A-One and A-Two and A-Threesome

Mar 8, 2018

You’ve seen it before, I’ve seen it too. The lady you’re about to call advertises that she offers a “Threesome package” with one of her escort friends. Or better yet, you get to her incall, get down and dirty and then before you leave her roommate comes in and they ...

(Sex) Toy Story

Feb 28, 2018

Now as the admin of a sex-related website I’ve told all the crazy sex stories that the guys and girls here at the office talk about, and as sex-experienced as we may be (which we really aren’t much more than you are most often than not lol) there’s one topic ...


Feb 21, 2018

I’m gonna assume as always that all our users are young and in the 18-30 age range, and as such lead very active lifestyles, but just in the off chance that you don’t let me remind you of something that you should take in mind if you’re gonna be having ...

Favorite Porn Star

Feb 15, 2018

Ok, we’ve asked before if you had ever had a date with a porn star and got quite a few of you who were lucky enough for it. Now, let’s say you wake up and one day suddenly you’re cast as the luck Mister to star along your favorite porn ...

Star Your Own Adult Film

Feb 8, 2018

You ever done a home-made porn? I’m not talking about having a plot and a set, I mean just engaged in recording a sexual encounter with a (consenting!!) partner? It’s always been a thing, I remember back in the day a lot of personal cam-coders were sold with double-entendre taglines ...

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