Throwaway Numbers

Aug 9, 2017

In this hobby of ours, keeping a low profile and a nearly invisible record of your indiscretions is of utmost importance.  In other posts, we have talked about only using cash when transacting with these girls and try to keep your identity hidden as much as possible.  I know that it is hard when the provider of your dreams wants access to a picture of your drivers license, but we try to protect our anonymity as much as we can.


One very popular way of concealing your identity is with a burner phone.  These phones are cheap and have limited functionality and can be purchased from your local electronics store.  If purchased with cash and without a contract, you can easily hide your identity.  These phones are especially useful when you need to hide that phone from your significant others, but there are drawbacks to another phone.  First of all, you can easily lose a phone or misplace it at the most inopportune times.  Second, because it is a hobby phone, you may not have it charged all the time either which could cause some issues when setting up dates.


A way around this is with a throwaway number.  These are VOIP (voice over IP) numbers from popular services like sideline or textnow, and even google.  These throwaway numbers can be accessed through an app on your smart phone or a computer.  Texting is free to use, but if you wish to call, there is a nominal fee for the privilege. These numbers are more and more popular among providers as you can hear the greeting from some of these services when the person on the other end is not available. 


A throwaway number is more convenient since there is only one phone to deal with.  If done correctly, you can hide the app deep inside folders and not allow notifications to pop up.  When you need it, you just access the app and then text or call to your hearts content.  These throwaway numbers do have a shelf life however.  Just like a burner phone number, after a period of nonpayment or non-use, the throwaway number will be thrown back into the pool of numbers to be recycled.


In any case, there are now more options for communication other than just the burner phone and the throwaway number may just be that option.


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rebel26062 :

how do you know the cops are not monitoring these sights

09-11-2017 20:24:40

kaelio5000 :

Snap chat i.g. f.b. b.a.r. apps

09-08-2017 23:32:17

qimiq :

stumbled onto sideline by accident and use it all the time, it's free if you allow the ads. I constantly test it out to make sure it is anonymous. I also set the ringer to vibrate in case my wife is around and wants to know who just called. I can also text with it.

08-29-2017 08:28:17

leahbaby91 :

How do I claim a profile of the phone number on the escort profile is not the correct number?

08-17-2017 05:22:11

y0j1mb0 :

I use an app for Android called, appropriately enough, "Burner." It's great.

08-14-2017 17:57:28

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