Traveling Twosomes

Jun 10, 2017

I know you've thought of it, traveling to a nice European or Asian country where prostitution laws are laxer and the girls are exotic and, above all, will take kindly to you providing her with some of your strong American currency and strong American sex. It's easier than you think, all it takes is money and I know that in this kind of hobby, money is not an issue. But I suggest you leave the kids and your spouse at home.


Traveling alone is a virtue for those in our hobby, tell your wife/girlfriend and friends that you'll be taking a business trip, you don't wanna be carrying anyone when all you're looking for is to get down and dirty somewhere else in the world. If you think about getting a hobbyist friend to come along with you for your own reimagining of the movie Hostel (the first part of the movie, not the second part…) there's some things you should have in mind:


Is your friend a party guy? Or are you? Most of these exotic places are known for their partying, drinks and club scenes, some are even known for their drug culture.  While I have no intention of telling you not to overindulge or to be extra careful you need to make sure you're not gonna be the one person at the hash bar who looks like he's just seen a ghost after your traveling buddy passes you the hookah hose. Or that your friend isn't gonna be a stinker about the two of you sharing a vodka bottle before hitting a brothel or nightclub.


Get an extra room if you do end up with a travel buddy.  Although you may be the uninhibited type and love to walk around with your schlong around your ankles, your travel buddy may not be the type. In situations like this, it is always good to have an extra room for your boom boom.  Also, if you are just not in the mood to hook up on a particular night, you won't have to sit there listening to your buddy slapping and slurping the night away.


To some of us it might seem weird that people would want to do two-people sex tourism, but it's more common than you'd think, I've heard of people who even do co-ed sex tourism. It all depends on what you're down to do and what you're down not to do. Have you taken a trip alone to a country for their hobbyist culture? Leave a comment!


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rjh :

I went to the Philippians and there are lots of beautiful women but need to be careful, not only does the hotel people know what is going on but some of theses gals are under age, if they say they need to leave at a certain time stay away. not only will they try to seduce you but the hotel manager will call the authorities.

07-14-2017 06:03:49

boyztoyz :

Live and let live...

06-23-2017 20:37:30

crazy27 :

As married old guy I love looking at sexy women in bars and even in the street . Hormones start to go crazy. France and Germany are the best places to find the perfect chic that is willing to satisfy my penis with no questions asked. I hate when she starts saying don't do this or that . Just swallow my cum and I'll slurp all of her pussy juice. May be pricy but rest assure you will not get an infection.

06-16-2017 07:09:59

jonesingforsammi :

Hun, I believe you have the wrong provider. I have never given a cbj in my life.

06-13-2017 20:16:09

john19034 :

I loved the 'Hostel 'reference.

06-11-2017 15:54:54

fatredfish :

My buddies and I do ythat in Costa Rica each a ro and one extra for open party room. Anything goes in it.

06-11-2017 04:58:56

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