Uh Oh! Caught Cheating!

Mar 6, 2017

                  It is human to look at other people and find them attractive.  It is even natural to want them in a sexual manner.  These thoughts are built in our genetics to keep our population reproducing. However, these desires are tricky when you are in a monogamous relationship.  No matter how much you love your significant other, these desires can be difficult to manage.  Unfortunately, some people succumb to these desires, whether they pay for it via prostitution, find a stranger in a bar, or hook up with an acquaintance. Regardless, this is a very tricky situation that no one tells you how to get out of once you are caught.  I don't know about you, but Shaggy's song “It Wasn't Me”, which tells you just to say it wasn't you your significant other caught with another woman, doesn't provide the best advice.  No girl in her right mind would believe that.  Following are some true options.

                  The most obvious solution would be to leave the relationship.  Being unfaithful can be a sign that the relationship is not meant to last.  So, instead of wasting each other's time and breaking each other's hearts, sometimes the best idea is to leave the relationship, so you can each move on.  You will be able to continue having relations with whoever you want or meet the person of your dreams and your partner will be able to find a more successful relationship.

                  Sometimes, breaking up is not an option.  Whether you cheated based off of personal insecurities or it was a freak accident, which is not an excuse, groveling is always an option.  Make it up to your partner by sincerely apologizing and providing peace offerings. Sometimes joining a support group or counseling is required to rebuild the trust and cleanse the hurt feelings from the relationship.  People make mistakes, luckily they can be atoned for and people can move on. However, if you fix a relationship and cheat again, there are no guarantees that the relationship can be restored again.

                  A less traditional option is to make an arrangement with your significant other so cheating cannot happen.  Whether you develop a swinging or open relationship, a mutual agreement allowing both partners to explore their sexuality freely will reduce the ability to cheat.  However, just make sure your relationship is filled with trust, communication, and love. Both partners must feel cherished and safe for these types of arrangements to work.  Sometimes professional help can be beneficial to make sure the relationship stays healthy. 

                  Unfortunately, people cheat.  Giving in to these desires can destroy a relationship and hurt both people involved.  Luckily there are some ways around it.  Just know that excuses, lies, and empty promises will not do either person any good. Some people do not give into these temptations, others are not caught, but unfortunately some are witnessed in the act or are found out through a path left behind.  Regardless, if you were caught, what would you do to maneuver around the situation?


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starman369001 :

Men are biologically imprinted with the desire for women. Women are biologically imprinted with keeping their man to themselves. Once this is understood, then these impulses can be dealt with. No societal rules can change these natural forces. Speaking as a man, It is fair to say that we have a dilemma. That of wanting to remain faithful while dealing with the natural urge. This is real and is no joke as some women think. It is there from puberty till death. I think 'elwin4' said it best, If your wife or girlfriend isn't there for you, what right has she to control your sex life ............." A bold, but true statement. I feel that this bizarre relationship between males and females of the species is the strangest cosmic joke ever.

11-22-2017 09:19:09

elwin4 :

If your wife or girlfriend isn't there for you what right has she to control your sex life since she's not part of it by choice. If she can try to control your life with sex, then you have every right to avoid her control and tell her to stand in judgement of herself. Doesn't make it a picture perfect scenario but then neither does being a prude and expecting you to be a eunuch.

04-06-2017 03:25:05

reckstar :

I told my girl the truth and she told me to be safe and to be careful not to spend too much or get addicted.

04-03-2017 04:15:50

roxie-gfe :

That's awesome! This is what I hope for both ways if I ever decide to "settle down" lol

03-30-2017 17:37:23

sweettouch :

Was perfect while kids were home. Afterwards I told my wife, I hadn't done anything but had to admit I wanted to. Nothing wrong, nothing missing about her, but part of my wiring and I am probably the kind who would cheat. Asked her to think about it and see if she could give me any freedom. I just did good and sweet for her but didn't wander a bit until, in a few months she set some rules...use protection..not often..be home exactly when I say I will... I follow them and show her every day that she's the best. Crazy thing is she and I got GREAT. I used to think the grass is greener on the other side of the fence. She decided to take down the fence and let me try. It's good, but never like it is at home.

03-26-2017 17:29:34

desireemcggffee :

Seeing a hooked is not cheating imo

03-25-2017 22:07:01

miroslav :

Deny and lie. No other option. She would do (has done) the same thing.

03-21-2017 11:49:05

givesfreely :

If more people thought this way and avoided all the wasted time, energy and money and heartbreak hurting each other's personal growth.

03-13-2017 02:39:02

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