Why Escorts Always Win

Jun 2, 2015

To be loved, cherished, and needed is part of human nature. Or so it was once said, billions of years ago, before the profitable and enticing business of escorting came around. Nowadays, it seems to be more of a hassle to have a S/O (significant other), than ...

American versus Domestic Escorts

May 14, 2015

I’m not sure about you, but I’ve been doing this hobby for roughly 20 years. A lot has changed since then, and I’ve been with many different and beautiful women...but as is with almost everything in life; once you spend enough time with something, you’ll find yourself ...

The Soviet Erotic Alphabet

Apr 24, 2015

When we say Communist Russia and Stalin, one can barely think of anything positive. Surely, there are a lot of interesting facts to learn about the era, but today we are going to focus on one of the kinkiest. In a dark archive someone found a book containing an erotic alphabet. Each letter is ...

Japan’s Kinky Penis Festival

Apr 20, 2015

Did you ever stop to think “you know what’s missing from my life? A party where everyone gets to deal with gigantic dicks!” Probably not, but guess who did think of that – the Japanese! And theirs isn’t a sausage fest either, but an actual celebration dedicated to the ...

Man Caves Vs. Bachelor Pads

Apr 17, 2015

Although incalls are often the go-to option for meeting an escort, we dare say some of the most thrilling dates are those that happen within the comfort of our own homes. But how do guys make out their homes to be? Most people’s places aren’t out of the ordinary, they’re simply places we take ...

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