The First Cool Girls Of Last Century

Apr 16, 2015

Many guys are willing to put in a lot of resources for the opportunity to spend time with hot, independent girls who know how to handle a man. To name but a few, we talked about fiery redheads,  uninhibited girls who take part in threesomes, the kind of brains and guts it ...

The Quickie Way To One’s Heart

Apr 14, 2015

Since we were just on the topic of blowjobs, there’s another thing to it that should definitely not go unmentioned: quickies. There’s not nearly enough talk about quickies in our lives, not to mention the unfair media ideals of sex being all-night love-making sessions. Quickies have their benefits though, for you mind and for your ...

Blowjob Talk In Rap Songs

Apr 10, 2015

  When it comes to sexual preferences, no other phrase seems to be fitting better than “different strokes for different folks.” We may not be unique snowflakes, but we all have our quirks and pet peeves in bed, and there has been a lot of jazz about the importance of partners’ knowing each ...

Finally, a Solution!

Apr 1, 2015

Gentlemen and gentlemen, we’ve finally done it. Our R&D (Research and Development) team at EroticMonkey have made a major breakthrough in technology. But before I spoil you with the good news, let me begin with how we have an answer, to a problem that we’ve all encountered occasionally. ...

Why Escorts are Better.

Mar 18, 2015

Good evening, my fellow primate brothers. It’s recently come to light that a certain blog has claimed that AMPs (Asian Massage Parlors), is a more superior alternative to pleasure, than escorts (for the curious, here’s the link: I had a good laugh reading it, but find ...

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