great service. When you pay extra for a beauty, her skill better be equal to her looks.

04-13-2017 04:57:25

ilovehookers63 :

I would much rather have an average looker who is excited to please me than a beauty who felt that was enough...oh wait, that's my two marriages!!

04-12-2017 02:12:40

luvlatinas :

I agree with broncoman average goes way further but the superfine usually have limits...are you about this or not?

04-11-2017 09:47:58

formedriver9 :

See my review on Jenna pretending to be Destiney at Gemini. Now Destiney is the best of both and Jenna is the worst of both

04-09-2017 23:00:45

broncoman :

I'd probably agree an average looking escort wants you to see her all the time a hot one could care less in my opinion like most girls they have over blown egos with only poor sexual skill .

04-08-2017 16:12:44

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