Upscale Date Ideas

Jan 23, 2018

When I usually talk about “dates” here I am using that word as a euphemism for the time you’re gonna spend with your escort, but this time when I mean a “date” I do mean a date, two people going out for a fun time out enjoying each other’s company. ...

Active or Passive?

Jan 17, 2018

One question I had pop up recently is, what role do you like taking and what role do you want your escort date to take? I’ve known guys who can’t get off if they don’t personally and actively overwhelm and passionately take the main role in an encounter, and I ...

AAMP? K-Girl? I want Escort!

Jan 4, 2018

So I’m sure you’ve seen a lot of these terms come and go, flashing across your screen in your search for hobbyist enlightenment and a better grasp of the whole internet hobby culture. In your mind, all you’re thinking about is finding a new escort for a date, but you ...

Holidays for the Hobbyist

Dec 20, 2017

It’s finally Holiday Season, and your next date might be affected by it, sometimes positively and sometimes negatively, but in the end, it is as I say: The hobby stops for no Holiday. So here’s a couple of things to keep in mind before trying to book for the Holidays.   First, ...

Erotic Locations

Dec 4, 2017

The Erotic Monkey team was having a bit of a discussion the other day. What’s the wildest place you’ve ever done the deed? For starters, and surprising no one, we all had already had car dates that ended in car smut. Even one of our admins who had never had ...

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