To our users

Sep 15, 2017

Some of you may have noticed that the site experienced some ups and downs over the past week. Most users were either unable to access the site or saw a "Site down for maintenance" notice. Unfortunately, we had a key issue that had to be handled, and it is taken ...

Edge of Tonight

Sep 14, 2017

I was reading a certain men's health magazine today and it included a little article on edging, which apparently is no longer an activity for BDSM lovers anymore. If you don't know what edging is, it's when you do it until you're about to finish, but then before you finish ...

Acronym FUN

Sep 8, 2017

I'm sure that, if you're taking the time to read the Erotic Monkey blog, you're already a seasoned internet-savvy hobbyist and know all your LOLs, WTFs, and LMAOs. But in this hobby, we have way more acronyms than just those, a lot more. You've seen them all around our site, ...

One Hour Energy

Aug 31, 2017

You paid for a whole hour, beat the meat on the day of your date so you would last longer, you got with your date, did the foreplay, and did the deed. Wow, great time, right? But then you look over at the clock, and only 20 minutes have passed. ...

New Calendar for the Ladies

Aug 21, 2017

Hello Ladies,  We're excited to introduce you to our newest feature. Erotic Monkey Schedule, the perfect way to let your clients know when your in town. Its real simple to do,  Click on my MY Account at the top of the page. You ...

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