Escorts Tell Their Funniest Sex Requests Stories

Mar 11, 2015

Imagination. You think you have it and you’re mighty proud of your dirty stories. We were too until we read these confessions from sex workers on AskReddit. Some are cringe-worthy, others are downright uncanny, but what’s certain is that all are funny in their own unconventional way.   1.     The TV tropes master ...

7 Misconceptions about Escorts Debunked

Mar 10, 2015

Speaking about sex workers is rarely a good idea, as the discussion often tends to slide into extremes: they are either portrayed as exploited victims and deviants, or conversely, sex workers are painted a flashy portrait, as glamorous companions. In rare occasions does either of the scenarios hold true, and we could talk ...

Spice it up with putting your hot sex fantasies into play

Mar 2, 2015

We have all entertained sex fantasies at one point or another. They are common to (most likely) every human being on earth, whether they choose to act on them or not. In fact, a study gives us consolation - if there was any concern about it at all - by showing that ...

“Available for couples.” Spice up your relationship with a threesome

Feb 27, 2015

If the thought of having a threesome with your girlfriend and another hottie has been appealing to you for a while now, say no more. We all got aroused at the thought of sex with two horny girls at one point or another. We’re with you here! And with so many lustful ...

Red Hot: What Hair Color Can Tell You About an Escort

Feb 26, 2015

While boobs and butt sizes may be way up in the top of conversation stirrers about arousing things, hair color is another perk that can always get more into the spotlight. Today we’ll talk about redheads. That’s right, the devilish hot babes that can blow your ...

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